Chapter 64 – The instructions of the three leaders

Yuan Ming put on the white ape beast skin and instantly completed the transformation. He turned around and slashed towards the ebony hairpin, while his figure rushed towards the side of the mountain forest, as if he was about to escape into it.


However, Kun Tu had long been waiting there. A green wolf by his side opened its blood-filled mouth and let out a roar. The rolling wind blades immediately stirred the air and attacked Yuan Ming.


Yuan Ming seemed to have anticipated this. He swiftly changed his direction and rolled on the ground to avoid the attack of the wind blades. Then, he leaped forward with a pouncing motion, seemingly intending to directly dive into the mountain forest.


At this moment, flames suddenly burst out from the forest, burning through a clump of bushes and rushing towards Yuan Ming.


But just as the flames ignited, a "CHI CHI" sound came from the ground, and a thick green wooden spike rose up.


Yuan Ming grabbed the wooden spike with both hands and made a big circle with his body, changing the direction of his attack. He directly pounced towards Kun Tu.


Since he couldn't escape, he must seize the opportunity to severely injure his enemy.


Kun Tu, seeing him suddenly turn back and charge towards him, showed no fear on his face. He just raised his hand and pressed it against the green wolf beside him.


His palm surged with mana, and a faint green light flowed into the body of the green wolf.


In an instant, the green wolf's body was filled with a brilliant green light. Its fur stood on end, and in its wide-open bloody mouth, a mass of intense green light condensed, releasing a far stronger pressure than before.


Faced with Kun Tu's killer move, Yuan Ming also had no intention of dodging. His flying speed increased instead.




The green wolf let out a furious roar, and within the green light mass, dozens of sharp white wind blades mixed together, crazily surging towards Yuan Ming.


Yuan Ming's figure rushed directly into the mass of green light without hesitation, being engulfed by the wind blades and light.


Seeing this scene, the Third Master's eyebrows couldn't help but slightly furrow.


Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she stopped.


Under her gaze, a golden light suddenly appeared in the surging green light mass of the green wolf, like a golden spear piercing through the green light wind blades.


Disturbed by the chaotic light, no one could see clearly what was happening.


Yuan Ming, who was in the midst of it, already had a miserable appearance covered in blood.


However, his gaze was fierce and determined, without any intention of retreating. A golden arm swiftly reached out from his chest, and his five fingers opened like a shield, colliding with the wildly swirling wind blades, tearing open a gap from the inside.


His steps were difficult, and his body was covered in countless small wounds, dripping with blood. With the protection of the golden arm, he gradually approached Kun Tu's green wolf step by step.


At first, Kun Tu felt relaxed because the Third Master didn't care about this matter. He thought that as long as he quickly killed the opponent, he could rest easy. But now, his brows unconsciously furrowed.


"How is this possible? How can a mere beast slave resist?"


As Yuan Ming approached step by step, the power of the wind blades continued to weaken, and the seriousness in Kun Tu's eyes grew deeper.


When the distance between the two was less than a zhang, Yuan Ming raised his blood-stained arm and tightly gripped the Qingyu Sword stained with blood.


The Nine Elements Technique in his body was fully activated, and his mana surged into the Qingyu Sword in his dantian without considering the consequences.


The green light flowed on the blade, as if there were swimming fish, emitting a faint sword hum.


With the support of the Yuan Arm, an invisible sword qi protruded from the blade, causing Kun Tu's eyes to flicker.


"Just a lowly ant, still thinking of turning the tables? Seeking death!" He shouted angrily and took out a yellow talisman from his bosom, waving it towards Yuan Ming.


A flash of light appeared on the talisman, and the sound of an arrow being shot rang out.


A yellow light condensed into a talisman arrow, "whoosh" and it collided with the green light, heading straight for Yuan Ming's head.


The talisman arrow was extremely fast, and with the green light obstructing the line of sight, an ordinary person would not be able to dodge it, and they wouldn't even have time to notice it.


But in the instant the talisman was activated, Yuan Ming "saw" it.


The cultivation of the Death Moon method during these days had subtly changed his soul, making him more sensitive to danger.


At this critical moment, he couldn't afford to hesitate. The long sword in his hand had already slashed forward.




The long sword flashed with a green light and collided head-on with the talisman arrow, erupting into a loud explosion.


A high fireball over ten zhang in height burst open, and Yuan Ming's body was blown away, flying four or five zhang away.


He fell heavily to the ground, feeling a strong sense of suffocation in his chest. His throat was filled with a fishy sweetness, and he struggled for a long time but couldn't get up.


Kun Tu frowned deeply. This Flame Breaking Talisman was one of the entry gifts his master gave him. Its explosive power was comparable to an attack from a Qi Refining Seventh Layer cultivator. How could it not kill Yuan Ming?


"Could it be that the body of a beast slave is really this strong?" He couldn't help but feel doubtful.What Kun Tu didn't know was that besides wielding his sword to counterattack, most of Yuan Ming's power was actually being blocked by the golden one-armed man.


