Vol.1 – Chapter 051 – Beast form

It didn’t rain on this side of Leaving South Court.

The two of them rode on high waves and disappeared into the ground amidst the screams of the crowd, leaving behind a Dragon Turtle and a little girl who was extremely happy.

Leaving South Court instantly exploded.

“It’s a Dragon Turtle!”

“It’s truly a divine beast!”

“Look, I told you, I’ve seen a divine beast before!”

Shocked exclamations filled the air.

Rumors were always popular, but seeing it in person always felt unreal. Especially Su He’s pitch-black dragon head, which was imposing without anger, striking directly at the heart.

Green Snake coiled on the cushion, rapidly shaking its tail, its snake tongue hissing arrogantly. “So what if it’s a Dragon Turtle? I’ve beaten it before!”

Although it had never fought, it didn’t even move when coiled around him.


Green Snake’s words immediately drew a chorus of astonishment. Everyone looked at her in surprise. This gentle and charming Green Snake was so fierce when provoked?

No wonder there were terms like “snake scorpion heart” and “green bamboo snake” to describe her.

Several disciples quietly moved away from Green Snake.

“No noise!” The sound of a ruler came from the podium. Today’s lecture was given by Ge Feng from the Beast-taming Valley, who was considered an acquaintance.

Ge Feng smiled and nodded at Su He, then looked at Feng Yaya. “You’re late.”

Feng Yaya lowered her head and twiddled her index fingers.

“Let’s continue today’s lesson.” Ge Feng put down the ruler and raised his voice a bit. It had to be done this way, as there had been a constant buzz from the audience since Su He and Feng Yaya entered the courtyard.

“The Beast-taming Valley has two major factions: Beast-taming and Demon-subduing. The Beast-taming faction forms a bond with exotic beasts and cultivators live and die together with them, complementing each other.”

“As for the Demon-subduing faction…” He paused for a moment, then suddenly transformed into a wild boar, displaying five stars on his forehead, before transforming back into a human form.

Those who had never seen him transform into a beast were immediately amazed by this display. The effectiveness of the class increased rapidly.

Ge Feng nodded in satisfaction. “The Demon-subduing faction of the Beast-taming Valley focuses on cultivating the Demon-subduing technique. The Demon-subduing technique has a long history. It is said that in ancient times, there was a beast tamer named Ma Shi Huang. Once, a divine dragon descended from the sky and sought treatment from Ma Shi Huang. Ma Shi Huang asked, ‘Can beasts morph into demons and obtain a human form? Can humans obtain a beast form?’”

“The divine dragon answered, ‘Yes!’”

“From that moment, the Demon-subduing technique was born. All the sects and factions in the Mysterious Wasteland originated from this technique. However, due to different interpretations over tens of thousands of years, there are differences in cultivation methods. But in the end, they all lead to the same result.”

Speaking of the Demon-subduing technique, the Qingyuan Sect was not inferior to the top ten immortal sects.

Ge Feng’s voice carried a hint of pride. “By cultivating the Demon-subduing technique, besides having a normal human form, we can also cultivate a beast form. Just like demons, we can have both a beast form and a human form.”

The difference is that the beast form and human form of demons are essentially the same thing, while the beast form cultivated through the Demon-subduing technique exists independently. The beast form and human form do not interfere with each other. When in human form, we are truly human, and when in beast form, we are complete beasts.”

Someone raised their hand.

Ge Feng gestured for him to speak. “Go ahead!”

The disciple stood up. “Senior Brother Ge, since the beast form and human form are independent, if one conceives offspring while in the beast form…”

His eyes sparkled with a thirst for knowledge.

Ge Feng smiled. “That would be a pure-blooded beast!”

The disciple’s expression became strange, revealing a sense of “I don’t want to be human anymore.” He asked in a low voice, “Senior Brother, when a Demon-subduing cultivator obtains a second form, can a man transform into a female beast? If a man transforms into a female beast and becomes pregnant, what happens to the fetus when they revert to human form?”

The classroom fell silent, and everyone in Leaving South Court looked at him in shock. Several male disciples even had their eyes shining.

Su He: ???

Su He: !!!

I’m going to bite you to death, and no one can stop me. Su He roared and rushed forward, but Ge Feng quickly blocked him. “Dragon Turtle, calm down!”

Damn it! How dare you be so insolent without even knowing the temperament of the sect’s divine beast?

Su He stopped panting.

Ge Feng was the grandson of Old Taoist Ge, so he had to give him face—Su He couldn’t really bite someone over such a trivial matter.

With a roar, he lifted his paw and sent a wave of water crashing down on the disciple, soaking him from head to toe. The disciple stood there dumbfounded for a while.

Ge Feng laughed in exasperation and shook his head. “What’s your name, Junior Brother?””Sizhe, my name is Sizhe!” The disciple blinked, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Junior Brother Sizhe, remember never to insult a Divine Beast. This is our own Divine Beast. Spraying you with water is a minor punishment for a major offense. If it were a Divine Beast from another sect, they wouldn’t let you off so easily. Moreover—”

He looked up and down at this Junior Brother, his eyes filled with curiosity. “Your questions today are quite unusual, all things that our predecessors have never studied—”

Even if these questions were studied, they would be done so in private. How could they be asked so openly?

Ge Feng laughed with a hint of schadenfreude. “As the first person to raise the issue of a male transforming into a female beast to bear offspring, Junior Brother, you’re going to become famous.”

“Yes, it will be recorded in the history of cultivation!”

The disciple’s eyes widened in shock, not knowing what to do. After a while, he quietly retreated to a corner, patting his chest in fear.

Thank goodness I used Sister Sizhe’s name.

Sister Sizhe, I’ve made you famous. You’re welcome.

Beside Su He, Feng Yaya suddenly looked up, as if she had just understood something. “Big Turtle, does he want to marry you?”

Before Su He could roar in response, Feng Yaya’s little head was already shaking like a rattle drum. “No way, he’s too ugly!”

Everyone fell silent for a moment, then burst into laughter. For a time, Leaving South Court was filled with a joyful atmosphere.

The class ended amidst laughter.

Su He felt relaxed. He liked the air here. Compared to those cultivators who had lived for hundreds of years and were always scheming, these still innocent newcomers were more endearing.

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