Chapter 26 – Behind the desert

Isabella single-handedly wiped out the sandworms that occupied the oasis and restored the only transit point in the desert. Unfortunately, the oasis, which had been managed by the Bedouin tribe for generations, was destroyed.

The once lush oasis now only had a few collapsed sand caves, and everything else had turned into ruins.

A white light shone from Isabella.

A wisp of black mist rose from the ground ahead, condensing into a blurry figure. A dialogue box appeared above the figure’s head, but it was filled with garbled characters.

Garbled characters also appeared above Isabella’s head as she engaged in encrypted communication with the figure.

Soon, the black figure dissipated.

Isabella faced the computer screen, kneeling on one knee, and said, “Sir, I used the last prayer to ask the deceased here. They told me that the sandworms attacked here to seize the copper mine underground in the oasis.”

“Sandworms love minerals. They consume the minerals and incorporate the metallic elements into their bodies to strengthen themselves.”

“Most of the mining areas in the desert are occupied by different groups of sandworms. Only this place is protected by divine power, preventing them from approaching.”

“Not long ago, they discovered that there was no longer divine power here, so the sandworms quickly attacked the oasis. In order to seize the copper mine, a small-scale war also broke out among them. The twelve sandworms I dealt with were the original winners here.”

Lu Yao was delighted to hear this.

There was actually copper.

He had been worried that the Garlic Tribe had not yet unlocked the skill tree for metal smelting, but he didn’t expect the opportunity to be in the desert.

But Isabella’s next words immediately poured cold water on him.

“There isn’t much copper here, and it has already been eaten by the sandworms. Sandworms are creatures that can go without food for a long time. When they encounter copper and iron mines, they will consume them crazily until all the minerals are digested.”

The copper mine had been eaten…

Lu Yao looked at the sandworm corpses on the ground and suddenly had an idea.

Since the sandworms had consumed the minerals to strengthen their bodies, could it be understood that the copper mine was still a part of the sandworm corpses?

Lu Yao gave an order.

– Check the bodies and see if there is any copper.

It didn’t take long for Isabella to come up with the inspection results.

“Just as you said, sir, there are pieces of copper under the sandworms’ skin, and these pieces are very sturdy.”

Lu Yao thought to himself, as expected.

Without the Apostle, it would be impossible to discover the secret of the sandworms.


Without the Apostle, it would be impossible to enter the desert and fight against the sandworms.

Relying solely on the Garlic Tribe’s own strength to enter the desert and confront the sandworms would undoubtedly be a death sentence.

It was only because of Isabella’s presence that they could enter these dangerous high-level areas.

Next, the hunters of the Garlic Tribe followed Isabella into the desert and arrived at the oasis. When they saw the giant snake-like sandworm corpses, the pixelated people became extremely excited.

“What powerful monsters, they must have been terrifying when they were alive.”

“Their skin is thicker than sea monsters, and their bodies are even bigger.”

“Monster meat! Leather! And sturdy bones!”

“A great harvest!”

Suddenly, a pixelated person had an exclamation mark above their head.

“There’s something in the sandworm skin, it’s copper! Copper!”

A line of text appeared on the screen.

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered copper.】

A new resource, metal, was added to the resource bar at the top of the game interface. Currently, there was only copper, and it was in a scarce red state.

The pixelated people busily cut open the sandworm corpses and then used camels to transport them back to the Garlic Tribe. Since the journey was long and there were many sandworm corpses, the tribe used all the camels, and the shaman personally commanded the transportation.

With Isabella’s help, the path through the plains and oasis of the Garlic Tribe was cleared as they ventured through the desert. It was only a matter of time before they walked out of the desert.

At this moment, Lu Yao suddenly saw a notification.

【To thank you for recapturing the old site of the Bedouin Tribe, the astrologer Sahen has taught the Garlic Tribe the mining skill.】

【The Garlic Tribe has learned mining.】

【The Garlic Tribe has gained reputation among other tribes due to mastering new technology.】

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered iron.】

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered gemstones.】

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered gold.】

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered silver.】

【The Garlic Tribe has discovered crystals.】

A series of reminders made Lu Yao look towards the tent next to the temple.

The former leader of the Bedouin Tribe, now the weather forecaster of the Garlic Tribe, was kneeling outside the temple, bowing his head to express his gratitude to Lu Yao.

He actually left something behind.

Lu Yao couldn’t help but think.

If Sahen had hidden something, could it be possible that others also had this possibility?

Perhaps only by achieving the most important goals in their hearts, fulfilling their obsessions and expectations, would they be willing to share all their technology and experience.

After learning mining, the tribe gradually assigned some people to dig and excavate around the stones, and the use of stones became more widespread. The most direct change was the addition of low stone walls outside the houses.

In addition, the Garlic Tribe also gradually learned the most primitive smelting methods. The pixelated people dug a large hole in the ground, piled up firewood, and burned copper, iron, silver, and gold from the ores.

Soon, the words “The Gift is completely completed, and the fishing net is integrated into the world” appeared on the screen.

New tools could be deployed again.

Lu Yao stretched and moved his fingers and waist.

With every step forward in tribal civilization, there was the backache and fatigue paid by the divine beings.

In this winter, Isabella chopped her way through the sandworms along the way and walked out of the vast southern desert, arriving in a brand new world.

It was a city called Sanilo, far more advanced than the Garlic Tribe.

Sanilo was built by the seaside, controlling the seaport. The city not only had neatly arranged houses and straight intersecting stone roads, but also various well-stocked shops.The city was home to tens of thousands of people, with a few fishing boats and sailboats docked at the seaside port.

The only problem was, the residents of Sanilo were not human.

This was a city inhabited by ghosts.

Initially, there were some minor misunderstandings between the ghosts of Sanilo and Isabella. After Isabella slaughtered nearly half of the ghost soldiers in the city, the ghosts changed their attitude and warmly welcomed her.

The people of Sanilo treated Isabella as a distinguished guest and introduced her to the long history of the city. The locals expressed their willingness to worship God Yao, offering their faith to receive his protection and forgiveness.

The situation was stable.

“Sanilo City has always been hospitable, especially respectful and devout to powerful gods. It is our honor to have such a noble Apostle visit us,” said Chapman, the mayor of Sanilo.

“I must tell you, Lady Isabella, Sanilo is actually a cursed city.”

“It was once incredibly prosperous, excelling in maritime trade and agriculture, with a population far exceeding the present. But after the god of the forest we worshipped fell, we were cursed by another god.”

“All of us were executed and turned into ghosts.”

“The god descended a totem, preventing the ghosts of Sanilo from ever leaving, as punishment for our heresy. Apart from the ancient Bedouin tribe, it has been many years since anyone has visited here.”

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