Chapter 39 – No one can leave

Yuan Ming displayed the Shadowless Step, and with a slight sway of his body, he easily dodged Zan Bai’s sneak attack.

Three green arrows struck the wall behind him, almost simultaneously exploding and releasing a large green mist that quickly spread in all directions.

“It’s poisonous!” Yuan Ming immediately held his breath and waved his hand.

A dark gray sphere shot out and landed near the entrance of the cave.

With a muffled sound, a large cloud of smoke suddenly emerged, instantly filling the entire cave and spreading outward, making it impossible to see the situation inside the cave and causing everyone to hesitate.

“Worthless trick!” Wu Bao snorted, and a green light flashed on his finger as he attempted to summon a strong wind to blow away the smoke.

At this moment, the ground suddenly cracked beneath him, and a sharp wooden spike quickly rose up.

Wu Bao hurriedly leaped to the side, narrowly avoiding being pierced through his foot, but his attempt to summon the wind was also interrupted.

Before Wu Bao and Jin Kun could react, another black sphere shot out from the cave under the cover of the smoke and landed outside on the ground.

A large cloud of mist once again billowed out, intertwining with the smoke in the cave and covering a large area.

Inside the cave, Yuan Ming covered his nose with his hand and came to a stone wall deep in the cave. He pushed it hard.

The stone wall slowly moved, revealing a dark passage. This stone wall was actually a cut-out piece of a large rock.

Yuan Ming entered the passage, pushed the large rock back into place, and ran towards the back door of the cave.

He had already anticipated that the Qinglang Gang might come, so he had made preparations in advance. His previous actions were just a diversion. As soon as Wu Bao and the others outside noticed something was wrong, he had already escaped far away.

Not long after, Ha Gong’s figure appeared in front of him, holding a white luminous stone in his hand, emitting a faint white light, as if waiting for him.

“Yuan brother, I didn’t expect this cave to have another exit. Impressive,” Ha Gong praised.

“Now is not the time for idle talk, let’s go!” Yuan Ming grabbed Ha Gong and ran forward.

The two of them twisted and turned in the pitch-black cave, walking for a quarter of an hour before finally reaching the back door of the cave. Yuan Ming used the Fur Transformation technique, transforming into a white ape form, and punched the large rock blocking the back door, shattering it.

The two of them flew out and were about to rush towards a distance when the ground suddenly lit up with yellow light, forming a large yellow net that covered their bodies.

Yuan Ming was startled, and he concentrated all his power in his legs. His already muscular legs instantly increased by thirty percent, with muscles bulging and becoming as strong as steel. He forcefully kicked the ground.


The ground exploded, and Yuan Ming soared into the sky, escaping from the closing yellow net in an instant.

However, Ha Gong couldn’t escape and was trapped by the yellow net, unable to move.

“Seal!” Yuan Ming landed about ten meters away, his pupils shrinking. He drew the Qingyu Sword from his waist and slashed at the net.

Two golden blade-like lights shot out from the side, slashing towards his legs.

Yuan Ming quickly retracted his sword and used the Shadowless Step to move a few feet in the air, narrowly avoiding the slashing blades.

Seven or eight figures shot out from the nearby forest, surrounding the area tightly. The leader was a humanoid beast with a pointed head and a fat body, with a pair of small green bean-like eyes and a long golden tail behind him, resembling a giant rat.

The giant rat’s fur was a dark golden color, with particularly long fur on its back, standing upright like a hedgehog. Its two front paws were also a light golden color, sharp like steel cones.

“Hehe, do you think I’m easy to deal with? Since I took this job, I have naturally investigated your situation thoroughly. Don’t you want to ask who I am, Yuan brother?” The giant rat sneered, but his voice was actually Jin Kun’s.

Yuan Ming’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

Although these beast slaves in the surrounding area didn’t pose a threat to him individually, they couldn’t be underestimated when gathered together. Coupled with Jin Kun’s presence, it would be very difficult to break free.

As Yuan Ming’s gaze shifted, he looked at Ha Gong, who was securely bound by the yellow net. However, Jin Kun and the others didn’t even look at him. Everyone’s attention was fixed on him.

Although Yuan Ming and Ha Gong had just met by chance, they had experienced some hardships together and could be considered rare friends in this hundred thousand mountains. If it weren’t for being at a dead end, he didn’t want to abandon Ha Gong.

“Yuan brother, you don’t have to worry about me, just go!” Ha Gong’s face showed a look of despair as he shouted.

“Go? None of you can leave today!” Wu Bao’s voice sounded, and seven or eight figures flew over from a distance.

Wu Bao had also used the Fur Transformation technique and transformed into a tall green wolf.

