Chapter 63 – Fire ferret

Yuan Ming couldn’t help but feel angry when he thought of Elder Hu Huo. This person, despite being an official figure of the Biro Cave, conspired with Kun Tu for some undisclosed purposes to harm a beast slave. It was truly despicable.

“Here!” Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard a shout from above.

Yuan Ming looked up and saw a black shadow hovering in the gap between the dense forest in the mountains. There was a figure standing on it, holding a cylindrical artifact against their eyes, looking at him.

“Hu Huo!” Yuan Ming cursed under his breath, quickly jumped off the tree trunk, and plunged into the bushes, continuing to run towards the depths of the Ten Thousand Mountains.

This time, he didn’t even have time to leave a mark. He had no intention of going back. Like a headless fly, he could only escape wherever he could.

Yuan Ming ran for a while, and the shouts from above finally disappeared.

But before he could relax, the branches above suddenly broke, and a huge shadow swooped down from the sky, rushing towards him.

Yuan Ming quickly used the Shadowless Step, dodging to the side and swiftly moving away.

Before he could even stand still, he saw the majestic eagle falcon crash into a large area of trees and fall to the ground.

Elder Hu Huo leaped down and coldly shouted at Yuan Ming, “Stop struggling, you can’t escape.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there were sounds coming from behind and the side of the mountain forest. Soon, Kun Tu and the one-eyed woman appeared.

“Hmph! I didn’t expect that a mere beast slave would waste so much of our effort.” Kun Tu, riding on a green wolf, spat and said with resentment.

The three of them surrounded Yuan Ming, forming a triangular position.

“Don’t worry, he can’t escape this time. But, let’s make it clear beforehand, his head belongs to you, and everything on his body belongs to me.” Elder Hu Huo spoke.

Listening to their conversation, Yuan Ming felt angry but had no way to retaliate.

Facing the siege of these three people, he knew he was no match for them. Even if he wanted to escape, it seemed difficult now.

“No problem, I only want his life. But if everything belongs to you, you can’t be lazy anymore. Show some real skills and quickly kill this guy.” Kun Tu sneered.

“Naturally.” Elder Hu Huo nodded.

After speaking, he raised his hand and patted his waist. Immediately, a small triangular flag with a reddish color appeared in his palm. On it was embroidered a golden three-legged toad and numerous intricate runes.

“Yuan Ming, don’t blame me. If you have grown so fast and actually managed to gather the Blood Food in such a short time, I really want to see what secrets you are hiding. Don’t worry, I will make your death more enjoyable.” Elder Hu Huo held the slender flagpole of the triangular flag with two fingers and waved it lightly towards Yuan Ming.


The golden toad on the triangular flag seemed to come alive, opening its mouth and spitting towards Yuan Ming.

In an instant, a surge of golden-red flames rushed out, carrying scorching heat, and surged towards Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming quickly dodged to the side to avoid it.

But just as he moved, a gust of wind blew from the side, forcibly interrupting his Shadowless Step, blowing his body back to its original position, directly facing the fierce flames.

“Trouble.” Yuan Ming inwardly cursed, realizing that it was too late to dodge again.

The scorching breath was already approaching, about to engulf him.

At this moment, a slender figure suddenly dashed out from the forest and appeared in front of Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming thought it was Silver Cat coming to the rescue, but he found that the figure in front of him was slender and had a shiny red fur, resembling a fox. It was actually a fire ferret.

The fire ferret rushed into mid-air, its eyes shining brightly, showing no fear or intention to dodge. It seemed very interested in the flames that were attacking.

Its abdomen contracted, and suddenly it opened its mouth, emitting an incredibly strong suction force.

Immediately after, the rolling flames were like clouds and mist, pouring into its mouth, and in the blink of an eye, it was completely sucked in.

Yuan Ming looked at the small creature in front of him, its belly bulging, becoming round and plump, as if it had been inflated. It lightly landed on the ground, full of surprise.


After landing, the fire ferret burped as if it had eaten and drunk to its heart’s content.

Then, its belly visibly calmed down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This sudden scene stunned everyone present, including Yuan Ming, who had no idea where this little creature came from.

“What is this thing?” Elder Hu Huo frowned.

“I don’t know.” The one-eyed woman shook her head.

Kun Tu, however, had a pensive look on his face. He vaguely felt that he had some impression, but for a moment, he couldn’t remember what it was.

“It seems a bit strange. Whatever it is, let’s catch it first.” Elder Hu Huo said.

The one-eyed woman nodded and immediately waved her hand. A crudely shaped wooden hairpin flew out, with a layer of dark purple light condensed on its surface, spiraling towards the small creature on the ground.The marten seemed to have just eaten its fill, and whether it was not paying attention or simply didn’t care, it made no attempt to dodge the incoming hairpin, allowing it to shoot towards itself.

