Chapter 46 – Drilling hole

Kun Tu was uncertain about the situation, so he didn’t dare to confront it head-on and could only jump away, landing beside Yang Chan.

The white figure crashed onto the bed, directly collapsing it. It turned its head and let out a violent roar towards Ba Da, who was closest to it.


Ba Da’s pupils instantly dilated as he saw the figure’s rough appearance, covered in white fur, with indistinct facial features.

“A human demon, it’s a human demon…” he immediately let out a terrified scream.

Before he could finish speaking, he hurriedly ran away from Kun Tu and Yang Chan.

Yang Chan hadn’t felt too scared at first, but when he fled like that, she also had the intention to retreat. However, before she could leave, Kun Tu grabbed her arm.

“What are you afraid of? Don’t forget why we came here!” Kun Tu roared at her.

Only then did Yang Chan react. They had come to find the human demon and kill it.

“Hmph, it’s all because of that coward Ba Da, scaring me as well.” Yang Chan cursed, steadying herself.

Yuan Ming, who had transformed into a white ape using the Fur Transformation Technique, sighed inwardly when he saw that they weren’t scared away. However, he didn’t back down at all. He leaped up again and smashed his fists onto the ground.


The ground of the temple shook violently, and the ground beneath Kun Tu and Yang Chan cracked, sending countless fragments flying.

A damaged stone pillar near them cracked and shattered, causing half of the roof to collapse, with a large amount of tiles and dust falling down.

Yang Chan and the others quickly dodged and retreated, eventually leaving the temple.

In the smoke and dust, Yuan Ming picked up Chen Wan’s body and roughly straightened her clothes. He then leaped up towards the roof.

The punch he just threw wasn’t a display of his immense strength, but rather the use of the Wood Spike Technique, combined with the impact on the decayed stone pillar, creating this intimidating scene.

Seeing an opportunity to escape, Yuan Ming didn’t dare to delay.

Just as he broke through the roof, feeling the touch of rain on his body, he suddenly noticed a shadow above him, blocking the falling rain.

Yuan Ming looked up and saw a pair of eerie green “lanterns” glowing in the night, surrounded by dark red diamond-shaped scales.

Before he could see clearly, a hissing sound came, and the shadow quickly descended, revealing a huge snake head with a bloodthirsty mouth, biting towards Yuan Ming.

“Yang Chan’s spirit beast.” Yuan Ming’s figure paused, and he threw a punch upwards.

With a muffled sound, the fiery red python was hit and its head shrank back. Yuan Ming’s figure also fell from the sky.

As soon as they landed, Ba Da’s shout came from outside the rain curtain, “Captain Kun Tu, Wu Bao is dead, and that beast slave named Yuan Ming is gone!”

Kun Tu immediately realized what had happened.

“We’ve been tricked. It’s not a human demon inside, it’s that beast slave.” He roared angrily and slapped his spirit beast bag.

A green light flew out, revealing a two-zhang-long tall green wolf.

Without needing Kun Tu’s command, the green wolf’s mane on its neck stood up, its muscles contracted, and its dark red eyes flashed with a faint light as it roared towards the dilapidated temple, shaking the heavens.


With the roar, a violent wind surged from the wolf’s mouth, countless green wind blades filled with energy tore through the rain curtain, forming visible whirlwinds that crashed into the temple.

In the rumbling sound, rubble and tiles flew in all directions, crashing into the temple.

Feeling the violent power, Yuan Ming could only dodge quickly and avoid the strange statue.

The violent wind blades passed by, directly hitting the crumbling wall behind him, causing a huge gap.

As Yuan Ming looked at the gap in the wall behind him, he was about to escape when he saw two green lights rushing towards him from the darkness outside.

Knowing that it wasn’t a human demon inside, but just a beast slave, Ba Da immediately lost his fear and summoned his own spirit beast.

The black-haired wild boar, with a layer of black light covering its body, charged towards Yuan Ming, its sharp teeth seemingly coated with poison.

Seeing this, Yuan Ming pressed his hand on the ground, channeling his mana into the earth.

The Wood Spike Technique was immediately activated.

Outside of Yuan Ming’s reach, the ground cracked open, and three thick green spikes emerged from the ground, like anti-cavalry stakes, skewering towards the charging black-haired wild boar.

With a loud bang, the black-haired wild boar crashed into the sturdy green spikes. As blood splattered, the spikes shattered completely.

