Vol.1 – Chapter 034 – By chance or by accident

Su He’s internal vision searched inch by inch through his mind’s eye, finding nothing in the Divine Turtle. The dragon head, turtle body, and dragon tail were just like the dragon turtle in mythical legends, especially if there was a stone tablet on its back. But Su He couldn’t see anything, no inheritance, no cultivation techniques. This Divine Turtle was like a statue made of black jade, unmoving and unresponsive. Su He patiently watched.

On the riverbank, Xia Dali watched as Su He retreated into the turtle shell and floated downstream. After a moment of contemplation, he broke off a tree branch and lightly tapped it, turning it into a wooden kite that flew into the distance.

Regardless, Qingyuan Sect had made a mistake today. Everyone, including the Sect Leader, owed an explanation to this Divine Turtle, except for Lady Su. Especially the members of the Longevity Hall, who were too eager to set restrictions on the Divine Turtle. Perhaps the Divine Turtle lacked spiritual intelligence and couldn’t see it, but this lack wouldn’t last forever. Maybe in a hundred or a thousand years, the Divine Turtle would gain spiritual intelligence and remember everything that happened today, which would likely lead to resentment towards Qingyuan Sect.

If there was a mistake, it should be corrected, and compensation should be given.

As the oldest cultivator in the Beast-taming Valley, Elder Ge had a deep affection for turtles. Last year, he encountered a highly intelligent turtle at Listening Sea Lake and had the idea of taking it as his disciple. After a year of effort, he created a set of turtle cultivation techniques, which happened to be used as compensation for the Divine Turtle.

Enforcement Hall, Suppression Prison.

In an ordinary prison, Lu Ming, dressed in blood-stained clothes, watched as Qiao Ling was escorted in and locked up in Suppression Prison. Her expression was calm, neither angry nor resentful. There was a small worm on his collar, whispering to him about what was happening outside.

Qiao Ling was locked up in the desert, knocking on the wall and smiling at Lu Ming through the cage window. “I lost!”

Lu Ming shook his head. “You’re too naive! Killing a turtle is not that simple.”

“Hmm?” Qiao Ling tilted her head, waiting for him to continue.

“To deal with That Turtle, we can’t directly attack it. It’s a divine beast. If it unexpectedly dies in the Death Gate, it won’t let the matter rest. Even if you succeed today, you won’t escape the sect’s investigation.”

“To kill it, we can only use the power of the entire sect, let the sect rules, let the Sect Leader execute it, so that no one will suspect.”

Moreover, it’s a divine beast! Why kill it? Isn’t it better to make it your Guardian Beast?

During the past few days in Suppression Prison, Lu Ming’s attention to Su He had not diminished at all. Junior brothers outside constantly sent him messages through the small worm.

He had underestimated That Turtle before!

In just over a month, it had grown from the size of a table to larger than a millstone, even growing dragon scales. This was not something that could be achieved by devouring half of a White Tiger.

That Turtle’s bloodline was probably purer than anyone could imagine.

A divine beast with a high bloodline could not be taken as a Guardian Beast, at least not by conventional means.

Divine beasts cannot be humiliated.

The Guardian Beast was just a nice name, but it was still a beast slave, a beast pet. In name, the Guardian Beast and its master were equal and shared joys and sorrows, but if the master died, the Guardian Beast would die too. If the Guardian Beast died, the master would have a chance to start over.

It could even avoid harm.

When the lives were not equal, how could there be fairness?

Divine beasts cannot be humiliated. They cannot be taken as Guardian Beasts unless they are damaged in their elemental spirit!

Cultivators have primordial spirits, and divine beasts have elemental spirits, similar things. However, divine beasts are slightly special. They cannot leave their bodies but are also not afraid of the influence of spiritual energy.

A complete elemental spirit resists all attempts at subjugation. And the Divine Turtle belongs to Su Huanian, no one can easily control it.

Only when That Turtle makes a mistake can the Sect Leader have the opportunity to gather the power of the entire sect and impose restrictions on its elemental spirit.

Divine beasts cannot be humiliated, and That Turtle will definitely resist. At that time, with a little guidance and assistance, the Divine Turtle can cooperate in breaking up the contaminated elemental spirit.

Then Lu Ming can take advantage of the situation.

Of course, it would be best if the Divine Turtle, with its damaged elemental spirit, devoured its original Guardian Beast, the White Tiger, allowing the White Tiger’s aura to completely merge with the Divine Turtle. Then Lu Ming could use the formation to turn the Divine Turtle into his Guardian Beast.

