Chapter 32 – Special Affairs Prosecution Committee, Song Shiyi

Isabella got off the car but did not immediately move her feet.

She stared at the direction of the street lamp.

Following her gaze, Lu Yao looked at the top of the street lamp, where a sparrow was perched on the lampshade.

It was half past three in the afternoon, and the street lamp in the alley unexpectedly lit up, which was somewhat strange.

“Adult, I found the demon apostle.”

Isabella locked her gaze on the sparrow on the street lamp. “In order to avoid exposing your location, I must take a detour.”

Lu Yao’s heart tightened upon hearing this.


Could it be that Pray to the Gods has arrived?

Isabella was unusually vigilant, staring at the sparrow perched on the street lamp.


Lu Yao immediately ordered, “Safety first.”

“Adult, the other party has arrived.”

As Isabella finished speaking, a figure appeared at the entrance of the alley.

The person had silver-gray short hair and was wearing a blue and white JK uniform with long sleeves and a short skirt. Under the black knee-high socks were a pair of brown leather shoes, and she carried a white small bag on her shoulder.

She looked like she was under twenty years old, with watery and spirited peach blossom eyes. Her lips were pursed like a little cat, showing a hint of seriousness, but still unable to conceal the vitality and energy unique to her age.

As soon as the girl appeared, the sparrow in the air flapped its wings and flew down, landing on her shoulder.

“Nice to meet you.”

The girl looked at Isabella. “Hello, I am Song Shiyi, a prosecutor from the Special Affairs Prosecution Committee.”

Her voice was light and her tone was upbeat.

At the same time, a halo appeared behind Song Shiyi, like a starry ring surrounding her, inside of which seemed to hide a twinkling miniature universe.

In the halo behind her, a silver-faced shield appeared, with a burning bonfire on the shield.

These strange scenes only lasted for a moment before disappearing without a trace.

“If you can stay for a moment and give a statement and testimony… the committee will greatly appreciate your cooperation and help.”

Song Shiyi looked behind Isabella, her gaze fixed on the car that had been in an accident.

“It seems that you have already dealt with the criminal I was pursuing.”

Isabella remained silent.

Lu Yao’s mind quickly turned, and he said, “Agree to her request and see what this committee is all about.”

Seeing that Isabella did not refuse, Song Shiyi said thank you and opened her bag, taking out her phone and turning on the recording mode.

“According to the rules, let’s record.”

“What should I call you?”


“Okay. Miss Mary, the member of the Donghai Clan named ‘Yu Yao’ who illegally crossed over from the Low-dimensional Space, has previously murdered two innocent ordinary people. She is also the wanted criminal that the committee has been capturing recently, and she has recently been lurking in this area. Please tell me about your encounter with her…”

“What about Pray to the Gods? Has the mastermind been caught?” Isabella asked in response.

These were her words as she repeated Lu Yao’s question.

“Pray to the Gods?”

Song Shiyi looked somewhat surprised. “He was arrested two years ago. It seems like you haven’t paid much attention to the announcements.”

She explained briefly.

“Pray to the Gods has been sentenced to 180 years of imprisonment due to his involvement in multiple major criminal activities. Unless a miracle happens, he will live in the prison for a long time.”

Lu Yao thought to himself that this was good news.

It reduced the risk of a real-life showdown.

In the pixel world, he had already destroyed two totems of Pray to the Gods. Currently, it seemed that if they were to encounter each other again, he would most likely continue with this operation.

Lu Yao said through Isabella, “Since Pray to the Gods has already been arrested, what about Yu Yao?”

“I will explain further later. But before that, I need to ask about some details of the scene.”

Song Shiyi carefully questioned about Yu Yao’s situation.

Isabella claimed to know nothing, she only captured the identity of Yu Yao as an individual from the Low-dimensional Space and found her behavior to be abnormal, so she stopped her for questioning. As a result, the other party became nervous and attempted to attack, but was killed in self-defense.

