Chapter 66 – I warn you, don’t come here!

“This is Song Shiyi, here for Uncle Jia’s business,” Amy introduced to Sister Peng.

Sister Peng smiled when she saw the beautiful girl and found Song Shiyi pleasing to the eye. “Come in, come in, you look so good. Youth is really great… your skin, your face.”

Song Shiyi smiled shyly.

After Amy and Song Shiyi came in, they noticed Lu Yao standing up.

“This is Lu Yao,” Sister Peng introduced casually. “He’s from our company, a good young man. Your father asked him to bring me some snacks.”

“Oh, we’ve met,” Amy nodded.

Seeing this, Lu Yao took the opportunity to say, “You guys chat, I have something to do so I’ll leave first.”

“Wait, Mr. Lu,” Amy spoke up.

“I remember that Officer Fu had a conversation with you, right? Actually, we came here today to understand Officer Fu’s situation.”

Lu Yao thought to himself, as expected.

He immediately recounted what happened that day.

Fu Chenggang was secretly investigating Peng Xiaoyi, so there was no need to hide this.

After finishing his story, he said goodbye and left.

While fixing bicycles downstairs, several of them broke, keeping Lu Yao busy for a while. As a result, he encountered Song Shiyi leaving the community.

Song Shiyi said, “My car is about to arrive, let me give you a ride.”

Lu Yao quickly shook his head. “It’s okay, I like riding a bike.”

“Okay. Exercise is good for your health,” she said.

She then asked, “Do you know Jia Xiaokai?”

“Jia Xiaokai? Who is that?”

This was the first time Lu Yao had heard that name.

“He’s Huang’s cousin and also one of the company’s partners. Don’t you know?”

Lu Yao shook his head.

During his few months at the company, he had never come across this important figure. It was probably because he hadn’t really integrated into the company circle.

A black Audi A4 stopped by the street.

Song Shiyi politely bid farewell to Lu Yao and got into the car, driving away.

Watching the car go far away, Lu Yao remembered what Song Shiyi had said to Isabella.

The divine players would have intersections in the real world, and these intersections were somehow synchronized with the low-dimensional space.

He had heard of the six degrees of separation theory.

It stated that there were at most six degrees of separation between any two strangers, meaning that through six people, you could know any stranger.

Regardless of whether Song Shiyi had realized his identity as a player, she currently had no malicious intent and was focused on investigating Fu Chenggang’s situation.

Lu Yao also didn’t know the relationship between Fu Chenggang and Jia Xiaokai.

As a mere bystander, he could only enjoy the show.

Back in front of the computer, Lu Yao poured a cup of hot tea and continued observing the world in the simulator.

But as soon as he looked, he almost choked on a mouthful of hot water.

The mine on Mingyue Island had been completely excavated.

The game interface displayed it in the top left corner.

Universal Stone: 443

The relic of the statue had been completely dug up, and the cave dwellers had dug out a strange round tower at the bottom of the mine.

It seemed to be made up of numerous crystals, forming a hemisphere shape inverted on the ground, deep blue in color, with no visible interior.

Isabella knelt down and said, “Master, most of the Universal Stones are distributed around this ancient building.”

“There should be a treasure inside that can generate these precious minerals.”

“However, the round tower is covered by a powerful force, and I cannot open it.”

Lu Yao moved the mouse.

The round tower displayed “Ancient Unknown Site.”

Lu Yao tried clicking on “Miracle” and used lightning to strike.

“Because of the miracle’s blessing, your miracle cannot take effect.”

Miracle’s blessing?

Lu Yao had never encountered this situation before.

Was the crystal round tower a miracle?

Lu Yao ruled out one wrong answer. It couldn’t have been created by the Light God.

Otherwise, he would have already created an Apostle, killed the rat swarm, or directly entered the Temple of the Gods and ascended to the crawling area.

In other words, this round tower miracle existed before the appearance of the Light God.

There were ready-made mine tunnels underground, and the Light God likely discovered this thing. However, he couldn’t break it with a miracle, so he simply buried it underground.

But well.

The phrase “cannot take effect” was just a bluff. Lu Yao had seen it before.

“Because of the totem’s blessing, your miracle cannot take effect.”

It was actually a subtle warning, equivalent to a declaration from the totem or miracle creator: this is my territory, an inseparable part of the divine and sacred. I warn you, don’t come here!

Lu Yao tried various methods but found that he couldn’t do anything to the round tower. It only displayed the words “Unknown Site” on top. It couldn’t be opened or used.

Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, there was no need to discuss it further.

He glanced at the top right corner.

After these days of rest and recuperation, the tribe’s population had multiplied, and with the collection of ghosts, faith had been restored to 6400 points.

Lu Yao clicked on the miracle.

Let’s start with 30 “Lightning” strikes to show respect.

As the lightning continued to strike, the crystal tower trembled slightly but still held its external crystal structure firmly.

Lu Yao increased the intensity and launched another round of 30 “Lightning” strikes.

Cracks began to appear on the surface of the round tower.

There’s hope!

Lu Yao’s spirits lifted, and he launched another 30 “Lightning” strikes.

The round tower became shaky but still struggled to maintain the stability of its external crystal structure.

It wasn’t until Lu Yao launched another 35 “Lightning” strikes that the crystal on the surface of the round tower finally couldn’t hold on and shattered. After the unknown miracle broke into pieces, a glowing object was revealed inside.

Lu Yao did the math.

This time, a total of 95 “Lightning” strikes were used, consuming 2500 faith points, exactly half of the faith consumption for building a miracle.

Destroying was easier than building.

What did it mean by “cannot take effect”?

In the simulator where faith was power, this was another way of saying insufficient firepower.

Lu Yao moved the mouse to the glowing sphere below the round tower.

The halo on its surface quickly dissipated, revealing a slowly twisting blue crystal underneath.

[Deep Sea Stone Spirit]: +5 faith/hour, can summon a [Deep Sea Lord] and gain its loyalty.The power of rules forms a special substance that cannot be strengthened. It can slowly condense stone elements to form islands and omnipotent stones. Once summoned, it loses this effect. It is a treasure of the Sea Walkers clan.


The name “Sea Walkers”, Lu Yao seemed to have seen it somewhere.

He remembered.

In the first layer of the “Black Abyss”, the group of ghosts willing to worship Lu Yao had “Sea Walkers” displayed above their heads.

Lu Yao immediately gave an order. Isabella quickly returned to the Western Continent and found Dinar, the leader of the Sea Walkers, in the ghost city of Sanilo.

Facing the Apostle’s inquiry, Dinar shared what he knew.

“Apostle, our clan has indeed lived under the deep sea for generations.”

“According to our ancestors, the Sea Walkers existed even before the gods appeared in this world…”

“Back then, our ancestors built nests and a great holy round tower under the deep sea.”

“People lived in the nests, and the holy round tower was used to store treasures and protect the entire clan.”

“Later, two gods descended. They began a fierce god war to fight for this ownerless world.”

“The Sea Walkers living under the sea were affected, with countless casualties. In the end, our ancestors could no longer bear it and had to rise up to defend themselves.”

“Our ancestors used all the treasures in the holy round tower to protect everyone’s safety.”

“Among them, two treasures played a crucial role.”

“One is ‘Aegir’s Fire’, and the other is ‘Lord of the Deep Sea’.”

“Aegir’s Fire can summon disasters and shoot burning boulders like heavenly fire. It is said to be a strange object formed by the power of rules at the beginning of the world.”

“The Lord of the Deep Sea is a powerful beast that protects the Sea Walkers clan and has even killed high-level Apostles.”

“The Lord of the Deep Sea, holding Aegir’s Fire, guards the sea. Neither monsters nor Apostles can surpass their power.”

Lu Yao became interested.

Being able to kill high-level Apostles indicates that the level of the “Lord of the Deep Sea” is not low.

Dinar continued, “However, with the end of the god war, ‘Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Lord of the Deep Sea’ also lost their functions.”

“Facing the gods, these treasures were powerless. The final victor, the God of Darkness, locked all the Sea Walkers into the ‘Black Abyss’.”

“It is said that before the end of the god war, our ancestors hid ‘Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Lord of the Deep Sea’ to prevent the gods from taking away the last hope of our clan.”

“But too much time has passed, and no one knows where our ancestors hid the treasures.”

“In the abyss, we are constantly fighting each other. The remaining ghosts after death will also attack each other. We really can’t stand this kind of life, so we are very grateful to God Yao for giving us a new life…”

“In the Black Abyss, we realized how powerful the God of Darkness, as the main god, once was… These treasures, which are precious to us, are not worth mentioning in His eyes.”

Lu Yao didn’t hear anything else.

He just heard one sentence.

‘Aegir’s Fire’ is still hidden in this fragmented world.

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