Chapter 16 – Magic backlash

Because of the appearance of the wind wall, the surrounding area was immediately filled with flying sand and rolling stones. Dead leaves and dust were swept into it, and clusters of trees not far away rustled. Countless snow on the ground was lifted up, and the surrounding air became turbid, chaotic, and cold. The line of sight was blocked and became blurry.

At the same time, only the exceptionally tall and sturdy trees and rocks within the range of the wind wall remained in place.

The thinner trees and rocks were blown off the ground.

The whistling sound of the wind was incessant, piercing and ear-piercing, showing the dominance of the wind wall.

The wind mage used a three-ring spell scroll, the Wind Wall Spell.

The name was ordinary, but it was very useful in blocking enemies.

If it were an ordinary hatchling dragon, in this short period of time and short distance, there was a high probability that it would not be able to stop its own inertia and then crash into the wind wall, causing chaos. Even a white dragon with a slightly weaker body strength could possibly break its neck.

Saga’s power was not small now, but it was far from being considered powerful enough to break through the three-ring wind wall.

But Saga was different from others, he was not ordinary.

The face of the hatchling dragon, covered with diamond-like scales, became serious, and its dragon face became focused. Its pupils turned into dangerous vertical pupils, cold and sharp.

In this instant.

The strange lines and scenes in the field of vision became clearer.

Saga was fully focused, and the gravity he experienced decreased by another level. At the same time, his dragon wings flapped rapidly, creating a fierce updraft and adjusting his body direction.


The hatchling dragon, which was already flying close to the ground, suddenly drew a beautiful upward curve on the ground, shattering the sunlight that shone through the treetops.

Dancing in the strong wind and snowflakes.

In an instant.

Saga brushed the top of the wind wall and flew over from the highest point of the wind wall.

When he leaped over the wind wall, Saga’s hind legs heavily stepped on the wind wall, his body facing downwards, and his dragon wings fiercely flapped, using the force to pounce on the wind mage.

All of this happened very quickly.

In just a breath.

The agility of the hatchling dragon’s figure compared to its body size was unimaginable. It was like a golden straight line drawn with space as the curtain, unexpectedly changing direction, catching people off guard.

For the wind mage, it was even worse.

His wind wall did not stop the hatchling dragon, but instead blocked the two warriors who wanted to stop the hatchling dragon’s footsteps.

These two warriors couldn’t fly.

In front of the five-meter-high wind wall, with the surrounding strong winds blowing, it was difficult to directly jump over.

The vegetation in the forest was dense, so they had to go around from the side, which was full of thorns, vines, rocks, and other obstacles. The snow on the ground also hindered them, causing them to waste more time.

In addition, the mechanical warlock was also disturbed by the strong wind, making it more difficult to calculate the trajectory of the shots.

At this time, the wind mage, who was continuously retreating, had a solemn expression. The incantation he muttered became more urgent, like a heavy rain falling into a lake, and the wind elemental energy in the surrounding space became violent.

With the short time gained from the Wind Wall Spell.

The spell prepared by the caster was coming to an end.

The current hatchling dragon was still very young, but as an outstanding combat instinct of a true dragon, Saga sensed a hint of danger.

The wind elemental mage’s spells were known for their sharpness, agility, and swiftness.

A well-constructed spell could be more powerful than a warrior’s full-force sword strike.

But the premise was that the wind mage could complete the construction.

Although the wind mage had been trying to create distance between himself and Saga, how could his speed compare to Saga’s?

After stepping on the top of the wind wall and launching another attack, with the current distance between the two, the wind mage’s body had already entered the range of Saga’s super gravity field.

“It’s over.”

Saga’s eyes narrowed, and the power essence inside his body surged.

Invisible lines attached to the wind mage, giving a heavy texture.

Next, it was up to the wind mage.

This battle had actually ended from the moment Saga successfully crossed the wind wall.

Just at the most critical moment of casting the spell, when the wind mage’s face showed a hint of joy, the super gravity field centered on Saga erupted again, targeting the caster.

The wind mage was about 1.76 meters tall, with a muscular body and wearing a relatively simple and soft robe.