“I see.”

Song Shiyi blinked her eyes as she listened, as if it was some kind of habit of hers.

Lu Yao felt that when Song Shiyi blinked, she looked a bit like someone from his memory… and the more he looked, the more she resembled that person. It’s just that the name was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t say it.

The questioning process was almost done, and Song Shiyi pressed the stop button on her phone.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

She put her phone back in her bag. “Next is a personal conversation. Miss Apostle, you caught ‘Jack’ nearby last time, right?”

Isabella did not respond.

But Lu Yao, who was observing from a distance, was surprised.

“Don’t be nervous, this is purely a personal exchange.”

“Miss Mary, please allow me to introduce myself again.”

Song Shiyi pointed to herself. “Although I am a prosecutor from the committee, many people are willing to keep in touch with me because I have a mental illness.”

“Have you heard of anterograde amnesia? It’s a bit more severe than that.”

“In simple terms, my memory can only be retained for a short period of time. However, skills, knowledge, and experience will remain in my mind, but memories will automatically be destroyed within twenty-four hours. The memories in my mind can only be retained up to when I was fourteen.”

“Besides, I can also choose to erase my own memory. That is to say, I can erase my memory, but I can’t retain it.”

“This is good for my work. I don’t have to remember too much, and I don’t have too many worries. Everyone is willing to cooperate with my work because I won’t invade their privacy.”

“The committee once suggested that I wear something like a recorder, but I refused. In that case, I would lose my advantage.”

“Moreover, waking up and having to remember so many things is a huge burden. Every day is a new beginning, which is more relaxed.”

She touched the sparrow on her shoulder: “This is Little Ming, its ability is identification, it’s an expert in this field.”

“So I could identify you at a glance.”

“Of course, you can find out about what I’ve said with a little inquiry.”

“This is my business card. If you need help or can provide me with some clues, please call this number.”

She took out a white business card from her bag and handed it over politely with both hands.

“I look forward to your call, Miss Mary.”

Lu Yao understood.

Song Shiyi was explaining her situation, revealing her identity and personal characteristics. She was extending an olive branch, hoping that Isabella could become her potential informant.

Isabella also politely accepted the business card.

“Well, I should go back and report. Say hello to the friend who follows you for me.”

Song Shiyi took out a small plastic box from her bag, pinched out a capsule from it, and indicated to the other party: “As I said, when necessary, memories can disappear in advance.”

She swallowed the capsule and took out a bottle of mineral water for a sip.

A moment later, Song Shiyi’s eyes became somewhat dull, as if she had just woken up. She looked at her skirt and stockings, showing a puzzled expression.

“Why am I not at home?”

“Ah, what happened again?”

“I remember I have to go for an outdoor shoot today, is it here…”

She took out her phone and started flipping through the records.

The sparrow on her shoulder seemed to be used to this, just grooming its wing feathers with its beak.

Isabella passed by Song Shiyi, who had no reaction at all.

At this moment, Lu Yao finally remembered.

Song Lingyun, a member of the girl idol group SUH!

She is Song Lingyun!

Lu Yao remembered Song Lingyun because two of his friends in college were big fans of her. They thought she was energetic and cute, sometimes a bit confused, and occasionally would suddenly become smart and sharp like a sudden burst of cosmos. Those two were hardcore fans.

He quickly searched on the internet.

The little cat mouth and the blinking look were not just similar, they were exactly the same.

Song Lingyun is Song Shiyi.

The girl idol turned out to be a special agency prosecutor… This plot reminded him of some weird special effects films.

Continuing to search on the internet, Lu Yao found that Song Lingyun had suddenly left the group due to health problems three years ago. After that, she completely disappeared, and the internet rumor was that she went abroad for treatment.

Lu Yao frowned.

So the question is.

Was it the girl prosecutor who infiltrated the girl group to investigate?

Or the girl group couldn’t save the world, so I had to become a prosecutor?

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