Chapter 40 – A blessing in disguise

In the center of the encirclement, Ha Gong, trapped by a large yellow net, looked around at the continuous changes and widened his eyes, curious about the sudden appearance of a white figure.

At this moment, a figure rushed out of the smoke, and it was Yuan Ming, who had transformed into a white ape. The blue fish sword in his hand turned into a blue shadow and fiercely struck the yellow net.

The blue fish sword was already sharp, and it became even sharper after injecting mana. The yellow net was instantly cut open.

“Why did you come? Didn’t I tell you to leave first?” Ha Gong saw Yuan Ming and urgently said in a low voice.

“Shut up!” Yuan Ming swung his sword again, and the third ape claw between his chest and abdomen fiercely grabbed the net.

With a “chi la” sound, the yellow net was finally torn apart, and Ha Gong rolled out from inside.

“Let’s go!” Without saying a word, Yuan Ming picked up Ha Gong and ran towards the outside.

The surrounding encirclement was in chaos, with smoke filling the air. Yuan Ming and Ha Gong easily broke through the blockade and were about to escape from the encirclement.

A figure appeared in front of them, it was Wu Lu.

“Wu Lu!” Yuan Ming’s eyes narrowed, and the blue fish sword in his hand emitted a cold light as he swung it towards Wu Lu’s head!

The smoke around quickly dissipated, and they couldn’t waste any time here. They had to finish the battle quickly!

Wu Lu’s face showed a complicated expression, and he dodged to the side, making way.

Yuan Ming looked surprised, but he didn’t stay and quickly moved out of the smoke area.

“Oh no, Yuan Ming escaped!” As soon as they left the encirclement, Yuan Ming and Ha Gong’s figures were clearly seen by a beast slave who was guarding outside.

Yuan Ming ignored him and ran towards the Misty Gorge in the south.

With his white ape form, Yuan Ming used the Shadowless Step to the extreme. Even with a person on his back, his speed was still extremely fast, and they disappeared into the dense forest in the blink of an eye.

A figure suddenly left the battlefield. It was the white-haired monster, chasing after Yuan Ming and Ha Gong.

Wu Bao, Jin Kun, and others quickly rushed out of the smoke area, their faces not looking good.

They had carefully planned a nearly foolproof capture plan, but it was ruined by a white-haired monster that appeared out of nowhere.

“Cough! It’s not my fault. I blocked the person for you. Who knows where that thing came from.” Jin Kun shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands.

“If we don’t capture the person, we won’t be able to collect the reward.” Wu Bao said with a gloomy expression.

“You saw the strength of that white-haired monster just now. I’m afraid we can only barely deal with it if we join forces. Although I’m greedy, I won’t risk the lives of my brothers.” Jin Kun licked his dry lips and sneered.

“I have another reward for capturing the person, but I must survive.” Wu Bao said in a deep voice.

“I don’t know why you care so much about that kid. I, Jin Kun, won’t participate for now. See you later. Let’s go!” Jin Kun said, then instructed his men to carry the injured people and left.

“Where did Yuan Ming escape to?” Wu Bao looked at the retreating figures of the Jin Kun gang, his eyes turning red, clearly on the verge of rage, and asked coldly.

“I vaguely saw that he went in that direction. The white-haired monster also chased after him just now.” Wu Lu pointed to a certain direction in the east.

“Chase!” Wu Bao gave the order, and they chased after Yuan Ming in the east, with the others following closely behind.

After the two groups left one after another, the scene fell silent again.

At this moment, a barely audible “hua la” sound came from a thick branch above a nearby big tree, and a silver cat walked out with elegant steps.

After licking its body, it raised its head again. Its golden and amber eyes blinked and looked towards the south.

Then it lightly leaped onto another tree nearby and disappeared in the distance after a few more jumps.

Yuan Ming, in his white ape form, carried Ha Gong and ran towards the Misty Gorge with all his strength.

Looking at the gradually thickening white mist ahead, Yuan Ming felt a slight relief.

As long as they entered the gorge area, they would be relatively safe.

“Yuan Xiong, be careful!” Ha Gong, who was on his back, suddenly exclaimed.

A white figure silently chased after them from behind, even faster than Yuan Ming. In just a few breaths, it caught up to Yuan Ming and struck a punch towards Ha Gong’s head.

Yuan Ming quickly lowered his body and rolled to the side. However, the white-haired monster was too fast, and he couldn’t completely dodge. His left shoulder was hit, and his whole body flew out horizontally, throwing Ha Gong off his back.

Yuan Ming felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder, and half of his body went numb. A surge of blood flowed back up his throat, but he swallowed it back.

