Chapter 42,Part 2 – The good days that are about to end

Winter is coming to an end, reaching its final moments.

The spring with its birdsong and blooming flowers is about to arrive.

And then, just before the arrival of spring, Saga and the Red Dragoness woke up together.

However, unlike previous awakenings from slumber, this time their awakening did not last long. It was not a natural awakening, but rather a startled one.

Thorn Isle, Yakan Volcano.

Yeyona, with her pale purple body, her snake scales shimmering in the sunlight, looked up at the top of Yakan Volcano.

Boom boom boom…

The towering volcano, thousands of zhang tall, began to shake. Cracks started to appear on its surface, rocks began to fall and roll down the slopes. At first, it was just a few, but in an instant, it turned into a terrifying avalanche of rocks, causing the inhabitants of Yakan Volcano to flee in panic.

Crash… Halfway up the mountain, the bipedal dragons flapped their wings and let out piercing cries as they took flight, avoiding the falling rocks.

At the foot of the mountain, the Gnolls looked at the rolling rocks in horror, panicking and causing chaos. The surrounding stone houses had already collapsed due to the trembling of the mountain, and inside, some Gnolls could still be seen crushed to death.

When the rolling rocks arrived, many Gnolls were instantly killed, resulting in heavy casualties.

Even the powerful tribes suffered losses.

Only Yeyona, Ulysses, and other leaders remained calm and unafraid. However, they also looked at Yakan Volcano with solemn expressions, not understanding what had happened exactly.


The majestic dragon flapped its wings, surrounded by a curtain of flames, soaring into the sky. It circled around and entered the palace at the top of Yakan Volcano.

The Red Dragoness unleashed her power once again.

But this time, there was no commotion like last time. After the Red Dragoness entered the palace on the mountaintop, Yakan Volcano quickly returned to calmness, no longer shaking.

However, in this short period of time, the mountain was covered with crisscrossing cracks. The fissures that had extended due to the volcanic tremors last time were now joined by countless new scars, visible everywhere and shocking to the eye.

After the volcano calmed down, the Red Dragoness returned to the Dragon’s Nest and released the protective spell that ensured the safety of the hatchling dragons.

“Saga, everything is fine now.”

The Red Dragoness’s eyes, like lava balls on her face mask, were very calm as she spoke.

Saga blinked his eyes, puzzled. “Mother, why did Yakan Volcano shake again? Is it an earthquake? Or is the volcano about to erupt?”

“Should we find another place to live?”

The Red Dragoness’s face remained steady as she shook her head. “With me here, you won’t be harmed. You don’t need to worry.”

Saga had a faint feeling that the tremors of Yakan Volcano were not due to natural causes. And the Red Dragoness definitely knew the reason, but she didn’t want to tell him.

Since the Red Dragoness didn’t say anything, Saga knew it was useless to ask further, so he closed his mouth.

At the same time, Saga turned his head left and right, examining his own figure.

After this period of slumber, the hatchling dragon had grown to a certain extent. Now, from head to tail, he was over five meters long, with a wingspan approaching eight meters, wide and sturdy. His golden diamond-like dragon scales still shone brilliantly, dazzling and radiant.

Due to Saga’s continuous training of his wings, his wingspan was much larger than that of an ordinary hatchling dragon.

The length of the wings and the strength of the power held a high position in the aesthetics of true dragons. Saga was delighted to see his wingspan surpassing that of dragons of the same size.

In addition, Saga’s size had already surpassed that of dragons of the same age.

His growth rate was very fast.

He was still less than three years old, but his body length had already exceeded five meters, a size that many six-year-old juvenile dragons could not achieve.

“Mother, I’m a little hungry.”

Waking up from his slumber, Saga’s stomach was empty, and the Red Dragoness happened to be by his side. He didn’t feel like going out to hunt, so he blinked his golden dragon eyes and pointed to his mouth.

The Red Dragoness couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, wait here. I’ll hunt some high-quality food for you.”

After saying that, the Red Dragoness flew out of the Dragon’s Nest.

Considering the nature of an Evil Dragon, this could be considered spoiling Saga to a great extent.

