Chapter 50 – Annihilate

The pirate king plundered countless treasures throughout his life, with a vast influence that even the great empires were helpless against. His unimaginable wealth accumulated over time. However, in the end, this legendary pirate king was captured and executed by the Skyrealm Empire.

But before that happened, the first generation pirate king left behind a message.

“Do you want my wealth? If you do, I can give it all to you.”

“Go, venture into the vast seas, into the depths of the Storm Ocean, the Radiant Ocean, the Endless Ocean, the Frozen Ocean, and all the known oceans… Go and search, for I have hidden all my wealth within them.”

It was confirmed that the Skyrealm Empire did not obtain the pirate king’s treasure.

Throughout his life, the pirate king had plundered countless nations, accumulating an immeasurable amount of treasure.

His final words caused countless people to flock to the sea, and pirates of all sizes wreaked havoc in various maritime regions, causing trouble for many empires. It was an endless legacy of misfortune.

Apart from the disastrous declaration before his death, the first generation pirate king also created the Pirate Code.

The pirates respected this pirate king and followed the code. Anyone who violated it would be wanted by all pirate forces and hunted down, even if they escaped to the mainland. The Pirate Code gave the pirates rules and made them more formidable.

“I’m not a pirate, so I don’t need to follow your broken code.”

Saga looked at the pirates and said indifferently.

Upon hearing this, the pirates were filled with righteous indignation. Captain Goatee’s face turned fierce as he said, “Dealing with us pirates means following the code!”

In the hearts of pirates, the Pirate Code was like a bible.

“Otherwise, even if the ship sinks and lives are lost, I guarantee that you will pay the price.”

Upon hearing the other party’s threat, Saga’s eyes momentarily turned cold. He said expressionlessly, “Fine, I’ll give you some leeway and follow your rules.”

It was not a good thing for Saga, who had inherited the Red Dragon’s legacy, to accept the threat.

…The pirates didn’t notice that the death omen star in the sky began to flicker quietly.

For a normal Red Dragon, even if their will or thoughts were defied or challenged by low-level beings in their eyes, they would immediately erupt in anger and turn their targets to ashes with dragon fire.

Violence, greed, lust, cruelty, tyranny, dominance… These were all synonymous with Red Dragons.

Saga was a hybrid of a Red Dragon and a Golden Dragon, and he also had an Outsider mutation. He was not a purebred Red Dragon in the traditional sense. In Golden Dragonfather’s view, the probability of Saga becoming a neutral character with maturity was the highest. But for now, because he mainly received the Red Dragon’s inheritance and was influenced by it, Saga’s character and temperament leaned more towards the Red Dragon, towards the evil camp. He originally only wanted to seek wealth, but the defiance and threat from the other party gave him more dangerous ideas.

“Seventy percent of the treasure here can be yours.”

The captain stood in front of the already placed treasure chest and changed his tone, saying in a deep voice, “But how can I trust that you will take the treasure and leave immediately, instead of plotting to destroy the ship and harm us?”

Saga said, “I am a Golden Dragon. You should trust the morals of a Golden Dragon.”

The captain: ………

Seeing the hesitation in the pirate captain’s eyes, Saga narrowed his gaze and said, “Don’t be nervous. I don’t want to be mutually harmed with you. If I destroy your ship, you will fight back with all your might.”

Mutually harmed…

Yes, even if it wants to destroy the ship, even if the ship sinks and lives are lost, we can drag it down! It’s just a few meters long hatchling dragon, although it’s a bit strange, how much power can it have?

Let’s consider it as a loss.

Just think of it as being robbed by another pirate ship.

The captain relaxed and comforted himself.

The pirate captain believed that Saga also didn’t want to be mutually harmed with them. He only wanted to seek wealth. He believed that he and his men had the ability to mutually harm Saga. If Saga wanted to destroy the ship at all costs, they were already prepared and had the opportunity to kill this strange and greedy hatchling dragon.

“Step aside and let it take the treasure.”

“We’re just unlucky this time, brothers. We’ll take back everything we lost on the next voyage!”

With the captain’s order, the sailors and warriors surrounding the treasure chest stepped back.

Immediately, Saga took out a spatial crystal and, under the envious gazes of the pirates, stored the chests of treasure and the magic array into it.

“It was a pleasant encounter.”

“Goodbye, my friends.”

Saying that, Saga waved his dragon wings with a smile and left.

Just as his limbs left the mast and he soared into the air.


The force field with twice the gravity fully activated, locking onto the front half of the pirate ship.


In the drizzling rain, the entire pirate ship seemed to be pressed down by an invisible giant hand, creaking and groaning. Magic patterns on the surface of the ship lit up, flickering with varying brightness in high frequency.

Saga truly didn’t want to be mutually harmed. He sincerely meant what he said to the pirate captain.But he could completely avoid harm.

The opponent underestimated him.

“The ship capsized and people died. Even if the fish die and the net breaks, you still have to pay the price?”

“Alright, let me see what kind of price you can make me, a True Dragon, pay!”