With his body and equipment, he weighed nearly two hundred catties. Under the pressure of the doubled super gravity field, more than four hundred catties of gravity pressed down on the wind mage, causing the snow on the ground to sink as if it was being pressed by an invisible force.

There is a misconception among people about casters, thinking that they have weak bodies.

In fact, it depends on what target they are compared to. If it is a warrior of the same level, the caster’s physique is indeed far inferior. However, because the caster has been nourished by magic energy for months and years, their physique is also far superior to ordinary people.

A legendary warrior can cut through towering mountains and split rivers and seas with a single sword strike.If a legendary caster, even without using spells, simply picks up a heavy sword and dons armor, they could easily chase after and beat up a five or six-meter-tall giant. Killing a large bull with a single punch wouldn’t be a difficult task.

However, this caster couldn’t be compared to a legend. His journey in the path of spells was not far, and his body, which was only slightly superior to ordinary people, was not enough to ignore the gravity of four hundred pounds.

At the last moment when the spell was about to be completed, the wind mage choked due to the effect of the super gravity field. His mind was dizzy, his eyes were seeing stars, and his internal organs seemed to be torn apart. The pain was unbearable. The all-round super gravity field brought not only tremendous pressure, but the greatest damage was to the relatively fragile internal organs of the creature.

The wind mage’s retreating body trembled, his steps faltered, and then his knees softened, and he fell to the ground.

The sudden change led to the failure of his spell construction.

When a spell fails, it always backfires on the caster.

Especially when it fails at the last moment, it will suffer the most severe magic backlash.

The gathered wind elemental energy had nowhere to vent, and it happened to surround the wind mage’s body. Influenced by the mage’s previous incantations and magic power, it had become extremely aggressive.


Caught in the midst of the raging wind elemental energy, the wind mage didn’t have time to check his injuries. His face was pale as he tried to soothe the agitated elements, but the elements that had completely lost control no longer obeyed the wind mage’s commands.

The raging wind elemental energy turned into semi-transparent wind blades, whirling around the wind mage like a meat grinder.

Within a radius of five meters, the ground was covered with numerous crisscrossing deep cuts. A rock within the range was shattered into dust.

The wind mage’s clothes were torn, his skin was ripped…

Bright red blood spurted out, and was torn apart by the whirlwind of wind blades, along with the shredded dead leaves and soil, turning into a murky, dark blood mist. Standing on the snow, it formed an irregular pattern that was unrecognizable.

The blood mixed with the snow, creating a bizarre and vivid scene.

The little hatchling dragon landed on the ground, maintaining its clawing posture, blinking its eyes.

“He’s lost more than half his life from that severe backlash.”

Saga gloated.

When the whirlwind of wind blades dissipated, the poor caster was a bloody mess, looking as if he had been tortured.

But what was worse, he was still alive.

Weak and painful moans came from his indistinguishable lips.

“Super gravity field is quite useful against unprepared casters.”

Saga stepped forward, his dragon claw stomping down, and with the sound of cracking bones, he kindly helped the caster end his pain.

This was his first time killing a sapient being.

(Ranger: Just because he died easily doesn’t mean he’s not a person, damn it!)

But to Saga’s own surprise, his mood was like a calm lake, without any ripples.

Influenced by the dragon’s heritage and the bloodline of the True Dragon, Saga even felt that it was their rare honor to die under his claws, rather than being devoured alive by the Red Dragoness’s monstrous minions.

As for the bloody body remains… a normal hatchling dragon would be salivating, but Saga had no appetite.

Saga knew that this was the influence of the remaining humanity in his spirit.

Saga wouldn’t resist the influence of his dragon nature, nor would he try to eliminate his humanity. He was a go-with-the-flow, easy-going character. Although he had subjective initiative, he was also somewhat Buddhist, so he wouldn’t let himself fall into mental torture or self-doubt.

After stomping the caster to death.

Saga’s ears twitched, hearing two sharp whistling sounds.

“Damn monster!”

Two warriors arrived late, their eyes filled with rage. In a situation where there was no way out, they chose to fight to the death. As they shouted to boost their morale, they wielded their steel swords and charged at Saga.

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