Next, the Red Dragoness brought back a giant shark the size of a mountain. It emitted a powerful aura, but in the end, it was dismembered and a portion was given to Saga as his food.

Immediately after, Saga left the Dragon’s Nest and continued to enjoy his dragon life on Thorn Isle.

Occasionally, he would play with Yeyona, rubbing against the snake woman’s waist, and sometimes he would visit the Succubus’s cave, where the little Succubi would give him massages, clean his dragon scales, and relax his body, enjoying his carefree and comfortable life.

Of course, while indulging in pleasure, Saga did not forget to train his physique and develop his abilities.Every time he went hunting, Saga would hunt while gradually honing his Power Essence skills.

In such a life.

Quietly, winter had passed.

Spring arrived, and the earth thawed.

It was the breeding season for animals again. The rich fragrance of the magic hawthorn flowers wafted in the air of Thorn Isle, and the birds sang loudly.

A small stream on an island that had been frozen began to thaw and flow again.

The river was clear and you could see the swaying water plants inside, and some fish foraging or being foraged in the water plants.

At the same time.

Under the intoxicating sunlight, a starving tiger, which hadn’t caught much food in the winter, came to the edge of the stream.

It lay by the river, extending its barbed tongue to curl up the river water and send it into its mouth.

Sizzle… Upstream, a slender stream of water that looked golden under the sunlight fell into the stream, shattering the sparkling waves of the stream, forming ripples, and then blending into the water and flowing downstream.

At first, the tiger didn’t care, continued to drink a few mouthfuls of water, felt the taste become strange, then turned its head, looked at the source of the water, and roared angrily.

“Roar… Meow?”

The tiger’s roar was initially mighty, but the next moment it weakened.

Because, in the tiger’s field of vision.

Sizzle… The source of the water was located at the lower abdomen of a golden Hatchling Dragon standing upright.

This golden Hatchling Dragon was urinating upstream, its body was faintly visible, and the surrounding light seemed to be distorted, making it look flickering, like a ghost.

“What are you roaring at?”

Suddenly, the Hatchling Dragon’s body solidified, its diamond-like dragon scales shone golden, more brilliant and dazzling than the bright spring sunlight.

Saga no longer maintained the Force Field, shook his body, and then looked at the tiger staring at him.

Maintaining the Force Field while urinating was also Saga’s way of training.

This was a delicate task.

Under Saga’s gaze, the tiger was no longer evil.

It whimpered softly, turned around with its tail between its legs, and ran away.

“You dare to drink my urine and then run away?”

Saga wanted to beat it up, eating was fine, after all, the water it had just drunk contained his dragon urine.

However, just as the Hatchling Dragon spread its wings and was about to chase after it.

Suddenly, the earth shook.


In the deafening sound, Saga’s eyes narrowed, and he turned to look at Yakan Volcano.

The towering volcano began to shake again, and the amplitude was very large.

The Red Dragoness once again flew to the palace at the top of the mountain, summoned a huge amount of Elemental Energy that enveloped the entire sky of Thorn Isle, and then the volcano slowly calmed down.

Saga withdrew his gaze, then soared into the sky, flew in mid-air, swept over the surrounding airspace, until he found the tiger that had run far away, beat it up, and after it was meowing and rolling on its back, he returned to the Dragon’s Nest in a leisurely manner.

In the following time.

Yakan Volcano continued to change, and the frequency of shaking became higher and higher.

It was as if there was some terrifying demon inside the volcano, trying to break free from the suppression of the mountain, and there would be an earthquake every few days.

“Your Highness, the Queen has important matters to discuss with you, and asks you to return to the Dragon’s Nest immediately.”

In the territory of the Succubus, the Hatchling Dragon, who was enjoying a massage service from a group of little succubi, opened his eyes. At the same time, the strong wind bent the branches, and a robust two-legged flying dragon flapped its wings and spoke to Saga in broken Dragon Tongue.

Under the reluctant gaze of the little succubi, Saga spread his wings and flew towards the Dragon’s Nest.

“What does mother want? Is there a task for me to do? I happen to be free now.”

At this time, Saga didn’t know that his days of being domineering and happy on Thorn Isle were coming to an end.

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