Vol.1 – Chapter 054 – Soul Beast

“Congratulations to Senior Ge for finding an excellent disciple!”

A voice came from the direction of Huayang Peak.

“Haha! Does Senior Ge finally have someone to succeed him?”

Mocking voices came from Evergreen Peak.

A voice filled with indignation sounded from Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion: “It’s not someone to succeed him, it’s someone to succeed the turtle! Senior Ge is so unfair, he secretly took the Dragon Turtle as his disciple.”

Congratulations instantly turned into condemnation.

Senior Ge’s laughter echoed throughout Qingyuan Sect.

Su He trembled. He didn’t expect that there were so many seniors in Qingyuan Sect.

Su Huanian’s generation had appeared on the stage about four hundred years ago and made a name for themselves three hundred years ago. The previous generation must have been at least five or six hundred years old.

Those who were familiar with Senior Ge were probably from the same group of disciples who joined the sect over a thousand years ago.

Being able to live for so long meant that they were all highly cultivated individuals.

In popular terms, this was the foundation of Qingyuan Sect.

Su He carried Feng Yaya and hurried towards Listening Sea Lake. The little girl’s words were pitiful. There was no one at home, and she was all alone…

There were twenty-eight newly built small islands on Listening Sea Lake, and many of them had pavilions and towers built by the mountains and water. There was no shortage of places for the little girl to sleep.

As for food…

Judging from the roaring of Aunt from Jing’an Hall, they might have stolen a treasure today.

In the space of the Negative Mountain, six cages lay quietly.

Su He had just finished hibernating, and his stomach had not yet recovered, so he had no appetite. He had originally stolen one cage of steamed buns, but the dice were too powerful and rolled a six.

On the first day of waking up, he became a disciple, challenged the sect leader, and rolled a six. His luck would definitely be prosperous this year.

It had been raining heavily on Listening Sea Lake for a whole day and night.

The dark clouds over Qingyuan Mountain were divided into several parts, raining on different areas. Su He guessed that this was related to the formations set up in various mountain ranges.

In places like Listening Sea Lake, where a large amount of water elemental energy was condensed, the rain was particularly abundant. It seemed as if half of Qingyuan Mountain’s water was pouring over.

Fortunately, the formation covering Listening Sea Lake could drain off the excess water flow. The formation was not just what Su He thought it was. It was a realm created by various genius treasures that could trap or kill people.

After seeing Su Huanian’s formation diagram and the formation set up by the Yellow Turban Warriors, he understood. Formations were always connected to the heavens. The same formation would have different arrangements in different environments.

Especially for a formation like the one at Listening Sea Lake, which was built by the mountains and water, it was hard to tell if it was a good formation.

According to Qiu Tong, the heavens and earth were formations themselves. Perhaps he was right.

Feng Yaya was on the nearest small island, about ten miles away from Su He. She had only eaten a few steamed buns from one cage and curled up on a small bed to sleep. She didn’t go to the bed but instead lay on a small mat by the window, where she could see Su He in the waves.

The little girl was a bit clingy.

Su Huanian didn’t know what she was busy with. According to Feng Yaya, she hadn’t seen her much in the past few days. The Fairy Sword inserted in the water was also gone, so Su Huanian must have taken it.

Feng Yiju had reconciled with Su He, and Qingyuan Sect no longer posed a threat to his existence, so the Fairy Sword had no room to display its power.

Could it be that she went to fight with someone?

Was she healed?

For someone at her level, wouldn’t it take dozens or even hundreds of years to recover from an injury?

Su He didn’t understand, and Su Huanian didn’t talk to him about these things. Su Huanian didn’t understand the language of beasts.

As Su He came into contact with more people, the language of beasts became more inconvenient. The language of beasts didn’t have fixed specialized terms, they only used the “rhyme” in the beast’s roar to communicate.

If it was only communicating with beasts, this was enough.

Stop! Tribute! Call the boss!

That was enough. If the other party didn’t understand, just beat them up.

