Chapter 27 – Fish brother-in-law and potential stock

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse, and it was quiet at midnight.

The three of them talked until late.

Lin Baici asked many questions about God’s Ruins, but Jin Yingzhen wasn’t a divine hunter and didn’t know much.

“Oppa, good night!”

“Little Bai, rest early!”

Jin Yingzhen and Hua Yueyu bid farewell.

“Good night!”

Lin Baici turned off the lights and went to sleep, feeling very comfortable.

Hua Yueyu returned to her room, sent a few messages in the fans group to report her safety, and then logged in to her account and started broadcasting.

“I finally squatted down!”

“Sister Fish is here, fishermen wake up and have fun!”

“Sister Fish, why did you suddenly end the broadcast during the day?”

Hua Yueyu was a top anchor with high popularity. Even if she went online late at night, fans who saw her would immediately enter her live broadcast room.

“I’m telling you, I almost died today. The things I experienced could make a horror movie that would definitely gross over a billion at the box office.”

Hua Yueyu was very beautiful, and even without makeup or beauty filters, she could beat many female anchors who used beauty filters up to level ten.

This is also one of the reasons why Hua Yueyu has so many fans, because everyone is here to see a cute girl.

Dinosaur Without Teeth: Sister Fish, are you in a hotel? The decoration looks upscale!

Wu Gang Chops the Immortal: My Sister Fish is number one on Shark TV. Even the presidential suite can’t match her style.

Fish Sister’s Ribs: Waaah, where’s the first brother? Come out and prove that you didn’t spend a thousand and one nights with Sister Fish.

This sentence from Fish Sister’s Ribs quickly sparked a response among the fans.

Money Burns: I’m eating skewers with my friends on the street!

After speaking, he gave a rocket tip.

This is one of Hua Yueyu’s die-hard fans.

“Thank you, Brother Money, I wish you all the best!”

Hua Yueyu took a bottle of drink and wanted to sit by the window and broadcast under the moonlight, but she thought better of it.

The current fans are very powerful. If she looks at the night view outside the window, she might be able to find the hotel she’s staying in.

Money Burns: Did something happen when you suddenly interrupted the broadcast during the day?

“Ah, I can’t say!”

Hua Yueyu was afraid of being banned from the live broadcast room.

“Did something that minors can’t see happen?”

“Sister Fish, your figure is not good, even the bathrobe can’t hold it up!”

“Shut up, I finally saw Sister Fish’s bathrobe live show, if she changes clothes, will you compensate me?”

“I’m so scared, can I watch it without spending money?”

The fans were all joking and chatting, and the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was lively.

“To be honest, I finally saw what a real man looks like today. Facing fear, confronting death, fearless, I was so scared that I even peed myself, but that big boy still dared to charge!”

What Hua Yueyu admired most about Lin Baici was that he could remain calm in the face of monsters. He should know that certain actions could lead to death, but he still did them.

Money Burns: It seems like you have a good impression of that man!

This is the first brother, and he shouldn’t have said some things in front of so many fans, but Hua Yueyu still admitted it: “If I had known him for a little longer, I might have chased after him!”

Fish Sister’s Ribs: Unfollow! Unfollow!

Dinosaur Without Teeth: Sister Fish, you’ve changed!

Wu Gang Chops the Immortal: Is that man really that good?

“Well, it’s not love, it’s worship of the strong, do you understand?”

Today, Hua Yueyu tasted what it was like to feel safe for the first time.

“Is that man next to you? Shout it out so we can see!”

“Yeah, who is this fairy that Sister Fish speaks so highly of?”

“Quickly call out your brother-in-law!”

The fans started to stir again.”I’m not going. That girl from Goryeo’s chaebol might have already gone to discuss things with him at this time. I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

Hua Yueyu turned her phone around the room.

“See that? Hilton Hotel, five-star luxury suite, costs thousands per night, and this Apple Promax phone was also bought by that chaebol girl!”

“I’m telling you, she’s so rich!”

As Hua Yueyu spoke, she even gestured with her hands in front of her chest, drawing an exaggerated arc.

Jin Yingzhen did not go to find Lin Baici. Instead, she made a long-distance call.

She told her brother, Jin Xian, everything that had happened today.

After listening, Jin Xian thought for a few minutes and then ordered, “The frequency of meteorite falls is increasing year by year. According to predictions, the next two or three years may see a peak period. Our country is small and densely populated, and Divine Hunters are very rare. Once we encounter a Divine Ruins disaster, the losses will be very severe.”

“That Lin Baici you mentioned seems to have great potential. Try to win him over, and I can promise him the rank of Lieutenant here!”

The Lieutenant that Jin Xian mentioned was not the ordinary kind in the military, but the one in the Divine Hunters.

As for the annual salary?

That was not even a problem. Jin Xian didn’t even bother to mention it because he was worried that Lin Baici wouldn’t ask for it. As long as he dared to ask, no matter how much it was, Jin Xian would give it.