If it weren't for this, even if Yuan Ming exhausted his mana, he wouldn't be able to withstand this attack.


However, at this moment, he was already unable to fight again. Despite trembling all over, he still stood up with his sword supporting his body.


Seeing this, the Third Master of the Three Caves began to scrutinize him with a calm gaze.


Kun Tu's expression slightly relaxed, and he nodded towards the one-eyed woman. At this point, he no longer intended to extract Yuan Ming's soul, he just wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.


The woman immediately understood and carefully assessed the Third Master's reaction. Seeing that he had no objections, she walked towards Yuan Ming.


But at this moment, there was a sudden movement in the bushes beside them. A slender figure quickly dashed out and ran to the center of the group, looking around.


"Hu Chan'er, come over here." The Third Master saw it and a smile appeared in his eyes as he called out.


Kun Tu and the other two immediately dared not move, afraid that the fire ferret had been attacked earlier and would show hostility towards them, displeasing the Third Master.


The fire ferret quickly scanned everyone's eyes and then stopped at the Third Master.


"Why aren't you coming back?" The Third Master called out again, his voice becoming slightly stern.


At this moment, a surprising scene unfolded.


In response to the Third Master's call, the fire ferret actually turned its head and ran straight towards Yuan Ming, climbing up his pants and onto his shoulder.


After standing on his shoulder, the fire ferret didn't settle down. It rubbed its head against Yuan Ming's neck and head, as if greedily sniffing some scent.


This sudden scene surprised Yuan Ming, but he didn't drive it away and let it play around on his body.


Kun Tu and the others looked at each other, not knowing what to do for a while.


The Third Master furrowed her brows and carefully observed Yuan Ming for a while. The doubt in her eyes remained unresolved.


She walked up and straightforwardly asked, "Do you have any hidden treasures on you that can attract spirit beasts?"


"No," Yuan Ming swallowed and shook his head.


"Are you skilled in beast taming?" The Third Master asked again.


"No," Yuan Ming shook his head again.


"That's really strange. My fire ferret usually doesn't like strangers, but it seems to be close to you. What's your name?" The Third Master asked.


"Yuan Ming," Yuan Ming replied.


"From today onwards, you will follow me back to the Bi Luo Cave and become a named disciple of the Fire Refining Hall," the Third Master said calmly.


Upon hearing this, Kun Tu and the others were immediately shocked and their faces turned extremely ugly.


"Third Master, this can't be, he…" Kun Tu didn't even finish his sentence before being knocked down by a scorching wave of heat.


A three-zhang-long, one-zhang-tall fiery red giant bird appeared on the open space beside them. Its body was covered in colorful bright red feathers, with brilliant fiery patterns all over, emitting scorching heat.


The moment this bird appeared, the temperature around it quickly rose. It stood tall with a proud and disdainful gaze. Kun Tu's green wolf had already lowered itself to the ground, trembling in fear, showing a submissive posture.


"Fire Feather Falcon…" Kun Tu stood up and fear appeared in his eyes.


Hu Huo and the others dared not say a word.


The Third Master flicked her wrist, and a translucent red crystal immediately appeared in her palm. She waved it towards the fire ferret, which was clinging to Yuan Ming's head, and looked at the drooling fire ferret.


Yuan Ming finally noticed that although the Fire Feather Falcon had a proud posture, its gaze had been avoiding him all along, intentionally or unintentionally.


As for who it was avoiding, it was obvious that it wasn't Yuan Ming.


"Hu Chan'er." The Third Master furrowed her brows, seemingly dissatisfied.


The fire ferret reluctantly moved its gaze away and leaped onto the Third Master's arm, squatting like a squirrel. It held the fiery red crystal in its hands and happily gnawed on it.


The seemingly hard fiery red crystal was as crunchy as an ice cube in its mouth.


Yuan Ming watched in astonishment, but he saw that the Third Master had already leaped onto the back of the Fire Feather Falcon.


In the instant she landed, the proud Fire Feather Falcon visibly trembled.


"Get on." The Third Master spoke.


Yuan Ming snapped back to his senses and realized that the Third Master really intended to take him to the Bi Luo Cave.


He took a deep look at Kun Tu and Elder Hu Huo, forcibly suppressing his injuries, took a deep breath, and dispelled his fur transformation technique. He leaped up with his sword and landed behind the Third Master.


The Fire Feather Falcon under him shook its head dissatisfiedly, apparently unhappy that Yuan Ming was also riding on its back. But at the Third Master's command, it spread its wings and flew straight up into the sky.


Yuan Ming almost lost his balance and sat down on the Fire Feather Falcon's back, quickly grabbing onto its feathers to stabilize himself.At this moment, he felt as if everything around him was rapidly receding, his mind buzzing incessantly. Everything that had just happened felt like a dream.

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