But it was completely inadequate for communicating with humans. Su He needed to speak.

Green Snake could speak because it solidified the twelve floors of the “human body” in its mind’s eye, which were the twelve vocal cords. The Dragon Turtle also had this, but…

Su He closed his eyes and looked inside his mind’s eye. A dragon turtle was undulating on the lake of true blood.

The originally solidified dragon turtle now appeared illusory, and he could vaguely see the scene below through it.

Since the first drop of true blood condensed, Su He knew that the advancement of divine beasts was different from the transformation of demons.

Demons opened their mind’s eye, which contained the innate Dao Body and human form. By solidifying the human shadow step by step, demons could gradually take on a human form.

On the other hand, the divine beast’s mind’s eye contained the divine beast Dao Body, which was the root of the divine beast’s bloodline. The divine beast didn’t need to solidify it, but instead absorbed its power step by step to enhance its own bloodline. When all the power of the divine beast Dao Body was absorbed, the divine beast’s bloodline would reach its peak.

In other words, if the solidified mind’s eye of the divine beast was originally illusory, even if it absorbed all the power, it would not be able to transform into a real divine beast.

On this point, Lu Ming didn’t lie to him.

Fortunately, Su He ate the red Demon Morphing Fruit, so he didn’t need to worry about this.

The only problem was that the mind’s eye dragon turtle became illusory as his bloodline advanced, and there was no problem of which part to cultivate first.

This path was not feasible.

And Su He didn’t feel any so-called bone obstruction that prevented him from speaking. In the past, he could only make a “ang” sound because he didn’t have a tongue, and his throat structure was special, making it difficult to change his voice.

Now he had a tongue.

Su He tried to speak:




It was a bit difficult.Old Taoist left the Hall of Longevity and headed towards Listening Sea Lake. As he passed by the Elephant Water, he saw the foolish camel lying motionless at the bottom of the water, seemingly dead.

Was it playing dead? When did it learn such a skill?

“Get up, follow me!”

The camel’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

I’m sorry, master, you’re too late. I jumped into the water and committed suicide two incense sticks ago, and I still can’t…

Old Taoist was just passing by, he shouted and then flew away.

Camel: …

When Old Taoist arrived at Listening Sea Lake, he saw Su He lying on the surface of the water, making a mess of noises.

Initially, he was underwater, but Su He found that the water flowing into his mouth affected his vocalization, so he swam out.

Old Taoist stood on the surface of the water, the heavy rain falling on his head naturally parted.

“My good disciple, are you trying to learn human speech?”

Su He turned his head happily: “Ang~”

Old Taoist laughed heartily: “My good disciple, you are wasting your effort. Beasts cannot speak human language! Unless they morph into demons or become Divine Beasts. If you want to speak, you can only do so after completely transforming into a Divine Beast.”

Human speech, or rather, the language of the Dao. Among all sounds, it is the most straightforward voice that can describe the Dao.

The language of the Dao cannot be spoken without a Dao Body.

Although there are too many magical instruments in this world that can store language, they can only store! The root is still human speech.

If there is a magical instrument that can speak for itself, either it has stored enough language and text, scrambled and reorganized, just like the movable type printing of mortals. Or this magical instrument has already contained the Dao and has become a Dao instrument.

A Dao instrument can naturally speak the Dao.

His own disciple, who only possesses the bloodline of a Divine Beast, has not yet become a true Divine Beast, so of course he cannot speak human language.

“Ang?” Su He was stunned.

Old Taoist laughed happily, and simply sat cross-legged on the surface of the water: “There are traces of soul beasts in Qingcheng Mountain. Su Huanian went there to compete for opportunities. If she can snatch a soul beast, you can ask for one to communicate through the mouth of the soul beast.”

Soul beasts are not beasts, they can perceive the thoughts at the bottom of a person’s heart, they can speak, and they have various abilities, with infinite uses.

“Before that, I can teach you a Spirit Communication Chapter, which will allow you to communicate with people who don’t understand beast language. Do you want to learn?”

Su He nodded frantically.

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