Chapter 45 – Save others, save oneself

"Is this going to cause internal strife?" Yuan Ming wondered.


They must have put so much effort into poisoning, it must not be aimed at themselves. Ba Da and Yang Chan also looked like followers, so it wasn't difficult to guess who Kun Tu wanted to deal with.


Before Yuan Ming could figure it out, Wu Bao's voice rang out, "Reporting to the adults, the wild boar meat is ready, please taste it."


"Are they going to take action?" After a slight hesitation, Yuan Ming decided not to intervene for now.


"Bring it over." Kun Tu ordered.


Wu Bao immediately brought the whole roasted wild boar meat to Kun Tu and the others.


Kun Tu took out a short knife and lightly cut the meat a few times, splitting the whole piece of wild boar meat into seven or eight pieces.


"Junior Sister Chen Wan, this meat looks good, you should have some too." He took out a piece of meat from the back and handed it to Chen Wan.


Chen Wan couldn't refuse, so she took it.


The others also picked up their meat and started eating.


At this moment, Kun Tu suddenly thought of something and said to Wu Bao, "Go and bring a piece for Yuan Ming too."


"Master… the adult rewards you." Wu Bao didn't hesitate and immediately brought a large piece of pork leg to Yuan Ming.


Yuan Ming took it expressionlessly, thanked him perfunctorily. If he didn't know that the meat was poisoned, he might have been moved by Wu Bao and Kun Tu's sudden kindness.


"Give it a try." Wu Bao looked at him with a fake smile and said.


Yuan Ming took a bite, chewed it, and mumbled, "Tastes good."


Seeing this, Wu Bao turned and returned to the temple. Yuan Ming immediately spat out the wild boar meat in his mouth and took a mouthful of rainwater to rinse his mouth before stopping.


Praises occasionally came from the temple, and even Chen Wan thought Wu Bao's cooking was good.


However, not long after, Yuan Ming heard a sound from inside, as if someone had fallen.


Immediately after, Kun Tu asked insincerely, "Junior Sister Chen Wan, what's wrong with you?"


Listening to the movement inside, Yuan Ming sneered inwardly. Taking advantage of a thunderclap, he shaved off the piece of meat in his hand and threw it away, only holding the remaining meat and bones in his hand, lying against the wall, pretending to be poisoned.


Inside the temple, Kun Tu kept calling Chen Wan's name, but her eyes were closed, her eyelashes trembling, and she had fainted.


"Alright, stop calling, she has fainted." Yang Chan crossed her arms and supported her chest, glancing at Chen Wan impatiently.


"Haha, this little girl, usually relying on the protection of the Fire Refining Hall's old hen, never looks at me properly. Now that she has fallen into my hands, I will make sure she knows what heavenly bliss is." Kun Tu said with a smug look.


"Senior Brother Kun Tu, um… this medicine is too strong, I didn't dare to use too much. You should hurry up, it would be troublesome if she wakes up halfway." Ba Da approached and glanced at Chen Wan on the ground while speaking.


"Alright, I know your little tricks. Don't worry, after I enjoy it, I won't forget to give you a share, haha…" Kun Tu laughed.


Yang Chan glanced at the two of them and cursed disdainfully, "None of you men are good."


Kun Tu glanced at her displeasedly when he heard this.


Yang Chan immediately changed her tone and said with a smile, "Men are not bad, women don't love them. It's just that Chen Wan, this little girl, doesn't understand romance. It's because she hasn't experienced anything yet. Once she does, even this beast slave, I'm afraid she will throw herself at him."


Wu Bao quickly lowered his head when Yang Chan mentioned him, afraid to look at Chen Wan again.


"Wu Bao, we are almost at our destination, Yuan Ming is no longer useful, so go and kill him now to avoid trouble later." Kun Tu leaned down and reached out to touch Chen Wan's face, suddenly remembered something and instructed.


"Yes, master." Wu Bao immediately rushed towards the temple gate.


"Take him further away, don't let the smell of blood float in, it will ruin my mood." Kun Tu reminded again.




Wu Bao looked at the collapsed Yuan Ming on the ground, grinned, and then grabbed his arms, dragging him into the rain, moving towards the deep dark forest.


Kun Tu caressed Chen Wan's cheek, pinched it affectionately, and smiled, "Such a beautiful face, tsk tsk, I didn't want to do this, blame yourself for not knowing how to appreciate it."


Saying that, he grabbed Chen Wan's collar and pulled it down, the red dress opened up, revealing the inner lining and a large area of plump and fair skin.


Kun Tu was fascinated by the sight, but suddenly heard a slight sound of "gulu" behind him. It was Ba Da, who couldn't help but swallow his saliva.


Yang Chan glanced at him with even more disdain.


Kun Tu also felt uncomfortable being watched by the two of them.


He immediately touched a green cloth bag around his waist, embroidered with a peculiar rune, and it emitted a faint light.


In the next moment, a carved tooth bed with a canopy appeared out of thin air in the temple.


"Senior Brother Kun Tu, you have a storage bag?" Yang Chan was stunned at first, then reacted and stared at the green cloth bag hanging around his waist in surprise, exclaiming.


