Vol.1 – Chapter 053 – Fist

The air in the courtyard was somewhat subtle for a moment, and the two senior brothers looked at each other with a cold aura.


Sword cultivators were not good at speaking, preferring to communicate with their swords rather than their lips.


Who is right and who is wrong, who is biased and who is fair, will be revealed in a fight.


The two of them raised their swords and faced each other, and the sword aura burst forth.


Just then, "thud thud," two muffled sounds, two chicken bones hit their heads, one for each person.


Both of them immediately crouched on the ground, holding their heads, tears streaming down their faces. The fairy sword fell to the ground.


Outside the courtyard, Old Taoist spat out a chicken bone, leaped up, and flew towards the main peak of Qingyuan Sect.


"What nonsense! Each of them has a low cultivation level but a big mouth, always talking about the world, what is the world? Nothing is the world, the roast chicken in my mouth is the world!"


The little turtle had become a disciple and his words were like water splashed out. Old Taoist spat out a mouthful of saliva and said, "I will do what I say."


How could I let my disciple have any grievances after entering the sect?


Old Taoist did not ride a sword. Once he reached the Demon Subduing Realm, he could fly with the wind. He rushed forward, breaking through the clouds and mist, and in a moment, he was above the main peak of Qingyuan Mountain. He looked at the majestic Longevity Hall and transformed into a giant turtle the size of three zhang, like a meteor, smashing towards the Longevity Hall.


Inside the Longevity Hall, Feng Yiju opened his eyes and glanced at the roof. He rolled up his sleeves and a child flashed out of the hall.




With a loud noise, the Longevity Hall collapsed.


Rocks flew everywhere.


The child's mouth widened in astonishment.


Who dared to attack the Longevity Hall? Has Qingyuan Sect fallen? Why didn't the formation intercept?


As the smoke and dust dispersed, it was seen that Old Taoist was suppressing the Sect Leader and fighting.


The opponent was a senior uncle, an elder. Even though Feng Yiju was the Sect Leader, he could only dodge. He shook his head helplessly and smiled bitterly.


"Senior Uncle Ge…"


"Shut up!" Old Taoist was relentless. "If you don't admit your mistake, how can I hit you?!"


"Senior Uncle Ge, that's the Sect Leader!" A scholar who had arrived shouted in shock.


Old Taoist glanced at him. So what if he's the Sect Leader? When Old Taoist got angry, he would hit anyone!


When the previous Sect Leader was seriously injured and dying, Qingyuan Sect was in turmoil. In order to calm people's hearts, the senior brothers of the same cultivation level took turns acting as the Sect Leader, maintaining the appearance of the old Sect Leader for a whole century. It was not until more than twenty years later that Feng Yiju succeeded to the position of Sect Leader.


Old Taoist Ge had also worked in the Longevity Hall and served as the Sect Leader!


Old Taoist punched Feng Yiju and sent him flying into the ruins. "This punch is for my disciple, for you being deluded and trying to control the Divine Beast!"


Feng Yiju dared not resist. Old Taoist had a high status and a special identity. Not only was he his senior, but Feng Yiju's master was also Old Taoist's younger brother, whom Old Taoist had raised himself. Even if he wanted to hit him, he would hit him. Feng Yiju had even become his disciple, and hitting his master was something he would do without hesitation.


He had to endure without resisting. Feng Yiju crawled out of the pile of ashes and was hit by Old Taoist's punch again. "This punch is for you not focusing on your cultivation! Instead of being a good cultivator, you learn from those dirty scholars who are always scheming!"


As he spoke, Old Taoist glanced at the scholar, and the scholar's soul seemed to leave his body.


Feng Yiju pushed aside the ruins and climbed out. "Master…"




"This punch is for you neglecting your duties for sixty years! A good sect has become like this? Fighting for power and profit like flies and dogs!"




"This punch is for you being heartless as a father! Your young daughter fears you like a tiger, yet you are not kind to your own daughter. How can you treat your disciples well?!"


Feng Yiju, who had not resisted before, suddenly raised his head and looked straight at Old Taoist.


