Chapter 51 – ~52 Arrive at Moon Bay

“Is it necessary to be so extreme in doing things?” Captain Goatee gritted his teeth and said.

He couldn’t believe that this dragon was so persistent, even using teleportation spells couldn’t escape the pursuit of the other party.

In this vast sea, although he knew that even if the other party didn’t chase after them, there was only a slim chance of survival. But in the face of being clearly caught up, there was still unwillingness deep in his heart.

“When dealing with enemies, once you make a move, you naturally have to be ruthless.”

“This shows that I respect you. You should be grateful. If I looked down on you, I wouldn’t have chased after you.”

Saga, who had received the education of the Red Dragon lineage, said naturally.

“We, the Black Skulls, will definitely seek revenge. Anyone who provokes us will be tortured and killed and thrown into the sea if they are male, or ravaged and sold to brothels and taverns if they are female.”

“Even if you are a dragon, the Black Skulls will never let you go. We will definitely find you based on the slightest clue, then strip your scales and dismantle your bones to avenge ourselves.”

After leaving behind these harsh words, the captain and the caster stood ready, staring fiercely at the little hatchling dragon.

But in fact, they knew it themselves.

The vast sea made it highly unlikely for the Black Skulls headquarters to seek revenge for them.

It was just self-consolation before their death.

“Hehe, it seems you still don’t understand the reason why I want to exterminate all of you.”

“To actively threaten a true dragon, to threaten me… how foolish. I suspect your brain has been gnawed on by trolls.”

The golden hatchling dragon said indifferently, completely ignoring the other party’s threats.

“Whether you are Black Skulls or White Skulls, as long as you dare to cause trouble for me, you will all end up as dead skulls.”

There was no record of the Black Skulls in the dragon lineage. Saga estimated that they were some pirate force. Since there was no record in the lineage, it meant that their scale was not very large, or they had recently emerged.

Pirates were generally evil, committing all sorts of atrocities such as rape and plunder. Ordinary people feared and dreaded them.

But this time, the evil encountered an evil dragon, and the result was clear.

Find him based on the slightest clue?

Although the ship had sunk and the people were dead, in this world with an extremely perfect magic system, anything was possible, it just depended on whether the other party was willing to spend time and effort to search for him.

But Saga didn’t care. He hadn’t even used the Golden Aura Shield yet and was quite curious about the performance of this powerful spell.

Moreover, even without the Golden Aura Shield, Saga would still not care about the other party’s threats.

The deed was done.

Afterwards, being fearful and submissive was not his style.

One minute later.

The sea turned red with blood, and two bodies floated up. Some carnivorous fish smelled the blood and gathered around.

Dealing with two transcendent adventurers who were already exhausted and had little resistance, Saga didn’t exert much effort.

Feeling the space crystal inside his scales, Saga thought about the treasures that had been added to it, feeling satisfied on his dragon face.

Although he didn’t count them, it was definitely a considerable wealth, especially for Saga at the moment.

“I am a little golden dragon, a little golden dragon.”

“I have many little treasures, little treasures.”


Under the shining stars of the night, Saga flapped his wings and left the crime scene, humming a random tune. He changed direction and continued to speed towards Moon Bay. He was already very close to his destination.

About twelve hours later.

As the yellow sun was about to set below the horizon, the fiery sunset clouds filled the sky, as if flames were burning.

Diamond-shaped dragon scales reflected the colors of the sunset, and the golden dragon, with its gorgeous and dreamlike scales, hovered in the air hundreds of meters above the calm and sparkling blue sea.

Saga gazed ahead, his eyes reflecting the images of three islands that were relatively close to each other.

“Moon Bay…”

Saga murmured softly, looking at Moon Bay, which was only about 20 kilometers away.

True dragons had long-range vision and could see extremely distant scenes in unobstructed environments. Although it was more than 20 kilometers away, the appearance of Moon Bay was already clear in Saga’s eyes.

The three islands had unique shapes, with sharp angles on both ends and a more square-shaped island in the middle. From a high altitude, the overall outline resembled a crescent moon with certain intervals.

The islands were lush with dense vegetation, and there were also waterfalls and meandering streams. The surrounding sea was dotted with large and small reefs.

Clusters of reefs surrounded the islands, scattered like stars on the vast blue sea, resembling a moon and stars against a blue cosmic background.

“I will start a new stage of my dragon life here.”

In the year 2079 of the new century, Saga arrived at the second stage of his dragon life.

“Will the future be good or bad?”

Saga’s heart was a little uneasy, but mainly filled with anticipation.

Moon Bay, with a combined area of nearly 40,000 square kilometers, was not as large as Thorn Isle, which belonged to the Red Dragoness, but it was still considerable, especially for a hatchling dragon.

Waxing Crescent Island had the largest curvature, resembling a crescent moon with sharp edges.

It had an area of about 8,000 square kilometers.

First Quarter Island was like an uneven trapezoid, with layers of mountains and dense forests inside. It was the largest island in Moon Bay.

It had an area of about 20,000 square kilometers.

Waning Crescent Island was symmetrical to Waxing Crescent Island, but its curvature was not as sharp as Waxing Crescent Island, and the angle of the crescent moon-like tip was slightly larger.

