Chapter 33 – Not qualified

Lu Yao let Isabella go out and walk a few laps, and they walked five kilometers along the way.

After confirming that Song Shiyi had taken a car with a sparrow and left, Lu Yao asked Isabella to return to the alley again.

He proposed an idea: “Can your ‘Last Prayer’ summon the soul of Yu Yao from here?”


“Will she answer your question?”

“Sir, I am a prayer to the Last Sea. The souls are a reaction to the Last Sea. Most of the deceased cannot resist the will of the Last Sea.”

Isabella’s answer made Lu Yao’s mind race.

This “Last Prayer” is also a highly potential ability. It can not only find clues through the souls but also theoretically conduct post-war interrogations after killing enemies.

Considering the other hidden divine technique, the “Sword of the Forest,” which can summon a holy sword and create various forest elemental creatures… even Lu Yao himself felt that Isabella, this Apostle, might be a bit overpowered.

At this time, Isabella had already finished praying in the car. Just like before in the kitchen, strands of black gas condensed into a black mass, which was the soul.

Isabella and the soul completed encrypted communication, and the other party dissipated again.

“Sir, here’s what happened…”

Yu Yao did not lie about her identity. She did come from the Donghai Clan, and she was a newly born prophet of the Donghai Clan. However, she was not an innocent and pure girl.

Since becoming a prophet, Yu Yao began to ponder a question: What kind of existence are the gods?

The Donghai Clan could not directly contact the gods but would receive the protection of the god totems. The will of the gods would be transmitted to the clan through the prophet and interpreted into words that the tribe could understand.

In general, the mission of the Donghai Clan was to breed sea monsters for the gods. Sea monsters were the soldiers of the gods in their battles.

“The Sea Departure Women” were part of the process of creating sea monsters.

The gods selected the Donghai Clan to find believers who could breed powerful sea monsters with other individuals.

However, once these “Sea Departure Women” set sail and were taken away by the gods, they would never return. They were too fragile and would soon collapse physically after entering the divine realm.

Yu Yao gradually realized that the gods were not all-powerful.

If praying to the gods could really accomplish anything, why would they need the insignificant Donghai Clan to continuously breed sea monsters? They could easily create and give birth to them as most people in the clan believed, without any effort.

The seed of doubt gradually sprouted in Yu Yao’s mind.

-The gods might just be a more powerful existence, not invincible.

If she could enter the divine realm, perhaps she could uncover the secrets of the gods.

After obtaining the treasure “Amber Tears,” the wild thoughts that Yu Yao had suppressed in her heart finally began to stir.

The “Amber Tears” had a unique ability. It could envelop living beings and make them enter a state of immobile pseudo-death.

From the outside, it looked like an ordinary yellow stone, without any flaws.

As long as she silently recited the spell on the “Amber Tears” shell, the amber would melt, and the living being inside would return to its original state.

Yu Yao made a bold plan.

She secretly wrapped herself in the amber stone. The members of the Donghai Clan, who were unaware of the situation, followed her instructions and offered the “Amber Tears” as a sacrifice to the gods.

The gods accepted this gift.

Using this treasure, Yu Yao arrived in the world where the gods resided.

She was unsure if the gods would discover her. So she dared not recite the spell.

But through the amber, she saw the true form of the gods.

It was a middle-aged man with a bald head and a big belly. When he smiled, he made a goose-like sound from his throat, lacking the majesty and aura of a god.

The worries and awe that Yu Yao had in her heart completely disappeared at this moment.

Two years ago, the gods suddenly disappeared and never returned to their residence.

Yu Yao still didn’t dare to move.

Fortunately, being kept in the amber, the restriction of the dimensional space was greatly delayed.

This year, Yu Yao believed that the gods must have encountered some trouble and couldn’t return in a short time. She gathered the courage to come out of the amber.

Yu Yao’s next plan was to replace the gods.

She hid in the amber on the table and watched everything clearly.

The so-called gods were just manipulating the equipment called a computer to control and command the low-dimensional space from the high-dimensional space.

Imitating the gods, she turned on the computer, entered the password, and clicked on the icon of the “Deity Simulator” on the table.

But what followed was not a scene animation.

In the pitch-black background, a line of white words appeared.

“Sorry, you do not have player qualifications.”

Yu Yao’s eagerly anticipated heart was drenched with cold water.

She kept trying, turning the computer on and off, repeatedly clicking the icon, but the results were the same… she was blocked by some invisible force beyond that boundary.

Yu Yao left the residence of the gods in a daze and wandered the streets.

With no way forward, she couldn’t return to the Donghai Clan. Of course, she could continue to hide in the amber and become a living dead, but that would completely lose the meaning of being alive.

She lured two men who seemed to be gods, and then ambushed and killed them, but this did not bring her any joy of revenge, nor did it give her the qualification of a god or any hope.

Numb and desperate, Yu Yao wandered the streets and met Zhou Qiang.

And then a series of events unfolded.She didn’t know why she hadn’t killed Zhou Qiang. Perhaps it was because Zhou Qiang was the only man who had truly given her food, not money, and asked her to sleep with him obediently.


Lu Yao looked at the small, pale yellow amber in his hand.


[Tears of Blood Amber]: Faith +1/hour. Chant the spell “Old people of the sea, forget, sleep”, and you can temporarily seal living beings, avoiding the power of rules. Chant the spell “Forgotten ones who weep blood, return, revive”, and you can unseal the living beings in the amber.


This thing is a functional tool, easily broken, and can only be used in certain environments.

Lu Yao quietly put away the amber.

He looked again at Song Shiyi’s business card. Isabella had already confirmed that there was nothing wrong with this piece of paper, and there was no trace of the power of faith. It was normal copperplate paper.

There was only one line of text on the business card.

[Song Shiyi 189XXXX]

Lu Yao put the business card and the amber together and put them in a box in the drawer.

Now there was one last thing.

Lu Yao opened the door and found Zhou Qiang standing in the kitchen.

Through the open window, he was staring blankly at the street outside, smoking one cigarette after another, his face showing undisguised anxiety and unease.

Seeing Lu Yao come out, Zhou Qiang managed to smile.

“Yu Yao and her cousin went to catch up, they’ll be back later.”

This sentence seemed more like he was saying it to himself.

Lu Yao could only nod.

“Want to play for a while? Play a couple of rounds of brawl.” Zhou Qiang suggested.


Of course.

Yu Yao never came back.

After getting drunk once, Zhou Qiang mumbled on the table, “I’m never falling in love again in this life.” The next day, he moved out again.

Lu Yao didn’t know if Yu Yao and Zhou Qiang had any feelings for each other.

If there were none at all.

Why would Yu Yao spend her precious time on Zhou Qiang? Cooking for him, cleaning, taking care of him, accompanying him through these simple days of life.

But even to her death, she insisted, “I have no feelings for him.”

Ha, how complicated.

What a pity, I’ve never been in love.

Lu Yao shook his head.

It’s better to be a god, it’s much simpler than being in love.

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