Chapter 9 – Barbarian tribe

The next day, it was almost time to get off work.


"Have you heard? That pervert who strips naked appeared again yesterday."


Sister Peng said excitedly, "It was still in your Jiuyuan community. I told you it was dangerous, right? Fortunately, you rode in my car yesterday. Otherwise, if you encountered the pervert, I can't even imagine what would have happened."


To express his gratitude, Lu Yao ordered a small cake and a cup of coffee for her.


After work, he rode a shared electric bike and rushed home. Lu Yao had calculated that compared to taking public transportation, the electric bike would not get stuck in traffic and could take shortcuts, theoretically making it the fastest mode of transportation.



Back at home, Lu Yao couldn't wait to sit in front of his computer.


On the screen, the winter in the pixel world had passed. The snow covering the ground and trees had disappeared, replaced by tender buds and green grass.


The little people of the Garlic Tribe continued to cultivate the land, while the little people of the Forest Tribe began to hunt everywhere. Everyone had returned to their familiar lives.


Looking at the neat and expanding wheat fields on the ground, even Lu Yao, the god, felt happy.


The Prophet and the Shaman were standing outside the temple, seemingly chatting privately.


The two little people occasionally had smiling faces appear above their heads, looking relaxed and comfortable.


The Shaman said, "The ancestors of the Forest Tribe were once followers of the old god, the Forest God. But that is also a story passed down by the elders. It is said to have happened in the previous era."


"The elders say that before the Forest God disappeared, this forest covered half of the world. At that time, all the beasts were friends of the Forest Tribe, and fierce demons were tamed as servants. Every person of the Forest Tribe had a long lifespan, lived in symbiosis with trees, and possessed the power bestowed by the gods."


"But that is too far away from now, so far that we cannot determine what is true and what is false."


"Since the previous Shaman period, the food of the Forest Tribe has been lacking for a long time. The winters have become colder, the animals have become fewer, and the rainfall has decreased. The shadow of the demon followers began to wander inside, and this forest is withering."


"My friends, now I need to make a difficult decision. We want to move out of the forest and offer it to the temple. Can God Yao accept the Forest Tribe?"


A exclamation mark appeared above the Prophet's head, followed by a light bulb.


"As long as they are devout followers, they will receive the protection of God Yao. The Garlic Tribe welcomes you!"


At the same time, a prompt appeared on the screen.


【The Garlic Tribe and the Forest Tribe have merged, and their faith has been slightly increased.】


【The blessing is complete, and wheat has merged into the world.】


Lu Yao quickly looked to the upper right corner.


The faith value jumped from 79 points to 237 points, and the population increased from 38 people to 196 people.


Lu Yao couldn't help but punch the air.




The early investment and patient waiting had paid off.


After the two tribes officially merged, the people of the Forest Tribe gradually moved out of the forest, and they also learned to build thatched houses and cultivate wheat and garlic like the Garlic Tribe.On the other hand, the hunter group of the forest tribe still existed. They regularly entered the forest to continue hunting and brought back meat and leather that the Garlic tribe lacked.


Gradually, the people of the Garlic tribe also put on leather vests. From their appearance, it was already difficult to distinguish the two tribes.


The new Garlic tribe flourished, but the Pig and Fish brothers encountered trouble.


At some point, they traveled together and entered the farthest area in the western forest, which was already adjacent to the continuous mountains.


At this time, they both issued a warning and ran towards the tribe.


"There are enemies in the forest!"


"Enemy attack!"


"Alarm, alarm!"


The discovery of the two heroes made the entire tribe act.


Led by the prophet and shaman, the hunters picked up their wooden spears and stood guard.


Soon, the enemies in the western forest showed their true colors.


They were a group of wild men wearing animal skins and wielding stone axes. There were only a dozen or so wild men, but they were very fierce and fought with the thirty-odd hunters.


"Hand over the food!"


"Hand over the food! Otherwise, we'll kill you!"


"No food, heretics must die!"


The hunters had a hard time facing these wild men. Fortunately, there were the Pig and Fish brothers, who showed their value.


They held wooden sticks and specialized in sneak attacks from behind the wild men, knocking them out. In addition, they were very agile and difficult for the wild men to harm.


This simple and effective way of fighting made the wild men repeatedly suffer.


Soon, the wild men were repelled, and they left cursing.


"Dare to resist, you're dead!"


"No food, poor tribe, poor!"


"How can you not hand over food? We will come back!"


"Prepare to die! Heretics!"


Lu Yao watched with some regret.


The tribe's people had failed to directly kill these bandits, they just drove them away.


He was thinking about whether to use lightning, let the prophet and shaman of the tribe understand the spirit of the gods, and eliminate the wild men completely.


At this time, the shaman spoke.


"It's the Barbarian tribe. They live on the mountain, have no wisdom, and are as fierce as beasts."


"The Barbarian tribe is very powerful. Every one of them is a strong warrior. They have been plundering the food of the surrounding tribes. Hand over the food, and they won't attack you."


"A large part of the forest tribe's food was taken by them."


"They are followers of demons. They can become beasts with the power of demons. We cannot fight them."


Lu Yao suddenly realized.


So, the black bear last time was a warrior of the Barbarian tribe.


No wisdom, fierce like beasts…


No wonder that person couldn't even recognize the Garlic and Forest tribes last time, attacked the wrong target, and was executed on the spot by Lu Yao with lightning.


The forest tribe was very wary of demons. They had long been threatened and extorted by the Barbarian tribe. If the Garlic tribe next to them were also demon followers, then they would really have to seek refuge under the demons.The barbarian tribe had well-developed limbs and simple minds, which made Lu Yao feel a bit relieved. These savages only knew how to charge in groups, so they were not too difficult to deal with.


Lu Yao looked at the potted plant on the table: "Little Fire."


"God, your faithful servant is here to serve you." The cactus immediately jumped out of the pot and stood upright.


"Can all demon believers turn into beasts?"


"Lord God, turning into beasts should be a kind of demonic power." Little Fire said, "Only a very small number of believers, known as 'heroes,' can awaken the power of demons and use this ability."


So that was the case.


Lu Yao recalled that the last time the lightning struck the black bear to death, it actually preserved its entire body, because it was originally a hero among the demon believers, stronger than ordinary pixel people.


He then looked at the Pig Fish brothers.


As heroes, why don't you two brothers have any special abilities?


Lu Yao opened the panels of the two heroes and suddenly realized that he had come to a conclusion too early..



【Hero Lv2】Fisherman


Attack 2 Defense 1 Knowledge 0 Mana 0 Luck 2 Morale 0




Water Finding Technique Lv1: Able to find water sources in various environments.



【Hero Lv2】Hunter


Attack 3 Defense 2 Knowledge 0 Mana 0 Luck 0 Morale 0




Tracking Technique Lv1: Able to recognize traces left by various people and animals.



The Pig Fish brothers had secretly leveled up.


These two awakened abilities were not combat skills, but their functionality was not bad.


With the Tracking Technique, it was no wonder they could find the whereabouts of the barbarian tribe.


I misunderstood you guys.


My bad.


Lu Yao turned his gaze to the mountains in the western part of the forest, where the barbarian tribe lived.


You think you can get away after offending a god?


Not so easy.

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