These methods were not available in the Beast-taming Valley, but they were in the inheritance he received!

The small worm interjected with confusion, “Senior Brother, how will the sect rules deal with a divine turtle?”

Lu Ming may not be the direct disciple of the Beast-taming Valley’s First Seat, but he couldn’t have become the first true disciple without some means and loyal followers. The small worm was in contact with his loyal junior brothers through special methods.

Lu Ming smiled, “Divine beasts have privileges, so it’s only natural that minor mistakes won’t be punished. But if the offense is big enough and the person offended is strong enough, the Sect Leader will never miss the opportunity to impose restrictions on the divine beast.”

If it weren’t for Su Huanian’s existence, the Sect Leader would have taken the opportunity to impose restrictions on it today, even if he knew it was unjust. At most, after imposing the restrictions, he would clear the injustice, personally apologize, and promise never to use restrictions again.

But the restrictions would never be lifted.

“Who?” the small worm asked curiously.

“Elder Ge!”

Qiao Ling thought for a moment. “The elder in the Beast-taming Valley, the one whose second form is a turtle?”

“That’s right!” Lu Ming smiled. “Elder Ge is obsessed with alcohol and extremely protective. I heard that he spent a year last year specifically creating turtle cultivation techniques. What do you think would happen if this turtle trespassed into Elder Ge’s Daoist Temple and stole his secret techniques?”

When the small worm heard about stealing secret techniques, it instinctively trembled. “Will it, will it be killed?”

In cultivation sects, the most important thing is the secret techniques, which are the foundation of the sect’s inheritance. Stealing secret techniques is a capital offense in any sect!

Lu Ming shook his head. “It won’t be killed because it’s a divine beast! But the Sect Leader will never miss this opportunity.”

Outside the Qingyuan realm, in the Dongyun Mountains west of Anyang City, in a special space, a sloppy old Taoist held a gourd of wine and gnawed on a chicken butt. Suddenly, he waved his hand and grabbed a small wooden kite in the air.

The wooden kite emitted a low chirping sound.

This was a special method of communication used by the Beast-taming Valley of Qingyuan Sect. Even if the wooden kite was intercepted, no one could decipher its chirping.

The sloppy old Taoist had a curious look on his face as he received the wooden kite. What had happened? Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand the chirping of the wooden kite.

The sloppy old Taoist looked strange. Had Qingyuan Sect stirred up trouble? He had only discovered a highly intelligent little turtle last year, and now there was a Divine Turtle with a divine bloodline?

Or was it just an extremely clever divine turtle?

If it weren’t for the significant difference in size, he would have thought that his little turtle had brought it here.

The sloppy old Taoist took a sip of wine and chuckled. “Your First Seat wants me to spread the Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique.”

The young Daoist’s face became colorful. The Grand Ancestor wanted to teach him a cultivation technique? Had the First Seat lost his mind?

When did the Grand Ancestor become so generous?

“But, the Taoist technique cannot be easily taught. The Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique is right here in our small courtyard. Let that turtle break through the formation. If it can pass the three formations, I will teach it the technique. If it can’t, it’s not my fault, right?”

The sloppy old Taoist took out a token from his pocket and threw it into the air. The token turned into a golden light and flew away.

Enforcement Hall, Suppression Prison.

Lu Ming looked serious as he said to the small worm, “Remember, Elder Ge’s Daoist Temple is a three-level courtyard. The first two levels are formations that don’t kill people. They are warnings for disciples who accidentally enter. Even if That Turtle breaks in, it won’t be a big deal and won’t be punished.

No matter what, you three must force That Turtle into the third level. That’s when it will trigger Elder Ge’s true protective formation. Anyone who trespasses this formation will face the sect rules without mercy!”

The small worm solemnly said, “Senior Brother, rest assured, we won’t make any mistakes!”

Lu Ming nodded. “I trust you, junior brothers, but the first two formations in Elder Ge’s temple are not easy to pass. If you want to force That Turtle into the third formation, you must pass the first two. My Qiankun Bag is buried where the White Tiger feeds. Go and fetch whatever is useful inside.”

The small worm didn’t refuse and agreed. Its body emitted a faint light and returned to its calm state. It chirped, and the connection with its junior brothers was severed. Now, it was just a small worm.

Lu Ming flicked the small worm away with his finger. Qiao Ling had fallen asleep in the desert. Her part was over, and now it was Lu Ming’s turn. She would just watch from the sidelines.

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