Vol.1 – Chapter 033 – Illusion

The water suddenly looked up. Did you come to the conclusion that quickly just because the beast called out twice? Haha! You are the First Seat of the Beast-taming Valley, of course, you care more about the Sect Leader’s wife. You might as well stab us with a sword. I would admire your cultivation level and courage, but your behavior is despicable and disgusting! I even suspect that something dirty was done by you guys, those hypocrites, in regards to Lu Ming’s situation, leading to his punishment.

She laughed miserably but was stopped by a weak hand tugging at her skirt. She lowered her head to see Qiao Ling, pale and bloodless, climbing up from the carriage and tugging at her clothes, saying, “Master… let’s go back! It wasn’t the Divine Beast that bit me, it was me who fell.”

The Divine Beast? Water was stunned. She was not high-ranking, so she had not received the news. The Enforcement Hall exploded with shouts. The disciples who were watching were not happy. Attacking and assassinating the Divine Beast? Have they gone mad?

How could she fall and end up in the Turtle’s mouth? When Xia, the Sect Leader, was talking nonsense, didn’t he notice the bloodstains on the Turtle’s teeth? They were all cultivators with keen senses of smell. Could they not distinguish whose blood it was?

Water was in agony. She was too weak, with nothing but her seniority, so even her only disciple could only suffer injustice in public. She pulled Qiao Ling’s hand, angry and anxious, and said, “Nonsense! If the Turtle hurt you, just say it. The Qingyuan Sect not only has heartless worms but also tens of thousands of enthusiastic disciples. We can see through this deception!”

“Master!” Qiao Ling pleaded tearfully, “It wasn’t the disciple’s fault. How else could it have happened? The Qingyuan Sect has been established for thousands of years, and this is the only Divine Beast! Are we going to extract its tendons to refine treasures and use its blood to refine medicine? How is that possible? Even if the disciple died, they would only be a low-level, insignificant disciple of the Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion!”

The onlookers’ faces grew strange, and several young men dressed in the Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion’s attire showed indignation. Were the disciples of the Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion always so lowly? Did they deserve to swallow their pride?

“You scoundrel!” The Sect Leader scolded, “There are laws that determine right and wrong. If you have been wronged, you should speak up. You, a junior disciple, are not responsible for bearing the punishment!”

What does this mean? Are we ignorant of right and wrong?

Qiao Ling bit her lip and lowered her head, not defending herself. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Someone whispered in the crowd, “I know that Qiao Junior Sister is Lu Ming’s Dao companion. This Turtle has a grudge against Senior Brother Lu, so they attacked Junior Sister Qiao instead. They even bit back. How shameless!””What’s going on?” Those who didn’t know the allusion immediately came to ask, and for a moment, there was a buzzing sound. The scene of the revenge of the Divine Turtle against its relatives was vividly portrayed, as if it was seen with one’s own eyes.

Yu Housheng looked at Su He and asked, “I ask you, do you have any evidence that Qiao Ling assassinated you?”

“I do! But I’m deleting the video and can’t answer your question.” Su He closed his eyes and focused on deleting the illusion of Turtle Mountain.

Earlier, Ge Feng had activated the function of Turtle Mountain’s illusion in class, intending to leave some information for Feng Yaya, but the illusion had not been turned off. However, the illusion also recorded the incident where he threw medicine jars into the water, which had to be deleted!

Su He’s realm was too low and his divine sense was insufficient, making deletion extremely difficult.

Seeing Su He not answering and even resisting with closed eyes, the Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall’s face turned cold and took out a token from the case, ready to throw it down.

This was the interrogation token of the Enforcement Hall, and it was used for execution.

Qiao Ling’s eyes turned pale and fearful. “Senior Uncle Yu, please don’t!” She bit her lip and shook her head. “The Divine Turtle has just arrived in Qingyuan and has no sense of belonging or loyalty to the sect. If you torture it again, it may never be loyal to the sect again. Can you even set a restriction in its elemental spirit? It is a divine beast, not a beast pet…”

A turtle is a turtle, even if it is a divine beast, what does it know about acting or emotional infection?

Qiao Ling knelt down with her eyes closed. “Disciple…fell!”

I pity her!

Shui Jing grabbed her disciple’s hand, angry but not knowing what to say.

The people listening to the trial murmured. Sure enough, it was Junior Sister Qiao, who had a kind heart…

The gazes of the disciples looking at Su He became unfriendly. So what if it was the Divine Turtle? It wasn’t their beast pet! Looking at the First Seat of the Enforcement Hall, a suppressed aura slowly pressed down.

