Chapter 10 – Polytheism

Lu Yao immediately formulated a counterattack plan.


He first sent the Pigfish Brothers to enter the western mountains to continue scouting. With their tracking and water-finding abilities, they were the most suitable as scouts.


Then he opened the temple interface.


The [Gift] slot was now empty.


Lu Yao took out a red and yellow plastic toy bow and arrow from his backpack. The arrowhead was made of soft rubber. He bought it at a toy store after work.


Although it was a toy bow and arrow, the mechanism was the same.


Lu Yao placed the toy bow and arrow on the mouse.


A small red and yellow bow and arrow icon appeared in the gift slot.


[Bow and Arrow]: A gift from the gods, a long-range weapon with great power and range, is one of the most important weapons for the army and hunters.


– Would you like to give [Bow and Arrow] to your followers?


Lu Yao clicked [Yes].


All the little people of the Garlic Tribe had exclamation marks above their heads.


"God Yao has bestowed a new gift!"


"The bow and arrow, a magical weapon, is born!"


"It's a weapon, a great weapon!"


"We are no longer afraid of enemies!"


"Hunting, hunting, I want to go hunting!"


"Praise the gods! Praise the sun!"


Among the little people, the hunters' reaction was the strongest, with not only smiling faces but also dancing.


They seemed to understand the meaning of the bow and arrow the most. The hunters quickly made their own bows and arrows and eagerly ran towards the forest.


A question mark appeared above the Prophet's head.


Lu Yao clicked on his thoughts.


"The bow and arrow, a long-range weapon, is what the gods want to arm us with, so we are no longer threatened or attacked. From now on, we will no longer be afraid of attacks from foreign enemies."


"The will of the gods… is to fight against the believers of the demons, defeat these evil and barbaric guys, and uphold faith and protect life."


"It must be like this!"


A question mark also appeared above the Shaman's head. His thought process was different from the Prophet's.


"The bow and arrow, like the tongue of a frog, allows the person holding it to hunt from a safe distance. With the bow and arrow, we can not only hunt rabbits and monkeys, but also shoot down flying birds. We no longer have to fear dangerous snakes, bears, and wolves."


"An incredible masterpiece, the power of the gods is truly unimaginable for mortals."


"We need more bows and arrows. Each and every one of us can be a warrior and soldier. We will no longer be afraid of the Barbarian Tribe!"


Lu Yao was watching the reactions of every pixelated little person to the bow and arrow, and a prompt popped up on the screen.


[Your gift has enabled your followers to learn how to make and use bows and arrows, and their faith has been increased.]


The faith in the upper right corner increased by 30 points in one go, becoming 267 points.After mastering archery, the martial arts of the Garlic Tribe became visible to the naked eye. Pixelated people going out all carried bows and arrows, and hunters began bringing back large game like bears and deer. More leather was draped over the thatched roofs and walls, and more dried meat hung on wooden racks near the wheat fields.


At this time, there was news from the Pigfish Brothers.


"We found a new tribe, the Salt Pool Tribe."


"The Salt Pool Tribe heard that we have mastered grain and wants to trade with us."


They didn't find the Barbarian Tribe, but they made an unexpected discovery.


Lu Yao clicked on the two brothers and pulled them back to the tribe.


So the two heroes returned with the people of the Salt Pool Tribe.


The Salt Pool Tribe was represented by two pixelated people, dressed in linen clothes and carrying cloth bags, looking very prosperous. They immediately began discussing trade with the Prophet and Shaman.


"The Salt Pool Tribe has always traded with various tribes, using salt to trade for grain, clothing, medicinal herbs, and other things."


"We hope to trade wheat with you using salt."


A question mark appeared above the Prophet's head.


He thought, "This seems like an opportunity, I must try it out and spread the faith of the great gods."


Lu Yao was very pleased.


The Prophet understands my intentions.


The Prophet said, "Friends from the Salt Pool Tribe, have you considered a more suitable place to live?"


