Chapter 65 – Fortunately, the cake was quite delicious

Lu Yao has experience in making magic potions. The “Universal Stone” is easier to operate than a crucible and does not require any other materials.

It only provides faith crop fuel, burning stones is enough.

Lu Yao clicked on the “Universal Stone” and a “Casting (10 Faith)” icon appeared on it.

Continue to select the icon.

After a faith deduction of -10, a large portrait of the Universal Stone appeared on the screen.

A stone with sparkling spots became soft and twisted under the pale flames.

“Failed casting.”

Lu Yao thought to himself, as expected.

The problem lies in the phrase “with a certain probability” in the description of the Universal Stone. In cases where the price is not transparent, it is generally because the real price is too high…

Just like the squid tentacles of Cao X’s duck neck.

Most cold dishes and braised foods state the price per kilogram, but Cao X’s squid tentacles are priced at around 27. People who don’t often buy them are not easy to notice that the unit behind the price of squid tentacles is 100 grams, and the real price per kilogram is 138.

The merchant plays such a trick because he knows that this price is outrageous, and directly displaying it will discourage many working-class people. Consumers only realize they have been fooled when they pay!

Although some people may also find it expensive, they will still grit their teeth and buy it.

The Universal Stone uses the same trick.

Compared to them, even the golden dice are considered honest and trustworthy in the market.

Casting is a bottomless pit, even with more faith, it cannot withstand such continuous consumption… In the end, the Light God only managed to create a “Damaged Potion Crucible” and became a victim of the Universal Stone scam.

Lu Yao thought.

If he can find an item that increases the forging probability later, or if one of his subordinates has a bonus ability in casting and smelting, then he can consider trying again. He currently has many items in his hands, so he is not lacking.

It is worth a try to strengthen this ability.

Uncertain whether the failure will damage the item, Lu Yao first found an experimental product.

“Refinement (10 Faith)”

Lu Yao clicked on this icon, and a box appeared on the screen.

“Please put in the treasure that needs to be strengthened.”

Lu Yao threw the potion crucible in.

On the screen, the crucible was enveloped in the flames of faith.

After a moment.

“Refinement failed.”

Failure was expected.

The good news is that the failure of refinement has no negative effects and does not destroy the item itself.

At this time, Isabella had already taken people to further excavate in the mine. They had been producing intermittently, and the number of “Universal Stones” in the upper left corner was slowly increasing.

Lu Yao used the second and third Universal Stones.

The failures continued.

Until the nineteenth time, the situation finally changed.

“Refinement successful.”

A new portrait appeared on the screen.

The picture showed a crystal-clear stone bowl.

“Potion Crucible LV1: +1 Faith/hour. Use the flames of faith to heat it and refine unstable potions.

“Potion Formula”

Crazy Pill: Add a spoonful of sand, a spoonful of blood, a spoonful of salt, and another spoonful of rotten corpse.

Effect: Gain the “Crazy” attribute, +1 damage, -2 defense.

The Crazy Pill does have attribute effects, but the crucible was damaged before and was not enough to display this information.

Lu Yao was quite satisfied with the results of this experiment.

The goal was achieved.

If the reserve of Universal Stones is sufficient, he can gradually try to strengthen some items that do not have a level yet.

For example, the “Energy Staff,” “Magic Harpoon,” “Drifting Letter,” and “Weeping Blood Amber.”

Lu Yao decided to temporarily move the cave-dwelling monsters from the tribe here. They are good at digging and can be used for mining.

The spotted lynx will continue to stay on the island to reduce the size of the mad rat population and avoid them threatening the entire island’s ecological chain again.

In the company, Sister Peng has not come to work for two days.

Mr. Huang, who usually cannot stand people taking leave, seems indifferent to this.

Lu Yao is slightly puzzled. He had called Sister Peng before and asked her some work-related questions. Sister Peng behaved normally, but she didn’t mention why she didn’t come to work.

Lu Yao didn’t ask since the other party didn’t say anything.

At noon, Mr. Huang found Lu Yao.

“Xiao Lu, go to Peng Xiaoyi’s place later and bring this to her.”

Mr. Huang handed him a handbag with a box of Golike’s cheesecake inside.

“She lives in Century City Phase 2, Lugou Lane 305. Just go straight there. Leave work early today.”

When the boss gave the order, Lu Yao left the company early and took a bus to Century City.

When Sister Peng opened the door, she was not surprised to see Lu Yao.

“Did Mr. Huang send you?”


Lu Yao handed her the pastry. “Sister Peng, then I’ll leave.”

He still had the simulator in his mind.

“Why leave? Let’s eat together. I’ve been on a diet recently and can’t eat much.”

Sister Peng waved her hand and said naturally, “Come in, why are you standing outside?”

Lu Yao had a feeling that she really treated him like a younger brother.

The two of them ate the pastries with fruit juice.

Sister Peng wiped her mouth with a tissue. “Tell Mr. Huang not to worry, I’m not changing jobs. I’ve been feeling unwell these past two days, so I went to the Second City Hospital for a check-up and I’m still waiting for the follow-up examination.”

Lu Yao nodded to show that he remembered.”Where’s that young girl, Isabella?”

Sister Peng sat cross-legged on the sofa, asking with interest, “Has she returned? She didn’t really run away, did she?”

All Lu Yao could say was, “She’s still at home.”

“No. Absolutely not.”

Sister Peng said seriously, “As someone who’s been there, I need to share some life experiences with you.”

“Long-distance relationships, especially international ones, are too risky. If you’re not careful, one day either party might feel lonely, have a few drinks, or hear some sweet nothings, and a moment of weakness could lead to a slip-up.”

“People can’t resist temptation.”

“With Isabella’s looks and temperament, do you think no one would pursue her? If I were a man, I would absolutely be around her all day, not stopping until we’re married.”

“How can you have no sense of crisis at all? Are you stupid?”


Lu Yao gave an awkward smile.

He had reason to suspect that Sister Peng had invited him over for dessert just to gossip about Isabella.

Just as Lu Yao was preparing to find an excuse to leave, there was a knock at the door.

Sister Peng went over to take a look, opened the door and said, “Why are you here at this time? Eh, who is this?”

The visitor said, “Sister Xiaoyi, you’re sick and living alone. As your cousin, I took the initiative to come and see you. My dad definitely wouldn’t be able to come.”

Lu Yao looked towards the door following the voice.

To his surprise, he recognized the visitor. It was Mr. Huang’s daughter, Amy.

Wait a minute.

Amy referred to Sister Peng as her cousin?

So Sister Peng was also a connected person! She had hidden it so well.

Lu Yao was shocked.

No wonder Mr. Huang always asked him to run errands. Everyone in the company was connected, and if the boss asked anyone else, it might lead to speculation and gossip. On the contrary, he, the naive outsider, was the most suitable for this role.

Lu Yao noticed that there was another girl standing next to Amy.

She was wearing a colorful striped knit sweater, with silver-grey short hair, and her thin lips were slightly pursed. She looked about twenty years old, with the bright and delicate look unique to young girls, making it hard to take one’s eyes off her.

It was Song Shiyi.

Why was she here? Could it be that she had traced her way here because of Fu Chenggang’s matter?

Lu Yao suddenly felt a bit flustered.

He quickly ate another piece of dessert to calm his nerves.

Fortunately, the cake was quite delicious.

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