“Set a restriction!” Someone shouted out first. Then a group of disciples followed suit.

“Set a restriction!”

“Set a restriction!”

The hall was filled with cries for Su He to be restricted with an elemental spirit.

At this moment, a sharp sword cry sounded, and a silver fairy sword flew from the sky and stabbed directly at Su He’s neck.

Su He felt a chill down his spine.

In a life-threatening crisis, a golden light shot over, and it was Yu Housheng who had shot the token to knock away the fairy sword.

The sword drew an arc in the air and stabbed at Su He again, but was blocked by a light screen that Yu Housheng had put up.

“Madam, you’ve crossed the line!” Yu Housheng’s expression was serious.

“Get out of the way!” A cold voice came from Su Huanian.

Yu Housheng’s face turned extremely bad as he held up the fairy sword to meet her. “I know what Madam is thinking. This turtle bit Qiao Ling’s neck, and Madam wanted to shoot through the turtle’s neck to punish it and close the case. But–“

He suddenly looked up. “I disagree!”

“The bloodline of this turtle is noble, and its defense is extremely high. Piercing its neck would only cause superficial injuries, while its attack on Qiao Ling was a deliberate act of revenge and murder. How can we let it go so lightly? Where are the sect rules?”

“Madam is the Sect Leader’s wife and must uphold justice. How can she abandon justice for personal reasons?”The power of the Fairy Sword weakened, but it still remained in a stalemate with Su He. Xia Da Li knew that Madam was feeling guilty, otherwise, with her cultivation level, even ten of him would not be able to stop her.

Just as he didn’t know how to advise her, a majestic voice came from above the Enforcement Hall: “Madam, it’s over!”

It was Feng Yiju, the Sect Leader of Qingyuan Sect.

The Fairy Sword remained motionless and silent, still in a stalemate.

Xia Da Li bowed to the sky: “Senior Brother, this turtle is only three years old, although it has spiritual intelligence, it doesn’t understand human emotions. If it hurts a disciple, it’s only because of its animal nature. We should educate it instead of punishing it. If we punish it, it will only breed resentment. What should we do?”

There was silence in the sky for a moment, and then the voice said: “As the public wishes, set up a restriction to imprison its spirit, so that it cannot betray us. If it does something wrong, it will be punished.”

The public opinion cannot be violated! As long as there is a restriction, it doesn’t matter if it breeds resentment or not.

Xia Da Li’s face changed instantly.

The onlookers applauded and some even shouted: “Whether it’s a divine beast or an exotic beast, only those with restrictions are good beasts!”

Suddenly, the Fairy Sword released a sharp sword aura, forcing the shouting disciples to prostrate on the ground.

The shouting stopped!

“Come out!” Su Huanian shouted from the Fairy Sword.

“I may not be from a famous and upright sect, but we are still honorable and follow the rules. If someone does something wrong, they will be punished according to our rules! Who wants to use this opportunity to impose a restriction on the Divine Turtle? Within this short period of time, so many disciples have gathered to make a commotion. With such clear evidence, do you think I won’t find out who is behind this? The truth has not yet been determined, and we don’t even know who the culprit is, but you want to impose a restriction first. Who is encouraging this?”

Her voice was cold and devoid of emotion.

Shui Jing was lying on the ground, full of humiliation. She and Su Huanian were of the same generation, and she even joined the sect earlier, but now Su Huanian hadn’t even appeared in person, and with just a sword, she couldn’t even stand up.

As the sword energy roamed, Feng Yiju’s voice became even more imposing: “Madam, don’t make trouble! Right and wrong are clear. As I said, if they are guilty, they will be punished, and setting up a restriction will also allow the disciples to be at ease…”

Before he finished speaking, Turtle Mountain on Su He’s back suddenly lit up, projecting an image.

A black turtle carrying a mountain met a woman on the way, and the woman approached it step by step…

Qiao Ling, who was lying on the ground, suddenly changed her expression.

In the image, the stranger approached Su He step by step and then suddenly drew her sword.

There was a battle, an illusion, an outsider, self-harm, and a call for help…

The image played all the way from Qiao Ling seeing Su He to the present.

The air in the Enforcement Hall suddenly froze, and you could hear a pin drop. It wasn’t until a disciple whispered, “Is this thing fake?” that someone broke the silence.

“This is an illusion from a Cave Mansion. It cannot be tampered with,” said Yu Housheng in a deep voice.

Xia Da Li flew up into the air and a beast horn fell from Qiao Ling’s body. The horn was dripping with blood, and everything was clear.