The Hatchling Dragon growled.

“Make me pay the price!”


At the same time as the roar, he flapped his wings.

Gravity Blade!

Two huge horizontal gravity waves sucked in the pouring rainwater, like a mighty water blade, and crushed towards the pirate ship.


Reflected in his vision was the approaching water blade, and the pirate captain’s face changed dramatically.

He raised his big hand, and the rolling sea water gathered and wrapped around his short sword, forming a blue giant sword that slashed towards the Gravity Blade.


The blue giant sword shattered, and the highly compressed seawater was sucked into the Gravity Blade, which continued forward.

At the critical moment, the Caster uttered the last syllable.

Dual Ring Spell: Water Scatters!

He pointed at the Gravity Blade, and the seawater and rainwater that adhered to the surface of the Gravity Blade dissipated. At a certain moment, it seemed to collapse, and the Water Mage also showed a pleased expression.

However, the Gravity Blade was not a water blade.

In the next moment, a large amount of rainwater was once again absorbed.


The Gravity Blade slashed into the hull, breaking through the surface magic barrier, tearing apart two horrifying, crisscrossing large cracks that ran through the pirate ship.

Tons of seawater poured in and flooded the ship.

The pirate ship shook violently and was about to capsize.

“I’ll kill you!”

The pirate captain roared in anger.

First, he slashed out a water blade smaller than the Gravity Blade, then he lifted his foot. The seawater gathered and formed a wave, supporting his body as he killed the Hatchling Dragon against the slender rain curtain.

Saga spewed out a golden flame-like dragon breath.


The water blade and a large amount of rainwater were evaporated, and the pillar-shaped flame dragon breath continued to spray towards the pirate captain.

The flames had not arrived yet, but the high temperature had already approached. The pirate captain’s wet clothes inexplicably dried up, his pupils contracted, and he had no choice but to temporarily stop his attack, stepping on the waves to avoid Saga’s breath.

Saga flapped his wings again.

Two more Gravity Blades swept down.

At the same time, he stopped breathing out and his body suddenly rose, avoiding the hooks, lock knives, stink bombs, and weapons thrown by the thieves below.


The Gravity Blades slashed into the hull again.

The already tottering pirate ship completely disintegrated.

The pirates fell into the sea one by one.

They were all good swimmers, and the waves caused by the capsizing of the pirate ship failed to engulf any of them.

The pirates waved their arms and emerged from the sea one by one.

Captain Goatee stared at the “Golden Dragon” circling in the sky, his eyes filled with anger and helplessness.

“Damn dragon, if you have the ability, come down! I’ll skin you alive.”

He roared in anger.


The captain was slightly stunned, and at the same time, Saga folded his wings and fell into the sea with a thud, creating a tens of meters high wave, with a heavy and thunderous momentum.

The moment he entered the sea, Saga used the Twisting Light Force Field to converge his figure.

After losing track of the Hatchling Dragon, the pirates were slightly stunned.


A flash of golden light passed by, and the dragon claw pierced through a pirate’s chest, tearing him apart.

Without a ship, these pirates had no resistance against Saga.

The pirates also realized this.

The Caster placed one hand on the captain’s shoulder while taking out a cherished scroll.

“Captain, let’s go first. The situation is dangerous now.”

“It can slowly wear us down. Don’t act impulsively.”

“Escape first, then return to headquarters to gather companions and find a way to seek revenge!”

Can’t we both suffer? Damn it, I underestimated this dragon. What kind of dragon is it? How can it have such terrifying power with this size!

“Let’s go!”

The captain, who was also decisive, said in a deep voice.

The Caster’s eyes lit up, and the scroll was completely torn open.

Short-distance Water Elemental Teleportation!


The water elemental light shimmered, enveloping the two of them and merging into the seawater, swiftly disappearing.

“Did they run away?”

“It’s not a good thing to leave the roots when cutting the grass.”

Saga squinted his eyes and looked at the direction they left.

Immediately, he spent some time killing the remaining pirates soaked in water one by one, collected the treasures in the sunken ship into the spatial crystal, and then broke through the sea and flew into the sky.

Over 80 kilometers away.

After some time, under the fiery glow of the setting sun.

The Caster observed the sunset to determine the direction and, together with Captain Goatee, struggled to swim towards the headquarters of the Black Skull Islands.

This place was still quite far from the Black Skull Islands, and the sea was vast, deep, and dangerous. With their current stamina, they definitely couldn’t swim across.

But this route was a shipping route, occasionally there were ships passing by, so there was a glimmer of hope.


This glimmer of hope was extinguished with the approach of a golden figure.

“Hehe, it’s not a very advanced teleportation spell. Did you think you could escape?”

Saga waved his wings and swiftly approached.He was certain that even if the other party had teleported, they couldn’t have gone far. Therefore, he had previously centered his search around the sunken ship, flying high into the sky, repeatedly circling, and searching within a radius of over a hundred kilometers. Eventually, he found the fleeing Caster and the captain.

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