This green wolf’s transformation was similar to Ha Gong’s, but its size was significantly larger, reaching a height of nearly twenty feet. Just standing still gave people a sense of oppression.

What was even more peculiar was that a light purple horn grew on top of the wolf’s head, with faint lightning patterns on it.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Ming’s heart sank, and he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

Clearly, this time, he had miscalculated.

Although the situation was extremely unfavorable for him, Yuan Ming had no intention of giving up resistance. Thoughts raced through his mind as he tried to find a way to escape from the current situation.

“Kid, if you have any means, use them now, otherwise, surrender obediently! I might spare your life,” Wu Bao said calmly when he saw that Yuan Ming didn’t move.

Yuan Ming’s heart jumped at his words. Wu Bao had almost won, but he didn’t rush to kill him. Could it be that he had other plans for him?

“Jin Kun, go and capture him!” Wu Bao shouted loudly, but Jin Kun retorted, “Why should I listen to you? I’m not your subordinate!”

Although Jin Kun said this, he still waved his hand, signaling his subordinates to approach Yuan Ming.

Yuan Ming slowly retreated a few steps, took a deep breath, and swung his arm.

Two smoke bombs were thrown, landing on the ground on both sides.

With a light sound, thick smoke emerged out of nowhere, engulfing the surrounding space within a dozen yards.

“I thought you had some trump card, turns out it’s just this worthless trick!” Wu Bao sneered. Two claws on his wolf paws emitted a green light, and a strong wind blew again, dispersing the smoke quickly.

Taking advantage of the situation, Yuan Ming swayed his body and turned into a white shadow, narrowly dodging the remaining green arrows, and rushed into the crowd of beast slaves that were pouncing on him.

Most of the smoke was blown away, and Wu Bao and Jin Kun could see Yuan Ming’s position. They both pounced at him at the same time.

Yuan Ming became more and more alarmed as he fought. He had no chance to escape, and both his magical power and physical strength were rapidly depleting. If this continued, he would be worn down to death.

He didn’t believe that Wu Bao would spare his life. Even if he had other plans for him, once he achieved his goal, he would still be left with no way out.

But at this moment, there was a rustling sound from the nearby forest, and a tall white figure rushed out, charging into the encirclement.

Two beast slaves couldn’t dodge in time and were directly knocked away, spitting out blood and falling to the ground, unable to get up.

“Everyone, be careful, reinforcements have arrived!” Zan Bai shouted, aiming his crossbow at the front. Three green poison arrows shot towards the white figure.

The people on the scene were all experienced in battles, and three of them were members of the Beast Dog Hall. They were able to easily find and block Yuan Ming’s escape route, thanks to this person’s ability.

Seeing this, Wu Bao hesitated for a moment before changing his target and pouncing towards the white figure.

His purple horn on his forehead emitted crackling sounds, and arcs of electricity surged out, wandering all over his body. He turned into a thunder person and fiercely charged at the white figure.

Golden light surged on Jin Kun’s body, and the long fur on his back stood on end.


Large patches of golden fur shot out, raining down on the white figure like arrows.

The tall white figure ignored the two of them and continued to rush towards the encirclement, its arms suddenly becoming blurry.

With a loud bang, Wu Bao and Jin Kun were also blasted away, flying several yards and crashing heavily to the ground.

Only Wu Bao’s strength far surpassed the previous beast slaves, and the white figure’s footsteps also staggered, coming to a stop for the first time.

The people present finally saw the true appearance of the white figure. It was a strange creature resembling an old white-haired ape, with a height of two feet and covered in white fur. Its eyes were blood-red, and its hands had long black claws. When it grinned, it revealed a mouthful of jagged, white-shining fangs.

“What kind of monster is this?” Everyone was shocked.

Yuan Ming’s face also showed surprise. His eyes turned and he retreated, shaking his arm.

With a light sound, another smoke bomb exploded, and dense smoke spread out, engulfing everything nearby.

“Be careful, stop him!”

The several people surrounding Yuan Ming hurriedly chased after him, trying to continue entangling him. However, Yuan Ming had already disappeared into the smoke, and no one knew where he had gone.

“Ao…” The white-haired monster seemed to be angered by Wu Bao and Jin Kun’s obstruction. It raised its head and roared, pouncing towards the two of them.

“Wu Bao and I will deal with this white-haired monster, the rest of you go after Yuan Ming!” Wu Bao urgently focused his attention on the battle and shouted.

However, before he finished speaking, several smoke bombs flew out from somewhere, landing in various places on the battlefield.

Boom boom boom!

Large clouds of smoke burst open, enveloping everyone on the scene, making it impossible to see anything clearly.

The situation on the scene became chaotic for a while.

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