Chapter 42,Part 1 – Fell asleep

Saga understood and took out the space crystal containing the tax money, handing it over to the Red Dragoness.

“Here is all the tax money, take a look.”

The Hatchling Dragon said, swaying its tail gently from side to side.

The Red Dragoness put away the space crystal without checking it, then revealed a smile that seemed both genuine and fake.

She extended a hooked toe and pressed it against the Hatchling Dragon’s head, shaking it from side to side while wearing a smile. She said to Saga, “Little Saga, are you sure the tax money in the space crystal is all there is? Is there anything else?”

“Little Saga, are you sure the tax money in the space crystal is all there is? Is there anything else?”

As she spoke, the Red Dragoness shook the Hatchling Dragon’s head, then retracted her massive claw.

Upon hearing this, Saga felt a little guilty.

The Red Dragoness’s gaze seemed to penetrate his scales and flesh, reaching into his heart.

Saga felt that his thoughts and actions were exposed under the Red Dragoness’s gaze.

Scratching the horn on his head, the Hatchling Dragon blinked innocently and said, “Oh, I just remembered that I forgot to give you something I found in the remains of the Troll Clan’s territory.”

The Red Dragoness was the ruler of Thorn Isle, an uncrowned queen.

The things Saga had scavenged from the Troll Clan technically belonged to the Red Dragoness and needed to be handed over to her.

If Saga had exterminated the Troll Clan himself, it would be a different story, but he currently didn’t possess that kind of ability, and Ulysses, a member of the Red Dragoness’s family, had participated in it.

Under the Red Dragoness’s gaze, Saga shook his neck, stomping his limbs and trembling his body.

Rustle… Some tattered old metal coins fell from the inner layer of the Hatchling Dragon’s scales, making a crisp and pleasant sound as they landed on the ground.

“Mother, the Troll Clan is really poor.”

“I searched the territory and only found a few things.”

“Because there were so few, I accidentally forgot about them.”

“Yes, I present them to you now.”

As he shook, Saga said.

Immediately, when the last old silver coin fell to the ground, the Hatchling Dragon casually walked towards the corner of the Dragon’s Nest where it often rested, saying as it walked, yawning, “Mother, I’m a little tired, I’ll sleep for a while.”

After saying that, Saga collapsed to the ground.

As usual, he curled up his body, with his tail curled up in front like a pillow, biting the tip of his tail, and his wings folded on both sides of his body.

However, before Saga fell asleep.

He suddenly felt a tightness on the back of his neck.

The next second, the Hatchling Dragon was lifted by the Red Dragoness’s sharp claw, hanging in mid-air by its neck.

Although Saga’s size had already exceeded four meters and appeared like a small monster in the eyes of ordinary creatures, in front of the Red Dragoness, he still seemed like a tiny creature that could be easily controlled.

In mid-air, the Hatchling Dragon struggled a few times with its small paws before giving up.

The Hatchling Dragon hung its head in frustration, its wings and tail hanging weakly.

“Little Saga, you are not an inferior Five-Colored Dragon, but the noblest Red Dragon.”

White Dragon, Black Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon… Under normal circumstances, these five dragon species are collectively known as the Five-Colored Dragons or the Color Dragons when they are at the same age level. However, in the eyes of the Red Dragon, all the other Five-Colored Dragons are trash and not worthy of being compared to themselves.

Other dragon species have similar thoughts.

For example:

White Dragon: We Five Dragons are truly powerful.

Black Dragon: Five-Colored Dragons? More like Four-Colored Dragons!

Green Dragon: Top Three Dragons, Bottom Two Dragons.

Blue Dragon: Battle of the Twin Dragons!

Red Dragon: They are all garbage!

(PS: A description from a reader’s book review is quite good, so I’ll copy it here.)

“Deception is not a virtue for us Red Dragons.”

“We wield the strongest power and never need schemes or tricks.”

“If we want treasure, we take it; if we want to vent our anger, we kill. With an invincible power, we suppress all who defy us.”

