Vol.1 – Chapter 050 – Divine Ability

Lightning struck down one after another, nine in a row, splitting Su He from the surface of the water to the bottom, and then from the bottom back to the surface.

Fish and shrimp around were dead, and Su He floated in the waves.

Feng Yaya and the camel were already stunned.

Ignoring Feng Yaya’s shouts, the camel carried her and jumped and bounced far away.

It was not until the lightning stopped and the dark clouds above began to disperse that it cautiously approached.

“Big Turtle!” Feng Yaya jumped up and shot out like a cannonball from the camel’s back, hitting Su He’s back.

A phantom mountain shadow flashed on the turtle shell, sending Feng Yaya flying.

Su He quickly reacted and hurriedly swam over, catching Little Dian firmly.

Feng Yaya, however, was not afraid at all and jumped up on his turtle shell, laughing.

Su He shook his head in confusion, feeling a bit slow after sleeping for too long.

Waking up from hibernation to heavy rain was a good sign for a pure water divine beast.

But… what does it mean to be struck by lightning?

And nine times in a row, did I do something to anger the heavens and the people?

“Big Turtle!” Feng Yaya rolled on his turtle shell.

Big Turtle didn’t get smaller! I thought Big Turtle would keep getting smaller.

“Ang~” Su He responded softly. He could see Feng Yaya as soon as he opened his eyes, feeling a strange sense of touch, especially on this rainy day.

“Big Turtle!” Feng Yaya suddenly jumped up and hugged his turtle head, poking the two bumps on top of his head. It seemed that horns were growing there.

“Big Turtle has turned into a dragon head! Uncle Xia said that you would have a new divine ability when you woke up. Have you mastered any divine abilities? Can you fly? If you can fly, you can take Yaya with you. Yaya is most afraid of flying, but your back is so wide, so I’m not afraid anymore!”

Su He called out twice.

I can’t fly, but I’m not afraid of being beaten!

“Huh?” Feng Yaya’s eyes lit up, and she jumped up, clenching her small fist and punching Su He’s turtle shell.


A loud sound like a bell rang out, and a phantom mountain peak appeared on Su He’s turtle shell. Feng Yaya couldn’t break the phantom and hurt the turtle shell.

Su He was shocked and terrified.

Ancestor! Little Ancestor! Your little fist can smash half an island, but you’re not afraid of punching me to death?!

Feng Yaya’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the phantom mountain on the turtle shell.

She recognized this mountain. It was Turtle Mountain, which had disappeared in the winter.

“Big Turtle, what is this?” Su He’s dragon head proudly raised.

This was the most important ability he gained during hibernation, one of the innate divine abilities of a dragon turtle: Mountain Bearing!

Innate divine abilities are not inherited.

If we were to make an analogy, inheritance would be the knowledge passed down from generation to generation by a teacher. Innate divine abilities are instincts, like eating, drinking, and urinating…

Dragon turtles have amazing natural defenses, but these defenses are not without reason.

Dragon turtles can absorb various external forces and substances, forming an external appearance outside their bodies. This appearance makes the dragon turtle look like it is wearing a full-body defensive armor.

The things absorbed are different, so the external appearance formed is different. If the dragon turtle absorbs human merits or heavenly merits, the external appearance will be a stone tablet or a city.

If Su He directly turns treasures, mountains, and other objects into external appearances, the external appearance will generally be a mountain.

As long as the external appearance is not broken, the dragon turtle is unharmed.

Even if you attack the dragon turtle’s eyes or mouth, the damage will first fall on the external appearance. If the external appearance is broken, there is still the even more amazing defense of the turtle shell and scales!

Each dragon turtle, when it first forms the external appearance of Mountain Bearing, absorbs different things, and the additional abilities possessed by the external appearance are also different.

For example, Su He absorbed the former Turtle Mountain, which had a cave mansion space. His external appearance can store things, with a space of about one zhang in diameter. If he wants to expand it, he will have to gradually improve in the future.

This is not the main point. The most important thing is that Su Huanian’s Fairy Sword is inserted into Turtle Mountain. Su He instinctively licked the Fairy Sword, although the grade of the Fairy Sword was too high for him to absorb. But the Fairy Sword contained Su Huanian’s sword aura.

That sword aura was specifically stored for Su He and did not resist him.

After a winter, Su He absorbed a trace of Su Huanian’s sword aura with Mountain Bearing, which had a small amount of power but a completely different nature.

Su He’s external appearance of Mountain Bearing could counterattack!

You thought you were attacking a timid turtle, but suddenly a sword stabbed you!

Su He could finally make use of his favorite shell hammer.

You thought you were facing a huge turtle shell, but it was actually a sword!

If Su He learns swordsmanship in the future, he can even integrate sword aura and sword intent into the external appearance of Mountain Bearing, and the power will increase as his realm improves.

Su He was very satisfied with the two additional abilities.

And these scales, the scales did not have innate divine abilities—maybe Su He’s bloodline was not enough, and he had not awakened yet. They were just interesting little abilities.

For example, breathing!

In the later stages of hibernation, absorbing spiritual energy was not just through the nose and mouth. Each scale would actively absorb spiritual power, and the whole body was breathing like a fish.

And by perceiving the water flow through the scales, the water seemed to have a life of its own, as if it would obey commands at any time.

What made Su He most delighted was the change in his mouth. He opened his mouth to show off to Feng Yaya, “Ang~”

Look! I have a long tongue now.

Not only can I taste the deliciousness of food better, but I have also awakened another divine ability: Divine Might!

By operating spiritual power and roaring, it had an innate soul impact.

Not only could it make all things submit—those with lower cultivation levels. It could also be used directly as an attack method, but it couldn’t be demonstrated casually.

Su He still couldn’t control it well. The Divine Might he used had a range of damage and didn’t distinguish between friend and foe. Anyone who heard the Divine Might would be attacked.

This had to be practiced and mastered slowly.

Just like people have to learn to eat.

Feng Yaya sat on the turtle shell, kicking her feet and a smile filled her face.

She was very happy, really happy.

But as she became happier, she suddenly jumped up and shouted in panic, “Big Turtle, Big Turtle, it’s not good, I skipped class!”

She had already missed class at Leaving South Court for a long time.”Let’s go, let’s go quickly. If Mother finds out I skipped class, she will definitely punish me!”

Su He called out with a high spirit. Although it was not proper, he felt even happier.

With a gentle swipe of his four claws, the waves pushed him swiftly towards the flowing water.

After a winter’s hibernation, his Divine Ability of Water Manipulation had become completely different from before.

Like a gust of wind and a flash of lightning, he moved at an incredible speed.

Crossing the water, he reached the shore but the waves under him did not recede. Su He walked on the waves on land, with huge waves rolling past, leaving the ground only slightly damp.

A turtle and a man were howling, feeling joyful. In the time it took to burn a stick of incense, they had covered more than three hundred miles and rushed into the Leaving South Court.

On the Listening Sea Lake, the camel blinked its big eyes, looking around and at itself, with a confused expression on its face.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What did I just do?

Oh, I brought Feng Yaya to find a friend…

Angry (ノ`ー´)ノ┻━┻

What friend?! I, the mighty one, never had such a thing!


PS: There will be three updates today. This update is to make up for the insufficient word count yesterday. From now on, if there are any missed or owed updates, they will all be doubled.

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