Chapter 15 – Fierce battle

From beginning to end, reaching a length of four meters, the dragon’s wings spread high, and the hatchling dragon’s body, like a little monster, carried a gust of wind, with a fierce momentum, and rushed straight towards the wind mage.

At the same time.

“Why would there be a golden dragon hatchling in the territory of the Red Dragon? No, it doesn’t seem to be a golden dragon.”

“What kind of monster is this!”

“Stay on guard!”

Although the tall female mechanical warlock was not Saga’s primary target, she chose to distance herself from the hatchling dragon and keep a safe distance, rather than taking the risk of attacking first.

At the same time, two warriors drew their large swords, with magic power surging within their bodies, flowing along their arms and ultimately concentrating at the edges of their blades, infusing their weapons with a layer of sharp energy. Several slender branches floated down, coincidentally touching the enchanted sword blades, silently splitting into two sections with smooth, mirror-like edges.

Bending their bodies after tempering their bodies with elemental energy, they suddenly leaped up.

Under the recoil force, the ground was trampled, leaving behind fine cracks like a spider’s web.

The two warriors, one on the left and one on the right, crossed their swords from two directions. With a sharp sound tearing through the air, they slashed towards Saga’s neck.

At the same time, the mechanical warlock, who was more than twenty meters away from the hatchling dragon, stopped in her tracks.

The mechanical warlock swiftly wiped her waist with both hands, then raised her arm and aimed at Saga.

In her hands were two weapons, two enchanted revolvers of the same kind.

Yes, revolvers.

The mechanical warlock was a broad classification, and if it were to be more accurate and detailed, it could be said that this mechanical warlock was a gunner, specializing in magic firearms.

Saga was not surprised by the weapons she pulled out.

Through excavating inherited knowledge, he had long known that in this world, there existed a mechanar empire that developed magic and machinery simultaneously. Moreover, it was one of the five major advanced countries, occupying a fixed seat in the Advanced Country Council, with the right to participate in and veto major proposals of the council.

This empire was enthusiastic about mass-producing mechanar weapons, guiding small countries into wars while simultaneously selling mechanar equipment for war to both sides, accumulating wealth and increasing their influence.

A large portion of the weapons produced by the mechanar empire were similar to the weapons Saga knew from his previous life, but there were also differences.

For example.

The enchanted revolver in the hands of the mechanical warlock had simple magic patterns engraved on it, absorbing the free elemental energy in the air and gathering it in the gun barrel. It did not require physical bullets, but the user needed to be able to control magic power, and the bullet’s properties were related to the corresponding magic energy that the mechanical warlock could control.


Legendary mechanar machine guns that could fire billions of rounds per second existed here as well.

Many sapient beings with a certain magical talent, but not enough to study spells, would give up becoming orthodox casters and instead become mechanical warlocks, learning mechanar gunfighting skills.

However, there were also individuals with strong magical talent who, because of their love for firearms and machinery, were willing to directly become mechanical warlocks.

Being a mechanical warlock was a good path.

It had numerous advantages and was highly sought after among lower-level transcendent beings.

Of course.

The flaws of relying too much on mechanar equipment were also very obvious.

According to rumors, the mechanar empire was researching standardized mechanar weapons that could be used by ordinary people, and they might have already succeeded.

If these weapons were developed to be strong enough, they had the chance to overturn the world’s balance.

However, the rulers of the mechanar empire were mostly powerful mechanical warlocks. Even if they created mechanar weapons that ordinary people could use, they would probably impose heavy restrictions, as it would affect the empire’s rule.

The mechanical warlock pulled the trigger, focusing her thoughts on the enchanted revolver, while the cylinder rotated, attracting magic power.

Sharp stone bullets formed in the gun barrel from earth elemental energy, and driven by the miniature magic array inside the firearm, they were fired from the barrel, cutting through the air with dangerous trajectories, rapidly heading towards Saga’s body, concentrating their fire on his eyes.

However, the hatchling dragon, swooping down, seemed to not have noticed the two warriors, ignoring their presence and not caring about the sharp weapons aimed at its neck, nor the gunfire.

A magic bullet shot towards the hatchling dragon’s eyes.

The mechanical warlock had calculated the bullet’s speed and the hatchling dragon’s flight trajectory, ensuring that the bullet would hit. As a result, she revealed an excited expression.

However, what puzzled her was that all the magic bullets, when they approached the hatchling dragon, seemed to be pulled by some kind of force, severely disrupting their trajectory. Only a few sporadically landed on the hatchling dragon’s chest armor, embedding into the iron-like dragon scales without causing any real damage to the hatchling dragon.

At the same time.

As if an invisible giant hand rose from the ground, it firmly grabbed the waists of the two warriors and forcefully pulled them downwards.

The two warriors held their large steel swords, wearing simple steel helmets, thick iron shoulder armor, and iron-plated boots, adding to their weight due to magic tempering. With their weight totaling nearly four hundred kilograms, their erect and robust bodies resembled solid iron blocks in human form.Therefore, under Saga’s super gravity field, the weight of eight hundred catties instantly pressed down on them.

If they were fully focused and prepared, both warriors could muster up the strength to lift 800 catties.

However, everything happened too suddenly, erupting in the midst of a fleeting battle. Neither of the warriors expected the other to possess such a special ability.

The warrior who had just leaped up seemed to be hit in the chest by an invisible heavy hammer, his face twisted in pain as he was forced back to the ground.

One hand pressed hard against the ground, the other holding a great sword, the blade of which was almost entirely embedded in the ground, half of it covered by accumulated snow, supporting their bodies to prevent them from collapsing in the snow.

At the same time, fine blood seeped from their mouths and noses.

The red blood spots fell on the white snow, adding a touch of enchanting color, like blooming plum blossoms.

Suddenly appearing in the super gravity field, and in a hurry, the warriors used their magic power to enchant their steel great swords, without having time to cast protection on themselves to increase resistance.

Their relatively fragile internal organs suffered severe shocks, causing minor ruptures in the organ tissues, internal bleeding, and blood seeping from their mouths and noses.

Fortunately, a priest who had prepared a healing spell in the rear extended a finger, emitting a milky white light, and shot it into the injured warriors the moment he sensed something was wrong.

Healing minor injuries.

The healing energy slightly improved the warriors’ condition, but it was obviously not enough to fully recover. In a short time, they lost their combat ability.

At this time, the distance between Saga and the caster was less than six meters.

The gunsmith moved agilely, changing positions, and with a burst of energy, his slender fingers continuously pulled the trigger, firing at the Hatchling Dragon.

Bullet rain!

The magic bullets formed by earth elements poured down like a storm. However, due to the interference with the shooting trajectory, they couldn’t really threaten the Hatchling Dragon. The bullets collided with the dragon’s golden diamond-like scales, sparking but unable to penetrate the hard dragon scales.

At two and a half years old, Saga’s dragon scales were as hard as steel.

Feeling the tingling sensation and slight pain on his body, Saga continued to attack the wind mage. His hind legs stomped on the ground, and as he lifted off, his wings spread out to accelerate, and his dragon tail stabilized his body.

The threat of the caster was the greatest.

The wind mage, somewhat dazed by the dragon’s might, barely calmed down, took out a scroll from his bosom, tore it open with a pained expression, and kept retreating, trying to distance himself from Saga. He recited obscure incantations to mobilize the power of wind elements, constructing a powerful spell he mastered.


The moment the scroll was torn open.

A strong and surging wind flowed upward, carrying the snow and ice crystals in the sky, forming a visible wind wall. It was five meters high, about twelve meters long, and about half a meter thick, blocking between Saga and the caster.

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