It had an area of about 9,000 square kilometers.

Bathed in the fiery sunset, Saga hovered in the air, and his gaze swept over the three islands one after another.

“Moon Bay, welcome the arrival of your new king.”

The little hatchling dragon pretended to be majestic and muttered to himself.

Under the glow of the setting sun, Saga flapped his wings and flew towards Moon Bay, or more precisely, towards the central part of Moon Bay.The red dragon prefers to build its nest at a high place, enjoying the feeling of overlooking everything from above. Saga, who has inherited the red dragon’s legacy, also has similar habits. Just now, Saga has already taken a brief look at the three islands in Moon Bay. Among them, First Quarter Island has the densest vegetation and the strongest life force. In the middle of the island, there is a mountain peak about 700 meters high, covered with lush greenery. The highest point definitely offers a wide view, allowing one to see all directions.

A 700-meter mountain is not considered high.

There are many mountains of similar height on Thorn Isle, but here in Moon Bay, it is second to none. Saga has already seen it. The highest mountains on Waxing and Waning Islands are only four to five hundred meters high.

In addition to wanting to build its nest at a high place, as a true dragon with a proud nature, Saga naturally wants to occupy the largest territory, First Quarter Island, and then incorporate Waxing and Waning Islands into its rule with First Quarter Island as the center.

Moon Bay is regarded by Saga as the first piece of territory in its dragon life.

Soon, Saga folded its dragon wings and landed on a beach by the sea on First Quarter Island.

Crashing waves…

The waves surged, with the waves behind pushing the waves in front towards the beach. The sparkling waves shattered the twilight glow, wetting the golden dragon claws of the hatchling dragon stepping on the soft gravel.

Saga felt the touch of the gravel and seawater while looking around.

In sight, the first thing is the continuous beach where Saga is located.

The grains of sand, under the glow of the setting sun, appear like dark golden sand. The beach is scattered with shells, conches, pebbles, etc., brought ashore by the waves. They are like gemstones embedded in the golden sand, with various colors blending together, showing various shades of luster.

In front of the beach is the boundless blue sea.

On the other end is a lush jungle.

Coconut trees, rubber trees, banana trees.

There are also some trees that Saga cannot recognize, arranged in disorder. The branches stretch towards the sky, and in the dense canopy, nests made of broken stones, twigs, and fur can be vaguely seen.

Several small brownies peek out from the particularly colorful tree flowers.

When they saw the hatchling dragon on the beach, they immediately retracted their heads in fear.

As time passed, the sun gradually sank below the sea level, and the afterglow of the sunset became dimmer until it completely disappeared.

In its place, the moon quietly revealed itself, sprinkling strands of moonlight.

The bright moonlight descended from the sky.

“A nice view, hmm, just slightly inferior to Thorn Isle.”

Saga bathed in the faint moonlight and walked along the beach, thinking in its heart.

Thorn Isle is also an island, naturally having a beach and similar scenery to Moon Bay, but in Saga’s eyes, it is better than Moon Bay.

Perhaps this is because of the preconceived notion.

Born on Thorn Isle and having lived there first, Saga thinks Thorn Isle is a very good territory.

“If Thorn Isle is my territory, that would be great.”

As soon as this thought came up, Saga quickly shook its head and dismissed it.

Having such a thought would mean becoming an enemy of the Red Dragoness unless she intends to give or trade Thorn Isle to Saga in the future. Thorn Isle is the Red Dragoness’s territory, and territory is crucial in the eyes of a dragon.

The affection between the five-colored dragons is relatively indifferent. Although the Red Dragoness has been very good to Saga, when it comes to territorial disputes, it is impossible for her to favor Saga.

Giving Saga a beating and then banishing it from afar would already be considered a kind act.

In addition, regardless of whether Saga can win or not, it remembers the tenderness and doting of the Red Dragoness towards itself. In terms of the nature of the five-colored dragons, the Red Dragoness can indeed be considered doting. The space crystal hidden under Saga’s neck scales is a big proof of that.

Even if Saga likes Thorn Isle, it will not do anything to seize the Red Dragoness’s territory.

“I will probably live in Moon Bay for a long time next.”

With this thought, Saga looked up and naturally looked towards the highest peak on First Quarter Island.

This unnamed mountain is located in the middle of First Quarter Island, not too high or too low. From the highest point, one can overlook the surrounding scenery, barely satisfying Saga.

After a brief contemplation, Saga decided to find a place to rest on the unnamed mountain.

Having been on the sea for a long time without much rest, even with the endurance of a true dragon, Saga feels quite tired, both mentally and physically. It needs rest now.

After resting, Saga plans to subdue some sapient beings in Moon Bay as its followers. With followers, it can command them to build a dragon’s nest for itself. Otherwise, if it builds the nest alone, it would require a lot of time and effort. Besides, Saga also wants some followers of its own.

Many trivial matters can be handled by the followers. When on Thorn Isle, Saga would not do any miscellaneous tasks itself but would order the Red Dragoness’s followers. It has become accustomed to lazily ordering the followers to do things when there is nothing to do.