The two pixelated people from the Salt Pool Tribe looked at each other.


"We have the Salt Pool. The Salt Pool is everything. With the Salt Pool, we can trade for anything. We don't need anything else."


"Having the Salt Pool is enough."


They had no intention of migrating at all.


The Shaman also spoke persuasively, "The Barbarian Tribe is in the mountains. They believe in a demon who can turn people into beasts. The Barbarian Tribe will attack any tribe that does not believe in the demon. The Salt Pool Tribe cannot avoid them either."


The two pixelated people from the Salt Pool Tribe smiled.


"That's not a problem."


"We also believe in that demon lord."


The people of the Garlic Tribe all had exclamation marks above their heads.


The people from the Salt Pool Tribe explained, "In the temple of the Salt Pool Tribe, there are three gods, including the demon lord you see in your eyes."


"Our tribe relies on the Salt Pool and salt production for a living. Every person needs to trade salt. As long as we can live better, we can accept any belief."


"If necessary, our tribe is also willing to believe in the gods here, as long as you are willing to trade with us, the gods can bless us."


The Prophet and Shaman were both stunned, with question marks above their heads.


Lu Yao exclaimed inwardly.


This Salt Pool Tribe is the first polytheistic tribe he has seen.


They seem to be quite concerned with practical benefits and have a bit of the early merchant's shadow.


"Friends of the Garlic Tribe, we are willing to trade wheat with you for a long time, and we are also willing to buy other suitable trading goods."


The Prophet and Shaman went to the side to discuss."The tribe now has plenty of food, and can spread the faith of the gods through the Salt Pond Tribe. This is beneficial to both the gods and the tribe." The prophet valued the influence of the tribe's faith.


"Salt is very important to the tribe. With salt, we can make more preserved meat, which can be stored for a long time. With the salt from the Salt Pond Tribe, we don't have to search for salt everywhere. The hunters will become stronger." The shaman was more concerned about practical benefits.


The two wise men reached a consensus.


"We are willing to trade with the Salt Pond Tribe."


【The Garlic Tribe started trading with the Salt Pond Tribe, and the attitude of the Salt Pond Tribe became neutral.】


Smiling faces appeared above the heads of the two Salt Pond Tribe members.


"There are still many goods here."


"Wheat, an important food."


"Bows and arrows, excellent weapons."


"Leather, which can be made into clothes, armor, and wraps."




The two little men suddenly had exclamation marks above their heads.


"Garlic! It's a spice!"


"We've found a unique product! Spicy garlic!"


The little men of the Salt Pond Tribe excitedly raised their arms and cheered.


"Please give us as much garlic as possible, we want all the garlic! The invaluable garlic, the wonderfully spicy garlic!"


Lu Yao couldn't help but laugh.


He didn't expect that his initial unintentional move would come in handy at this time.


In the early days of human civilization, spices were extremely expensive luxuries. Wheat, bows and arrows, and leather could be considered regular goods, but garlic was the only spice in the vicinity.


The two little men of the Salt Pond Tribe left two bags of salt, took away a lot of garlic, and hurriedly returned to the mountains in the west.


A few minutes later, a line appeared on the computer screen.


【The Salt Pond Tribe decided to make garlic a key product, and the attitude of the Salt Pond Tribe became friendly. Your faith will spread in the Salt Pond Tribe.】


【Your grace has made the Salt Pond Tribe ecstatic, and their faith has increased slightly.】


The faith in the upper right corner increased by 120 points this time, directly becoming 387 points.


Lu Yao was stunned.


This Salt Pond Tribe seemed to be extraordinary. Just by letting them have the distribution rights to garlic, they offered so much faith. It seemed that their population and scale far exceeded the previous Forest Tribe.


Lu Yao thought for a moment.


Being able to jump back and forth between the three gods required strength. If they weren't strong enough, the barbarian tribes that were keen on plundering heretics would have attacked the Salt Pond Tribe long ago.

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