"Senior Uncle, this is my family matter."


Old Taoist looked down at him, his eyes extremely serious. "As the Sect Leader, you have no family matters! Every word and action of yours is a matter of the sect!"


Feng Yiju remained silent.


Old Taoist shouted loudly and punched again, sending him flying out of the main peak of Qingyuan Mountain. "This punch is for you bullying the weak and fearing the strong! Why haven't you resisted being beaten for so long? You are the Sect Leader! Even if the ancestors of the past generations were resurrected, no one could beat the Sect Leader like this!"


Old Taoist shouted hysterically.


Originally, he just wanted to make a scene and vent his anger at his disciple, but for some reason, when he saw the scholarly aura emanating from Feng Yiju, he couldn't help but make a move.


Where did the Feng Yiju who used to roam the world with his sword and seek revenge and justice go? When did he become a gentleman of the wind and think of himself as a scholar? It's fine to study, but why learn those disgusting habits?


He deserved to be beaten!


Leaving the South Court, Su He was dumbfounded. Just now, a scene suddenly appeared before his eyes. A huge turtle smashed a hall, then transformed into Old Taoist and brutally beat Feng Yiju.


His first reaction was: this is fake.


After all, no one except him saw this scene.


Then Su He realized that this was a scene specifically transmitted to him by Old Taoist. His heart was inexplicably shaken. Old Taoist may not dress well or focus on his cultivation, but he disdained lying.


He went to the main peak of Qingyuan Sect and caused the Longevity Hall to collapse!Suddenly, Su He felt as if his heart was being gripped by something. His throat choked up, and an indescribable feeling welled up from the bottom of his heart.


The last time he had this feeling was in his previous life, when he was scolded as a fatherless child. A bigger child who bullied him every day in the courtyard took him and fought back without saying a word, but they were beaten back.


That time, Su He cried bitterly. He didn't mind being bullied, didn't mind suffering, but he couldn't stand it when someone was kind to him.


Like Feng Yaya, like Su Huanian, like Old Taoist Ge. Even towards Xia Dali, he also held a strong fondness.


It wasn't until Feng Yaya poked his turtle shell that Su He came back to his senses. The class had already ended. Half of the disciples in Leaving South Court had left, and the remaining half were looking at Su He from a distance, curious about the existence of the Dragon Turtle.


"Big Turtle, Mother has left again." Seeing Su He come back to his senses, Feng Yaya poked his turtle scales and said gloomily, "Mother left without taking me, Aunt Lin is not here either. Da Zhuang also doesn't know where he ran off to. He must have seen you wake up, and knowing he doesn't need to take care of me anymore, he ran away…"


At this moment, a robust camel was standing on a deserted hill, feeling downcast. It quietly watched the turbulent water beneath it, feeling somewhat dispirited.


The eyesight of the Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast was too good. Despite the torrential rain and hundreds of miles, it could see clearly. The old man had gone to challenge the Sect Leader, to avenge the Turtle.


Feng Yaya had gone to class with the Turtle early in the morning, and no one noticed it was gone.


It really wanted to die here, to die thoroughly, beyond any hope of revival. By the time they found out, it would be too late. Let them hold its corpse and cry bitterly, filled with regret.


On the main peak of Qingyuan Mountain, the voice of the dead Old Taoist rang out powerfully, "On the Seventh of July, the Old Taoist will hold a disciple acceptance ceremony at Listening Sea Lake. I hope all fellow sect members will come to bear witness!"


The camel's heart was as dead as ashes.


Dozens of golden lights shot out from Qingyuan Mountain in all directions. This was Old Taoist Ge inviting friends from other sects to come and support the event.


He had never taught a disciple in his life. Even his own son was thrown into the Sword Cleansing Pool for his friends to take as a disciple. Even the little Daoist novice who served him was nominally his son's Daoist novice.


He had never taken a disciple before, and he would not in the future.


Only the Dragon Turtle was special.


The first disciple he took in a thousand years ago was also the last disciple he would ever take.

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