At this moment, Kun Tu seemed to suddenly realize something and urgently shouted, “Stop, don’t hit it…”

His shout broke off in a hoarse, drawn-out note, startling the one-eyed woman.

By the time she reacted and wanted to recall her magical tool, it was already too late.

Just as the ebony hairpin was about to hit the marten, a figure swept across the ground, scooping up the marten and shielding it in his arms.

Despite not knowing why the marten had saved him earlier, Yuan Ming still stepped in to protect it.

Before the marten could react, Yuan Ming had already thrown it far into the distant forest.

Seeing an opportunity, Kun Tu immediately raised his hand and threw a punch at Yuan Ming through the air.

A shadow of a fist flew through the void, heavily hitting Yuan Ming’s back, sending him flying into the distance.

After rolling on the ground a couple of times, Yuan Ming spat out blood, stood up again, held his sword in front of him, and prepared for the next attack.

Kun Tu and the others had already caught up and once again surrounded him.

At this point, Yuan Ming was like a turtle in a jar, with no chance of escape.

“It’s time to go.”

Just as they were about to kill him, a red light suddenly shot from the distance, accompanied by a strong heat.

“The Art of Fire.” Kun Tu was shocked.

Before they could react, a beautiful woman in red armor had appeared in front of them.

She looked to be in her late twenties, with a slender figure, slightly plump, delicate features, gentle temperament, and mature beauty.

Her appearance stunned everyone present.

The one-eyed woman even showed a hint of jealousy.

“Junior Kun Tu, a disciple under Elder Meng Shan of the Beast Taming Hall, pays his respects to the Third Cave Master.” Upon recognizing the newcomer, Kun Tu immediately bowed in salute.

Elder Hu Huo’s expression changed slightly, and he also hurriedly paid his respects.

He had been exiled to manage the beast slaves for many years and had rarely seen the Third Cave Master, who was rumored to be obsessed with refining tools and in charge of the Fire Refining Hall.

The one-eyed woman was even more shocked and immediately knelt down.

However, Yuan Ming, who didn’t recognize her, simply maintained his defensive posture.

The mature and charming Third Cave Master scanned the crowd and asked indifferently, “Has anyone seen a fire marten?”

She seemed uninterested in the current standoff and had no intention of intervening.

Upon hearing this, Kun Tu and the others tensed up.

No wonder the marten looked familiar. The Third Cave Master kept a fire marten that could swallow flames and contained a strange fire. Although it was not yet mature, it was her most cherished pet.

And the one who had saved Yuan Ming by a twist of fate was likely that marten.

“There… there was one, but it was injured by that despicable beast slave and thrown away. We don’t know where it is now.” Kun Tu hesitated for a moment, then quickly made up a story.

Only then did the Third Cave Master turn her gaze to Yuan Ming.

Upon seeing him, she frowned slightly, her gaze falling on the bronze sword in Yuan Ming’s hand.

After a brief pause, she asked, “Did you hurt my marten?”

Yuan Ming shook his head, not bothering to explain.

“You don’t have the ability. Where did you get the Green Fish Sword?” The Third Cave Master asked again.

“You recognize this sword?” Yuan Ming asked in surprise.

“Answer my question.” The Third Cave Master’s voice was gentle, but carried an undeniable authority.

After a moment’s hesitation, Yuan Ming briefly explained how he had obtained the Green Fish Sword.

Seeing this, Kun Tu and the others felt a sense of foreboding.

“Third Cave Master, don’t be deceived by his smooth talk. This man is bloodthirsty and disobedient, not to mention he has killed his companions. Many beast slaves have died at his hands. He is a complete villain.” Kun Tu quickly interjected.

“Third Cave Master, I am the elder in charge of the beast slaves in this area. As Kun Tu said, this man is indeed a heinous criminal. I invited Brother Kun Tu to help enforce the family law.” Hu Huo immediately corroborated.


Seeing this, Yuan Ming sighed inwardly. Knowing that he couldn’t argue with them, he didn’t bother to speak.

“Give me the Green Fish Sword.” The Third Cave Master’s voice was indifferent, her expression unchanged.

Upon hearing this, Kun Tu and the others showed joy.

Yuan Ming frowned but made no move, still holding his sword in a defensive posture.

However, the tension in his muscles betrayed his nervousness.

But after waiting for a while, the Third Cave Master did not make a move. Kun Tu turned his gaze and said, “Let’s not let this scoundrel tarnish the Cave Master’s eyes. We will kill him now.”

With that, he quickly signaled the other three.

The one-eyed woman was the first to attack, her ebony hairpin spinning rapidly and stabbing viciously towards Yuan Ming’s heart.

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