“I wonder if there are snake people in Moon Bay. If there are, I hope they are as beautiful as Eiaona.”

Saga is deeply attached to the beautiful snake woman, missing her delicate and slender waist, long and flexible jade-like hands, and the slightly wet and sensitive forked tongue.

The hatchling dragon spread its wings and flew towards the highest peak in its field of vision under the bright moonlight.

Flapping its wings, while flying towards the unnamed mountain peak, Saga maintained its perception field, comprehensively observing the space within a hundred meters of itself, as if watching a fire.

Some birds hidden among the branches, beasts lurking in the shadows of the jungle, none of them could escape Saga’s perception.

Most of them are just ordinary beasts, and there are also a few magical creatures. Magical creatures are worth paying attention to, but the magical creatures here are generally low-level and pose no threat to Saga in its eyes, just like the Thunder Shark before.

In the dragon’s legacy, there are many ways to classify magical creatures and even transcendent professionals.

For example, dividing life forms below legendary into three levels.

Low-level creatures, mid-level creatures, high-level creatures.These three tiers are sometimes further subdivided, such as lower rank, middle rank, and upper rank within the low tier.

Three tiers, nine ranks in total.

Ranks one to three are considered low tier.

Ranks three to six are considered middle tier.

Ranks six to nine are considered high tier.

Different regions have different standards for judging the strength of lifeforms. Some prefer to use the broad three-tier system, while others prefer a more detailed nine-rank system.

In addition to this, some places have even more detailed lifeform ranking systems. They divide everything below the legendary level into 1-20 different levels, with anything above level 20 being considered a legendary creature.

The Dragon’s Legacy records all these methods of strength division. True Dragons often choose to use one or a combination of these methods based on their preferences. After all, aside from actual combat, all these methods are only for reference and cannot be taken as absolute truth. Otherwise, lower-ranked creatures would simply bow down to higher-ranked ones.


No matter how the strength is divided and judged, all lifeforms below the legendary level are considered to be on the same level, all are considered ordinary. There are just differences in strength. Creatures with exceptional talents can challenge those above their level, but once they reach the legendary level, they will experience a leap in life and a sublimation of the soul.

Four or five top middle-tier creatures working together can barely contend with a high-tier creature. But even if ten top high-tier creatures join forces, they are still likely to be easily defeated by a single legendary creature. Without monstrous talent and special abilities, it is almost impossible to defeat a legendary creature without reaching the legendary level.

All True Dragons are actually legendary creatures, because as long as they don’t die prematurely, True Dragons of sufficient age are destined to become legendary. Most intelligent lifeforms, however, will never reach the threshold of the legendary level in their lifetime.

Under normal circumstances, if there are no accidents.

Red Dragons often become legendary creatures between the ages of four hundred to six hundred.

The Red Dragoness is not yet four hundred years old, she is in her prime, between two hundred to four hundred years old. But she is already a legendary creature, which shows that the Red Dragoness has stronger talents than ordinary True Dragons. She may not be a monster, but she is at least an elite Red Dragon with exceptional talent.

Moreover, the legendary level is not the limit for True Dragons. True Dragons have an extremely abnormal growth ability.

The power, speed, defense, reaction, thinking, wisdom of True Dragons…

All these attributes will improve with age, unlike many other species that begin to age and weaken once they reach old age. Even in the later stages, this growth may slow down, but it is still there. As long as they accumulate enough experience and don’t die, they can become stronger and stronger.

For True Dragons, age is crucial.

Young True Dragons are not necessarily weak.

But old True Dragons that have lived through many years are definitely strong.

Saga is still very young, not even three years old. He is just a Hatchling Dragon, like a human baby, weighing only about ten tons. Excluding his powerful skills, he is actually still considered a low-tier creature. However, ordinary low-tier creatures are far from being Saga’s match. After all, True Dragons are the top-tier magical creatures with unimaginable abilities.

Moreover, Saga is quite special, he even has the means to injure legendary creatures.

This means that even if he is facing high-tier creatures, or even legendary creatures, Saga has a chance to kill them. Of course, this chance is not big, but no matter how small, it is not impossible. At least there is a glimmer of hope.

“I wonder if there are any too powerful creatures in Moon Bay…”

Just as this thought emerged in his heart, Saga had already arrived near the unnamed mountain.


The little Hatchling Dragon’s eyes narrowed, revealing a serious expression.

In Saga’s perception field, various invisible lines that the naked eye could not see outlined the silhouette of a huge creature, located at the foot of the unnamed mountain.

Under the quiet night sky, stars twinkled.

The unnamed mountain on the island stood silently, the trees covering its surface swaying gently in the night wind, making a soft rustling sound as they rubbed against each other.

A crescent moon hung high in the sky, casting a bright moonlight on the earth.

The moonlight, like spilled mercury, coated the ocean, the island, the mountains, the trees, and the creatures with a faint silver glow.

Under the silver moonlight, a huge creature was located at the base of the unnamed mountain. It was making a low humming sound, leaning against the rough mountain rock, rubbing back and forth, up and down, left and right, with a look of comfort on its face, using the hard and rough mountain rock to scratch its itch.

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