“Remember, in the face of true power, all schemes are futile struggles.”

The Red Dragoness gave Saga a lesson.

Clearly, she knew that Saga had secretly kept a magic crystal, but as a True Dragon, she was naturally greedy for wealth. The Red Dragoness understood this and wouldn’t blame Saga for it. If Saga could really take away something that belonged to her, then it was his ability.

After speaking, the Red Dragoness shook her dragon claw a few times.

The Hatchling Dragon, being held by the back of its neck, also shook, and its long tail swayed like waves.

“Alright, bring out the things.”

Saga’s face showed a pained expression as he spat out the yellow crystal from his mouth and handed it to the Red Dragoness.

Immediately, the Red Dragoness loosened her hooked toe, and Saga sat down on the ground.After a brief contemplation, Saga didn’t feel discouraged, but instead refuted the Red Dragoness’s words, saying, “Mother, I agree with your philosophy, in the face of absolute power, strategies are but fleeting clouds.”

The Red Dragoness lowered her gaze, looking at the little hatchling dragon.

Saga changed the subject, saying, “However, before possessing absolute power, I believe it is necessary to utilize our thinking to achieve our goals.”

The one with real power was the Red Dragoness, not Saga at this moment.

If he could, he would also prefer not to think, but the situation didn’t allow it.

The Red Dragoness gave a slight smile, saying to the little hatchling dragon, “So, I didn’t blame you for deceiving me, did I?”

After a pause, the Red Dragoness said, “When facing beings stronger than oneself, it is necessary to use wisdom.”

“But what I really want to tell you is that under any circumstances, wisdom is not as good as power. Don’t immerse yourself in temporary shortcuts, the pursuit of power is eternal.”

“If wisdom wins, it only means that the power you possess is not enough.”

Saga didn’t fully agree with the Red Dragoness’s words.

Because he believed that wisdom is also a form of power, just a more hidden form of power.

Of course, Saga was more passionate about the real, tangible, and visible power. However, he would not reject the use of wisdom.

One should always use their brain.

Otherwise, what’s the point of having a brain?

Although many Red Dragons indeed have brains but are too lazy to use them, Saga, not being a proper Red Dragon, would still make good use of his wisdom.

Afterwards, after a battle of wits and courage with the Red Dragoness and receiving some advice on dragon life, the little hatchling dragon lay directly on the hot ground of the Dragon’s Nest, biting the tip of his tail, and fell asleep.

After every intense battle.

Saga would feel tired.

The battle with the troll leader made Saga use his Annihilation Breath, which consumed a lot of his energy and also caused some minor injuries. For a True Dragon, whether it’s physical or mental exhaustion, or various injuries, they can all be recovered through sleep.

And after recovery.

There is often progress.

As long as it doesn’t kill, the True Dragon will become stronger.

This kind of abnormal growth ability is also one of the reasons why True Dragons can be top-tier magical creatures.

While Saga was sleeping, an invisible and intangible Power Essence came from all directions, presenting various peculiar forms in the microscopic world, such as arcs, straight lines, and zigzag curves, continuously pouring into his body, allowing Saga to grow more rapidly.

At the same time, the Red Dragoness shifted her gaze, quietly looking at the sleeping little hatchling dragon.

Even as a legendary creature, she couldn’t sense the strange energy that Saga was absorbing.

However, the Red Dragoness’s intuition told her that something seemed different around Saga, but even after she fully opened her senses and used many spells, she couldn’t figure out the specifics and eventually gave up.

“Little Saga, how many secrets do you have?”

The Red Dragoness also closed her eyes.

A large dragon wing covered the little hatchling dragon like a quilt, and then, the massive and majestic red beast also fell asleep.

The atmosphere in the Dragon’s Nest became peaceful and quiet.

Time flowed like water, passing by every second without haste.

During this time, a blizzard swept over Thorn Isle, covering the branches with frost and the ground with snow, dressing the island in silver. After a while, the heavy snow gradually subsided, the temperature in the air began to rise, and there were signs of a warm-up.

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