However, its speed only slightly slowed down, and it continued to charge.

Yuan Ming’s heart sank, and he quickly rolled to the side to avoid it.

These named disciples’ spirit beasts seemed similar to the fierce beasts he usually hunted, but their actual combat power was completely different, far beyond what he could easily deal with.

Not to mention their owners, each of them was a genuine disciple of the Bi Luo Cave, capable of learning various sect techniques and secret arts.

Yuan Ming felt a bit regretful. He shouldn’t have acted impulsively and put himself in such a dangerous situation. He should have waited for a more suitable opportunity.

With a loud bang, the charging black-haired wild boar crashed into the peculiar statue of the fierce god, instantly shattering the clay statue and even sending its base flying.

The intense impact made the black-haired wild boar dizzy. It shook its head, identified the direction, and immediately charged towards Yuan Ming again.

The red fire python above also opened its bloody mouth and swooped down towards him.

Trapped in the encirclement, Yuan Ming’s gaze shifted anxiously, trying to find an escape route. Suddenly, he noticed a dark hole beneath the collapsed statue.

His mind quickly made a decision.

He removed the Fur Transformation Technique, held Chen Wan in his arms, and rushed forward, avoiding the python’s attack, heading straight for the black-haired wild boar.

Just as he was about to be hit, his figure suddenly lowered, taking advantage of his size, he slid under the black-haired wild boar, directly entering the hole beside the collapsed statue.

Yuan Ming peeked into the dark hole and saw that it was pitch black inside, with a cold wind blowing out, making it impossible to see how deep it was.

“Dog servant, surrender now!” Kun Tu’s voice came.

He brought his own green wolf spirit beast and had also rushed in.

Yuan Ming didn’t have time to think and immediately carried Chen Wan, jumping into the hole.

After falling for about three or four zhang, he landed on a slope and began to slide rapidly downwards.

Kun Tu immediately caught up and checked the size of the hole. He immediately shouted to Yang Chan, “Quick! Let your fire python go in. We must kill them today, or we’ll be in trouble when we return to the sect.”

Yang Chan’s face tensed, and without hesitation, she commanded the fire python to enter the cave.

Unless they personally took the risk to chase after them, the only spirit beast that could enter the cave was the fire python.

The fire python plunged into the cave, immediately spitting out snake letters and wriggling its body, chasing after them.

The cave was not smooth, with rocks protruding everywhere. Yuan Ming collided with them as he moved around inside, his body covered in wounds, but he couldn’t afford to slow down.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a sound behind him and immediately felt something was wrong.

Then, a roar came from behind, and the fire python had caught up. Its bloodthirsty mouth opened wide, and a line of fire burst out, filling the entire cave.

Yuan Ming felt the temperature rise sharply around him, and his heart sank. He immediately activated the Wood Spike Technique, causing three thick spikes to rise from the ground behind him, trying to block the flames.

The raging flames passed through the gaps in the spikes and continued to spew out, burning Yuan Ming’s back. The intense burning sensation almost made him stop breathing.

With a bang, the sound of the spikes being broken came from behind. The fire python continued to chase after him without stopping. In an instant, its bloodthirsty mouth was just inches away.

Feeling the scorching heat from behind, Yuan Ming tightly gripped his long sword, preparing for a final resistance.

At this moment, he suddenly felt the body in his arms move. Chen Wan seemed to have awakened.

“Hey! If you don’t want to die, think of a solution quickly!” Yuan Ming shouted loudly.

At this moment, Chen Wan’s mind was hazy, her eyes vacant and confused. When she saw what was happening behind her, her pupils slightly contracted. Subconsciously, she reached into her sleeve and threw something into the bloodthirsty mouth.


A walnut-sized metal ball flew out, and the hollow flame pattern engraved on it faintly lit up. There seemed to be flickering sparks inside, and it flew into the python’s mouth in a flash.

In the next moment, Chen Wan curled up in Yuan Ming’s arms.

Before Yuan Ming could react, there was a loud explosion behind him.

A ball of fierce flames suddenly burst open behind him, shattering the python’s head into pieces. The scorching wave of fire pushed him downwards as if he were flying.

The explosion of flames surged up and down the cave, the powerful impact resonating in the enclosed space, exerting the strongest resonance and shock. The moment the force collided with Yuan Ming, his sea of consciousness trembled, his vision went black, and he fainted.

Chen Wan in his arms didn’t fare any better. In the shock and impact, she also fell into a coma…

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