Qiao Ling had already turned pale when the illusion was playing, and now she didn’t even react.

Feng Yiju’s voice in the sky disappeared, without even saying goodbye. It was very impolite.

Yu Housheng’s face was black, staring straight at Qiao Ling: “Why did you attack the Divine Beast in the sect?”

Qiao Ling remained silent with her head bowed.”Why?” Yu Housheng asked.

Qiao Ling looked up, her face full of madness: “Hahaha! Why? He harmed Senior Brother Lu! He was the first to discover the Divine Beast in Beast-taming Valley, and the first to obtain the first True Transmission… “

She muttered to herself, looking insane.

The reason, of course, cannot be said…

“Put her in Suppression Prison and schedule another trial!”

“Yes!” someone from the Enforcement Hall responded and took Qiao Ling away.

Only Su He remained in the hall, closing his eyes and hearing Feng Yiju’s voice echoing in his mind. Put a restriction on him, put a restriction…

Water Jing stood nearby, motionless.

Everyone looked on silently, and someone whispered, “After this incident, will Divine Turtle still be loyal to our Qingyuan Sect?”

It made sense.

Sword Slave and Sword Master Lu both squinted at Su He. As Sword Slave, Lu was responsible for helping the Sect Leader wield his sword. Anyone, whether human or beast, who had any second thoughts about the Sect Leader was his enemy.

Su He closed his eyes, and his thoughts were unclear.

Sword Slave turned to Xia Dali and asked, “What the disciples said makes sense. Why don’t we just put a restriction on him?”

If it came to taming a beast, Xia Dali, as the First Seat of Beast-taming Valley, was the best in the Qingyuan Sect.

Xia Dali looked at him as if he were an idiot. “Are you crazy? Can a Divine Beast be restricted? One can kill a man, but not humiliate him. Killing him is easy, but putting a restriction on his soul is beyond me.”

Perhaps the Sect Leader of Tai Bai Temple could do it, but it would take the entire sect’s power to suppress the bloodline of the Divine Beast.

Sword Slave squinted and reached for the hilt of his Fairy Sword at his waist.

In the sky, Su Huanian’s Fairy Sword suddenly rang out, and sword energy filled the air.

Sword Slave only drew his sword an inch before he could no longer draw it out. If he dared to draw it out again, he would be lying dead on the ground.

The gap was too big, and he didn’t even have the qualification to draw his sword in front of Su Huanian, even if she wasn’t there. There was only one Fairy Sword that carried her sword energy.

The Fairy Sword ignored the insignificant person and pierced into the top of Turtle Mountain.

The “Su” character on the mountain seemed to come alive, dancing like a phoenix and dragon, shining brightly.

Qingyuan Sect, Longevity Palace.

Feng Yiju opened his eyes and looked at the scholar in the palace. “Passed!”

It was obvious that someone from the Enforcement Hall had instigated him.

The scholar apologized and looked up stubbornly. “Senior Brother, it’s not just me who passed, but also my wife…”

Feng Yiju glanced at him, and the scholar couldn’t say anything else.

Three hundred miles away, an unnamed water pond.

Su Huan looked lovingly at her sleeping daughter on the bed.

She could clearly feel that her daughter was different this time.

Her daughter had eaten a heaven and earth treasure!

It wasn’t a top-grade elixir with high spiritual value, which she never lacked, but her daughter was too young and her cultivation level was too weak to absorb it.

What her daughter ate was ordinary material, but of extremely high grade.

To make an analogy, it was like a thousand gold leaves on an apple. It was that thing, but it wasn’t that thing.

It was even better for her daughter!

It should be the turtle that brought it.

The aura was even stronger on the turtle.As long as someone was truly good to Ya Ya, whether they were human or turtle, Su Huanian would do everything in her power to protect them.

The crowd in the Enforcement Hall had dispersed.

Su He had left long ago, and now he was leisurely swimming in the water, heading towards Su Huanian’s pool.

The entire Qingyuan Sect didn’t give him a sense of belonging, except for the pool.

Among the people just now, he only had a little goodwill towards Xia Dali.

As Su He swam, he thought about the advice Xia Dali had given him earlier.

“The Mind’s Eye Divine Object is the foundation of cultivation. Don’t just be greedy for food and drink. Study the Divine Beast in your Mind’s Eye more when you have time.”

Su He floated on the surface of the water, retracting his limbs and head into his shell, letting the water carry him as he moved. He closed his eyes and looked inward, focusing his vision on the Divine Turtle in his Mind’s Eye.

This was the first time he truly looked inward since learning that he was a Divine Beast.

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