Vol.1 – Chapter 088 – Old demon

“Hey, hey, hey! Let’s share memories, let me see what you’re thinking. You’ve stepped right into an obvious trap.” The blue bird chirped as it flew above Su Huanian’s head.

“No!” Su Huanian’s voice was cold and clear.

She carefully observed the formation surrounding her. She had been trapped here for several hours. Two months ago, the Qingyuan Sect discovered that the wasteland of Hechuan Mountain in Qingcheng had unexpectedly opened.

The wasteland of Hechuan was home to soul beasts.

She had ventured in with her sword, and everything had been fine for the past two months. However, this morning, Gu Lin suddenly contacted her. Ya Ya had been asleep for eight or nine days and had not woken up. She had sent her Fairy Sword back to investigate, and it happened to be when Dragon Turtle was becoming a disciple. She had given a soul beast as a thank you gift.

But the moment her Fairy Sword returned, the wasteland changed. The entrance closed, and instead, she was spat out here from the other side.

Su Huanian couldn’t get out.

The formation that trapped her seemed to be specifically designed for her. There wasn’t a drop of water inside the formation, and it was specifically designed to defend against sword techniques. It wasn’t very lethal, but it could keep her trapped here.

Su Huanian was extremely passionate about the sword. Compared to cultivators of the same realm, her understanding of formations was not very high. She couldn’t find the weak point of the formation. With just her sword, it felt like she was trying to shatter a world.

It was difficult!

At this moment, an ethereal breath mysteriously fell through the formation.

“A blessing? Dragon Turtle?” Su Huanian asked softly, a hint of amusement in her voice. She never thought that one day she would be blessed by the little Dragon Turtle, who was so small just last year.

She leaped up, and her Fairy Sword let out a clear, cold sound, like a phoenix of ice from the nine heavens. Suddenly, she pointed towards the place where the breath had penetrated the formation.

A seemingly ordinary sword strike, as if a fairy was casually dancing with her sword.

The entire sky cracked like porcelain and shattered in an instant. Outside the formation, there was a person protecting it. He looked quite strange, humanoid but with horns on his head.

The man was surprised. The energy that enveloped the formation was just the energy emitted by the large formation he had set up. How could the energy shatter like porcelain?

Even if someone broke the formation, shouldn’t they attack the formation itself? He hurriedly retreated, but fragments floated past, lightly touching his body. The strange man instantly turned into an ice sculpture.

Before freezing, he saw a peerless fairy emerging from the flying fragments, wielding a sword.

Dongyun Mountain was in complete uproar.

The Qingyuan Sect’s Ancestor had taken in a disciple, causing a stir for more than a month. Everyone knew about it. Those who hoped to establish a good relationship with the Qingyuan Sect had gone to participate early.

Today, however, news came that the No-Form Sword Sect, along with many other sects from Dongyun, had attacked Qingyuan. The various sects hadn’t recovered from the shock when new news arrived. The sects that attacked Qingyuan suffered heavy losses, but Qingyuan’s Suppression Prison was destroyed, and the prison ghosts ran rampant. Even the old demons who were imprisoned escaped, more than thirty of them.

The sects of Dongyun Mountain were in a state of panic.

The Fuyang Sect was even more silent. The senior brother from two hundred years ago, Zuo Su, had returned. At this moment, he was sitting on the Sect Leader’s chair like a toad, his eyes flashing with a strange light, unabashedly staring at the Sect Leader’s wife across from him.

The Sect Leader was not present, he was currently in the Golden Tower of the Qingyuan Sect.

“Tsk, tsk, Junior Uncle has become a wife, and with some nourishment, you’ve become quite charming. Junior Brother is amazing, not only can he defeat four senior brothers, but he can also get his own uncle into bed, tsk, tsk, tsk… I admire him.” Zuo Su spoke without restraint.

The Sect Leader’s wife’s face changed instantly: “Impudent!”

She thrust out her sword, but Zuo Su didn’t dodge or avoid it. Instead, he bit down on her Fairy Sword with a crunch, and with a crack, he bit the sword in half. He chewed it like a crispy bone, swallowed it down, the blade cutting his tongue and mouth. Blood mixed with saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t care at all. He just stared at the Sect Leader’s wife, laughing heinously.

