Vol.1 – Chapter 090 – Mountain spirit

“But what if the other sects in Dongyun become restless because of the high price offered by Grandfather to Qingyuan?” Hall Master Luo asked.

The sects in Dongyun Mountain were a mixed bag, with some smaller sects always coveting the profits from trading captives and prisoners, thus attacking other small sects – wars often started this way. Perhaps it would start with just three or five people.

A small sect with a dozen people fighting could draw in a sect with hundreds of people, then thousands, then tens of thousands, and the whole of Dongyun would be in chaos.

The Sect Leader chuckled, “Then let it be chaotic. Dongyun Mountain is separated from the Mysterious Heavenly Realm by Yunmeng Marsh. If Dongyun is not in chaos, Yunmeng Marsh and the Mysterious Heavenly Sect will be.”

Dongyun Mountain was vast, but it was nothing compared to the Mysterious Heavenly Sect and Yunmeng Marsh. Could the two sides really not take over this territory?

It was just a tacit understanding formed over tens of thousands of years. If it were taken, the two powers would directly border each other, and all kinds of friction and disputes would come.

Even the smallest dispute, lasting for thousands or tens of thousands of years, could lead to a direct confrontation between the two major powers.

The loss outweighs the gain.

Moreover, the chaotic yet orderly Dongyun was more in line with the interests of the Mysterious Heavenly Sect.

The Mysterious Heavenly Sect would not allow another major sect to rise beside its bed.

Dongyun was rich in resources, and if unified, it could support a large sect. It was better to divide it into hundreds of sects, all of which were dependent on the Mysterious Heavenly Sect, so the Mysterious Heavenly Sect could get the resources of Dongyun and sleep peacefully.

The Sect Leader glanced in the direction of Dongyun, “Dongyun Mountain already has a tripartite balance of power. Although Qingyuan Sect is strong, it has been defeated in the past sixty years. The No-Form Sword Sect and Phoenix King Mansion are catching up. If it becomes a tripartite balance, Dongyun Mountain will become stable, won’t the three sects continue to develop?”

“Dongyun still has a strongest, and another slightly weaker, but able to unite the various sects of Dongyun to confront it, forming a two-sided standoff is the best.”

Hall Master Luo frowned, “But Ancestor, according to the news passed back by Elder Qiu, the No-Form Sword Sect is likely to be continuously linked with the Qingyuan Sect. If they really recognize their ancestors and return to their roots, won’t the Qingyuan Sect become dominant in an instant? Can they even unify Dongyun?”

The Sect Leader returned the escaped hen to the chicken coop, closed the coop door, and chuckled, “I have met that Chi Yang, although he is not as good as Feng Yiju, he is still a character. This time he may be cooperating with Qingyuan, or it may be a coincidence, there is no need to worry. Besides, even if he has been bearing humiliation and burden for three hundred years, is he really devoted to Qingyuan? Are all the elders in the sect the same?

Three hundred years ago, he established the No-Form Sword Sect by winning over a group of cultivators who resisted Qingyuan. The Sect Leader is only the Sect Leader when he is united with the sect, otherwise he is a traitor. Can’t the No-Form Sword Sect come up with another Sect Leader?”

“Moreover—” He looked at his own grandson. He had eighty-seven grandsons. Only a dozen or so were left in the Mysterious Wasteland. The rest were still young. This one had already become a Hall Master, but he was somewhat unqualified and needed more experience.

“Have you forgotten that we are the Mysterious Heavenly Sect!”

The young Hall Master was stunned, then suddenly enlightened: Yes! He was the Mysterious Heavenly Sect, even if Feng Yiju really unified Dongyun, sending out two Traverse Heaven realm cultivators could destroy the Qingyuan Sect in an instant!

Since they could turn the tables and start over, what was there to worry about?

“Go! This time the chaos in Dongyun is your trial, and you are fully responsible.”

Hall Master Luo’s eyes sparkled, he bowed and turned to leave the mountain. When he reached the foot of the mountain, his grandfather’s voice rang in his ear, “Keep an eye on Dongyun, don’t let the mountain spirit take shape.”

Hall Master Luo was taken aback.