The white-haired monster ignored Yuan Ming and turned into a white shadow, rushing towards Ha Gong.

“Watch my sword!” Yuan Ming saw that there was no time to rescue Ha Gong, so he activated the “Accumulate Yuan Arm” technique. His right arm instantly became thicker, and he threw the blue fish sword towards the monster.


The blue fish sword drew a cold afterimage, like lightning and wind, and instantly arrived in front of the white-haired monster.

The monster punched towards the blue fish sword and continued to charge forward.

With a “clang” sound, the blue fish sword was knocked away, and the monster’s fist had a deep wound visible to the bone.

Under the impact of the “Accumulate Yuan Arm” power contained in the blue fish sword, the monster’s body swayed slightly.

Before the monster could stabilize its body, a thick wooden spike suddenly emerged from the ground with a loud “thump”. Although it didn’t pierce the monster’s foot, it caused its already unstable body to stagger, almost falling.

Taking advantage of this, Yuan Ming used the Shadowless Step and appeared next to Ha Gong. He reached out and grabbed his body, then jumped onto a nearby big tree and climbed to the top in a few leaps.

“Yuan Xiong, thank you for saving my life again.” Ha Gong opened his mouth, which was filled with blood, and smiled reluctantly.

“We can thank each other when we escape with our lives this time.” Yuan Ming said and took him away towards a distant place.

He didn’t jump into the gorge with Ha Gong. The white-haired monster was too close, and entering the gorge at this moment wouldn’t allow them to shake off the monster. In that flat area, they would have no escape route.

Only in the familiar forest did they have a glimmer of hope.

The white-haired monster stabilized its body, its eyes filled with greed when it smelled the scent of the blood-colored bead. Its speed increased significantly, once again closing the distance between them, and it was now less than ten zhang away.

However, Ha Gong was not worried. He waved his arm and threw the blood-colored bead far away.

The white-haired monster let out a roar and immediately abandoned the two of them, chasing after the blood-colored bead.

Yuan Ming saw this and was secretly surprised, but he didn’t say anything. He turned around and ran towards the gorge, without any hesitation, leaping into it.

With a person on his back, Yuan Ming, in his white ape form, climbed the rocks like a flying ape and quickly disappeared into the dense fog, reaching the bottom of the gorge.

Yuan Ming didn’t stop and ran towards the depths of the gorge. It wasn’t until they ran for two to three li that he stopped.

“There is mist all around here, and it would be difficult for Wu Bao and the others to track us. It should be safe for now.” He put Ha Gong down, performed a hand seal to release the transformation technique, and sat on the ground, panting.

After several consecutive battles, his mana had been depleted, and his physical strength was exhausted. He couldn’t run anymore.

“Thanks to you, Yuan Xiong, I owe you my life again.” Ha Gong slowly said.

“They were after me in the first place. Forget about owing anything. But what is the background of that white-haired monster? Why did it chase after you? And what is that blood-colored bead?” Yuan Ming asked, panting.

“This is a long story. The blood-colored bead is called Blood Pill, which only condenses inside the body of a first-level upper-grade fierce beast. It can be said to be the essence of its whole body’s blood.” Ha Gong explained.

“A first-level upper-grade fierce beast! How did you kill it?” Yuan Ming was quite shocked.

With his current strength, he wouldn’t dare to touch a first-level upper-grade fierce beast.

“I don’t have that ability. I encountered a severely injured and dying upper-grade fierce beast before. I luckily obtained the Blood Pill from its corpse, and then I was targeted by the white-haired monster.” Ha Gong smiled bitterly.

“That white-haired monster is powerful. How did you escape from it?” Yuan Ming still didn’t quite believe it and continued to ask.

“The monster was injured at the time, and I had a restraining talisman on me. That’s how I managed to escape. But I didn’t expect it to chase after us even after so long.” Ha Gong sighed.

“So that’s the story. But we also benefited from this incident. If it weren’t for that monster causing trouble, we would have probably fallen into the hands of Wu Bao and his gang. Although you threw away the Blood Pill, there’s no guarantee that the monster won’t come after us again. Rest up quickly.” Yuan Ming nodded and went to a corner, sat down cross-legged, and began to recover.

Ha Gong, who was hit by the white-haired monster, was in pain all over his body. He also sat down cross-legged and began to heal his injuries.

Half an hour later, Yuan Ming opened his eyes first.

With the help of the Nine Elements Technique, his mana had completely recovered, and his physical strength was almost full.

The surroundings were quiet, and there were no abnormal situations. It seemed that the white-haired monster had retreated after obtaining the Blood Pill and didn’t chase after them again.

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