The wife’s breathing became rapid, her chest rising and falling. She couldn’t stand the eerie atmosphere any longer: “Why have you come back, where is Anze?!”

Anze was her husband, the current Sect Leader of the Fuyang Sect.

Zuo Su laughed: “This is my home, can’t I come back?”

The wife’s breath hitched, home? You consider this your home? Two hundred years ago, you insisted on practicing a female cultivation method as a man, becoming neither male nor female, and were beaten out of the sect by your senior brother. You set up a knockoff sect and even tried to snatch Xia Dali from the Qingyuan Sect to be your bandit leader.

You were beaten up and it was said that you were killed on the spot. Who would have thought you were actually locked up in the Suppression Prison. And today, you’ve exchanged my husband for this thing?

She felt inexplicably stifled. She wasn’t too worried about her husband.

News had already spread throughout Dongyun Mountain. The Qingyuan Sect was suppressing the prison ghosts, and those who were captured would not be in danger. They were all imprisoned in the True Yuan Golden Tower, using their cultivation level to help suppress the prison ghosts.

Zuo Su had survived for two hundred years, so her husband couldn’t possibly be in immediate danger. As long as he was alive, there was still a chance.

Whether it was to redeem or to snatch, he could always come back.

But what should she do with this person? She looked at Zuo Su and slowly backed away. This rebel was even more difficult to deal with than two hundred years ago. After a sword test, she had already discovered the truth. He had been imprisoned in the Golden Tower, knowing that he couldn’t keep his cultivation level, he didn’t want to benefit the Qingyuan Sect, so he used all his cultivation level to temper his body.

At this moment, he didn’t have a drop of True Yuan, but his body was incredibly strong.

“Lady…” A disciple behind her called out softly.The Sect Leader’s wife nodded.

Everyone felt a mix of tension and relief. The wife was the Senior Uncle of the Sect Leader and Zuo Su’er, having known him since he was a child. If she confirmed it, then there could be no mistake. This was indeed Zuo Su’er’s Senior Uncle.

What a relief!

With the Sect Leader imprisoned and only one of the ten True Transmission disciples returning, the Sect was on the brink of collapse. Now, the return of a powerful Senior Uncle was indeed a blessing.

As for the Senior Uncle appearing somewhat mad, even showing some lust towards the wife – these were minor issues.

Zuo Su’er spat out a half-broken sword stained with blood, tilted his head towards the disciples at the door and sneered, “What are you looking at? I haven’t eaten in two hundred years. If you don’t serve food…” He pointed at the disciples.

“Not a single one of you is to leave!”

Everyone scattered like birds, and soon piles of food were brought in. Zuo Su’er held a roast chicken, took a blissful breath, and tears streamed down his face. He cried while biting off the chicken’s head, crunching it down. In a few bites, the whole chicken was in his stomach, not a single bone left.

It was as if he hadn’t eaten in a hundred years…

Well, this one hadn’t eaten in two hundred years. The disciples immediately understood and were convinced that his earlier threat to eat people was not an empty one.

Zuo Su’er ate non-stop for two hours before he finally stopped, still unsatisfied. He licked his lips, sucked on his dirty fingers, and his eyes flashed red as he looked at a disciple:

“Later, bring all the healing elixirs and herbs in the Sect to my room. I need to treat the injuries I’ve had for two hundred years. Don’t worry, your Senior Uncle won’t let you suffer. In a few days, when my injuries are better, I’ll take you treasure hunting!”

“Hehehe, the Suppression Prison of Qingyuan Sect, such a big place, has suppressed countless heroic predecessors. The treasure maps left inside are endless. I’ll take you to dig for treasures.”

He shook his head, looking at another delicate and charming disciple, a glint in his eyes: “Later, you will escort me back to my room.”

The disciple’s face changed drastically: “Senior Uncle, I, I am a man…” His voice was like a bullfrog.

Zuo Su’er’s eyes lit up: “Even better!”

The disciple’s face instantly turned ashen.

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