"Elder Meng Shan rewarded it to me before I came out this time." Kun Tu said proudly.


"To be so highly regarded by Elder Meng Shan, it's almost certain that you will become an inner disciple when you go back this time." Yang Chan said with envy.


Kun Tu grinned but didn't say anything. In his heart, he secretly complained, "That old guy has taken so many benefits from me over the years, he should have made me an inner disciple long ago."


"Senior Brother Kun Tu, don't say so much, hurry up." Ba Da urged anxiously.


Kun Tu sneered, bent down to pick up Chen Wan, and threw her into the canopy of the tooth bed.


Yang Chan's eyes flashed with resentment, twisted her waist, and went to the temple gate, while Ba Da reluctantly sat down by the bonfire.


Outside the temple, the wind howled, rain poured, and thunder and lightning flashed.


In the forest a hundred feet away from the temple, Wu Bao was soaked, dragging Yuan Ming to a pit, and casually threw him in. Then he took out a short knife from his pocket.


Looking at the person who had been holding a grudge against him for a long time, now lying limp like mud, a smile appeared on Wu Bao's face. He bent down, grabbed Yuan Ming's arms, and dragged him into the rain, moving towards the deep dark forest.


Yuan Ming suddenly held a long sword behind his waist, which Wu Bao didn't notice, and quietly held it in his hand.




A bright white electric light flashed, reflecting a bright light on Wu Bao's face. He was horrified to find that Yuan Ming, under the bright knife light, had opened his eyes and smiled at him.


Before he could react, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his feet. A wooden thorn suddenly rose from the ground and pierced through his entire foot, with the tip sticking into his lower abdomen as he crouched down.


Wu Bao endured the intense pain and immediately pressed down the short knife, trying to kill Yuan Ming in one blow.


However, Yuan Ming, who was prepared long ago, would never give him a chance. He reached out with one hand and firmly grabbed his wrist, while the other hand held the sword and swung it.


A green light reflected off the sword, and in an instant, it flashed across Wu Bao's neck.


Blood gushed out in an instant, and a round head flew up and fell to the side.


"Ah, now it's impossible to stay out of it." Yuan Ming took a step back, sat on the wet and cold mud, wiped the blood and rainwater off his face with his hand.


Through the rain and dense tree shadows, he saw the faint firelight from the temple, stood up slowly after shaking off the bloodstains on the sword, and walked towards it.


After returning to the temple, Yuan Ming didn't rush in recklessly, but carefully climbed onto the roof.


Through the broken tiles on the roof, Yuan Ming saw the exquisite tooth bed that was out of place with its surroundings, and saw Yang Chan sitting at the door in a huff, and Ba Da sitting by the bonfire with a lewd expression.


Inside the tooth bed, Chen Wan's outer clothes had been completely stripped off, and the inner lining couldn't cover her snow-white body, which had a faint glow, creating a beautiful scene.


A gust of wind blew, lifting a piece of gauze, and Yuan Ming saw Kun Tu sitting on Chen Wan's slender legs, holding her red skirt and burying his head in it, greedily sniffing the scent.


"This guy is so lewd…" Yuan Ming couldn't help but shudder.


At this moment, he hesitated.


Through these few days of observation, he found that Kun Tu and the others were not weak in their cultivation. At least they were all above the fourth level of Qi Refining. Even if he faced one of them, he didn't have the confidence to win, let alone facing all three at once.


But if he let it go, regardless of whether his conscience could bear it, just by killing Wu Bao, Kun Tu and the others would not let him go. Not because of one life, but because he witnessed what was happening now.


Therefore, Yuan Ming could only save Chen Wan in order to have a chance to save himself.


"It can only be done this way." His eyes flashed with determination.


Just as Kun Tu reached out towards Chen Wan's delicate body, suddenly, two green spikes emerged from the ground under the fire pits in the temple, flipping the fire over.


Burning pieces of firewood scattered and sparks flew, startling Ba Da by the bonfire.


The flying sparks landed on the bed, instantly igniting the gauze curtain, and a blazing fire rose up, immediately engulfing the entire tooth bed.


In the flames, Kun Tu let out a furious roar.


In the next moment, a circle of white wind blades suddenly expanded from the center of the tooth bed, sweeping in all directions.


A series of banging sounds, the flames covering the tooth bed were blown away by the strong wind, and the canopy and four pillars were cut off by the wind blades, shooting in all directions.


As the wind blades swept through, the sparks remaining on the ground were also scattered, and the entire temple became dim, enveloped in darkness.


"Hey, Ba Da, what are you doing?" Kun Tu, naked from the waist up, shouted angrily.


Even with such a big movement, Chen Wan still didn't wake up.


"Senior Brother Kun Tu, I didn't do anything." Ba Da quickly defended himself.


Before Yang Chan could ask, she immediately distanced herself and shouted, "It wasn't me either, I didn't do anything."


Just then, a thunderclap sounded!


The already dilapidated roof of the temple dropped countless tiles, collapsing into a large hole.


A tall and burly white figure fell from the hole, directly pressing down on Kun Tu on the bed with a force like Mount Tai.



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