“Got it!”

Jin Yingzhen was surprised by her brother’s high evaluation of Lin Baici.

“If he wants to sell the Divine Taboo in his hand, I can buy it at three times the market price to ensure that he won’t suffer a loss.”

Jin Xian was expressing his sincerity.

An ordinary high school student could actually contain a divine corpse within five hours and break a Divine Ruins. Besides luck, there must be some reliance.

Divine Hunters with such high potential were targets that every country tried their best to win over.

“I got it!”

After chatting with Jin Xian, Jin Yingzhen was also worried about his situation. “Mom said you’re going back to the Divine Ruins?”

“The Busan Divine Ruins, which has been silent for ten years, suddenly began to spread again half a month ago. This time, we must break it, or the adjacent city of Ulsan will be doomed!”

Jin Xian’s tone was heavy.

This was the difficulty of a small country.

The land area was too small, and there was nowhere to hide when encountering natural disasters.

“Be careful!”

After ending the call, Jin Yingzhen lay in bed and couldn’t sleep.

Maybe her brother was gambling on Lin Baici’s future and investing first, but she thought that Lin Baici was very powerful and would become a great figure in the future for the sake of the country and her compatriots. So she also wanted to bring him over.

Not sure if it was because of eating meteorites and divine corpses, Lin Baici woke up at seven o’clock, feeling in great physical condition.

The morning sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was blowing gently.

After brushing his teeth, Lin Baici prepared to memorize words, but then he remembered that the college entrance examination was over, so he relaxed and started watching videos. At eight o’clock, Xiaoyu Ren sent a WeChat message.

“Xiaobai, are you awake? Let’s have breakfast together?”

“I’m awake!”

Lin Baici replied, “Bring Yingzhen along?”

Lin Baici sent the message, and Jin Yingzhen replied immediately.

“Wait for me to take a shower!”

She had already woken up and ran five kilometers in the gym.

“Are all chaebol girls so disciplined? No wonder she has such a good figure!”

Hua Yueyu suddenly felt a lot of pressure and had to start exercising.

Breakfast was a buffet with a wide variety of Chinese and Western dishes.Lin Baici ate two steamed buns, an egg, several pieces of bread, and drank a large glass of milk.

Jin Yingzhen only drank milk and ate some fruit.

Hua Yueyu picked the food she liked and filled up a large plate. Her live broadcast began again.

The buffet breakfast at the five-star hotel was just a gimmick, but she was polite and kept her voice down, and did not let the camera sweep over other guests.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Has No Teeth: Where is that beautiful wealthy miss you mentioned? Let us see if she is really beautiful.

Fish Sister’s Rib: Please identify!

Green Tea Bitch’s Nemesis: This restaurant is so high-end!

“I can’t show her, I’m afraid you guys will feel inferior, after all, she’s a girl you’ll never be able to pursue in your lifetime.”

Hua Yueyu joked, this was her broadcasting style, often teasing her fans.

“What about your brother-in-law? We can at least see him, right?”

“No, I like men, I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with him.”

“My soap fell, who can help me pick it up?”

The fans were noisy.

Hua Yueyu didn’t dare to film Lin Baici’s face, so she filmed his hands and upper body.

The People of the Country Didn’t Laugh: Wow, these fingers are so beautiful, it’s a waste if he doesn’t play the piano.

Fat Three Jin: Great figure!

Third Leg Prince: Suitable to be a duck.

Third Leg Prince has been banned.

“What the hell?”

Third Leg Prince wanted to send a barrage, but found that he had been banned.

Was it a mistake?

He often drove in Hua Yueyu’s live broadcast room, even the kind that ran over his face, but he had never been banned before, and today he didn’t even send any extreme barrage.

Third Leg Prince quickly appealed, and then the room manager told him that Hua Yueyu had personally banned him.

“Why? Just because I said ‘suitable to be a duck’?”

Third Leg Prince didn’t understand at all.

Hua Yueyu was really protective of that “Fish Sister’s husband”, wasn’t she?

After breakfast, Hua Yueyu checked out of the hotel.

Xiao Li and Gu Ge had died, although they were only in an employer-employee relationship, Hua Yueyu still planned to go to their home to explain.

“I’ll see you in Haijing in the new semester, and I’ll arrange a feast for you, I guarantee you won’t want to leave!”

Hua Yueyu promised, patting her chest.


After bidding farewell to Jin Yingzhen and Lin Baici, they took a bus and returned home after nearly an hour’s ride.

Mom wasn’t home, she had gone to work.

There were thirty yuan on the table, left for Lin Baici to eat.

“Mom is working the night shift today!”

Lin Baici sighed, looking at this 60-square-meter two-bedroom apartment, thinking about how hard his mother worked every day, looking haggard. His desire to make money became even stronger.

He must buy a large house as soon as possible.

Move out with his mom.

This old and shabby residential area was really enough.

Without delay, Lin Baici immediately decided to make a video.

Goal: One million followers in three months!

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