The world had spirits, and the prison ghosts scattered to Dongyun, devouring the living. The world would naturally resist. Whenever such a disaster was imminent, there was a very small chance that the mountains and rivers would form mountain spirits and water spirits. That was the spirit of the mountains and rivers, and controlling its spirit made it easy to control its territory.

The ten major immortal sects and various powers, the sects that could stand for tens of thousands of years without falling, mostly controlled the mountain spirits of the mountains and rivers where the sect was located.

A bold idea rose in his heart. Did Feng Yiju release the prison ghosts just to condense the mountain spirits? If it weren’t for his grandfather’s reminder, he wouldn’t even think about it in this direction!

“Warm Jade?” A surprised voice suddenly came from the little furball, even a bit urgent, “Turtle, where did you get this Warm Jade?”

Su He blew away the little silver fish that had swum into his mouth and asked curiously, “Master, is this thing very precious?”

Old Taoist Ge’s voice rang out, “This is a treasure for refining the body, you can use it for melting acupoints and sacrificing bones, it’s priceless for that little girl to cultivate her physical body, but unfortunately, Warm Jade has always been in the hands of the ten major immortal sects and rarely flows out. I was a brilliant talent back then and only got five as a reward. Where did you get this Warm Jade?”

The little girl in Master’s mouth was Feng Yaya. Old Taoist Ge liked the little girl very much. Before, Feng Yaya used to wander around with the camel every day, and now she was following Su He, all around Old Taoist Ge.

Just then, a prison ghost silently rushed towards Su He, was rebounded by the external mountain shadow, and Su He roared upwards, “Roar!”

The prison ghost dispersed, and the Warm Jade fell down.

“Oh, that’s how it came.”

The voice on the little furball, Old Taoist Ge, was silent for a long time before he gasped and struggled to spit out a few words, “I’m going to find the Sect Leader!”

A moment later, he said again, “You go save the disciples of the sect!”

The disciples of the Qingyuan Sect were still facing the threat of the prison ghosts.

“Chirp!” The voice of the little furball rang out, and Old Taoist Ge left.

Su He looked at the two Warm Jades, they were treasures without danger.


The lake water exploded, and a pitch-black Dragon Turtle pounced on the two Warm Jades like a hungry tiger hunting for food, swallowing them into its mouth. Only then did it start panting heavily, inhaling and exhaling the lake water through its nostrils.

Two dice fell on Su He’s head, and the two Warm Jades in his mouth wriggled and transformed into four.

This Warm Jade has an owner!The dice would only appear when one snatched something from others. There would be no dice if Su He hunted on his own.

In other words, the prison ghosts were livestock raised by humans!

But Old Taoist Ge said that the prison ghosts were the masterpiece of the Feng Emperor’s world from time immemorial. To be called ancient by a cultivator who was over a thousand years old, it must be at least ten thousand years, right?

Ten thousand years was not enough to use this word.

What cultivator could live that long?

The creator of the prison ghosts was not the master of these prison ghosts.

Feng Yiju?

Su He thought about it and found that this inference actually held water!

Chi Yang and Feng Yiju were in the same group. The prison ghosts were released by Feng Yiju. If he dared to release them, he must have them under control. The prison ghosts were afraid of Feng Yaya, but were they afraid of Feng Yiju? Was it because Feng Yaya was special or because of bloodline inheritance?

Feng Yiju might not be unaware that killing a prison ghost would drop a warm jade.

Su He felt that he had found the key point.

Calm down, calm down.

When he left the orphanage in his previous life, the director told him that society was complex and not to trust others easily. Whether a person was trustworthy or not, what he wanted to do, don’t listen to his words, observe his actions.

What did Feng Yiju do?

He released the prison ghosts, and over thirty people with Feng Yaya’s aura.

The more brilliant the strategy, the simpler it is. Su He didn’t think deeply, just looked at the surface: regardless of whether those demons were Feng Yiju’s people or not, they were indeed over thirty individuals who had gone mad, and their cultivation levels were absurdly high.

The East Cloud was going to be in chaos!

Any place that suddenly had over thirty capable madmen rush in would fall into chaos!

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