Chapter 25 – Battle Mode

“Lu Yao, Lu Yao?”

Sister Peng reminded, “Give me a copy of this month’s report, they’re urging for it.”

“Ah, right away.”

Lu Yao handed over the report, pinched his nose, feeling a bit tired.

“You look tired lately,” Sister Peng joked while printing materials, “What’s going on? Are you doing a side job after work? Or going out for a night of fun?”

Lu Yao could only vaguely say that he didn’t sleep well.

Recently, it was a critical period for the development of the Garlic Tribe, and Lu Yao had been keeping an eye on the screen, not daring to relax.

He took the initiative to destroy the mountain pass, cutting off the trade with the Salt Lake Tribe. The Garlic Tribe needed another passage to connect with the outside world.

In theory, there were three routes.

Go north through the forest and enter the northern world.

Cross the East River to the east and enter the East Sea.

March south into the desert and reopen the oasis.

Among the three routes, the forest road was the most dangerous. This was also Isabella’s exact words.

“Sir, there are elemental creatures in the depths of the forest. Their numbers are unknown, and some of them are highly aggressive. Even if a path can be opened, there may be constant harassment from elemental creatures, which would pose a hidden danger.”

Starting water trade and navigation to the east would require the development of better shipbuilding techniques. A single log boat could be used for fishing and water transportation, but it couldn’t support long-distance voyages. Building larger and sturdier ships would take time.

Relatively speaking, the desert was the best choice.

The Bedouin Tribe had lived in the desert for many years and was familiar with the environment. The dangers in the desert were sandstorms, harsh weather, desert monsters, and bandits.

Among the many dangers, desert monsters were the biggest threat.

The so-called desert monsters were giant worms called “sandworms.”

They lived underground in the desert, with a huge size like giant earthworms, with rough and tough yellow-brown skin that could not be harmed by stones or wood. Sandworms hunted camels and swallowed and digested various hard stones. They were behemoths in the desert and an unstoppable natural disaster for the Bedouin Tribe.

The most crucial thing was a sentence Isabella said to Lu Yao.

“When I was searching for the Bedouin Tribe, I killed a worm.”

Lu Yao immediately became alert.

– Can you deal with those worms?

“Sir, should we kill them all?”

Lu Yao realized that there was a chance.

– Hunting sandworms is secondary. The primary goal is to reclaim the oasis and open a passage from the desert to the outside world. Of course, it would be best to minimize the number of sandworms.

“Yes, sir.”

– Do you need support?

“Sir, the treasures you have given me are already sufficient. These worms are not difficult to deal with.”

– Alright, then depart immediately.

After work, Lu Yao anxiously sat in front of the computer and locked his perspective on the desert area.

The desert had already expanded into large new areas, and Isabella had found the occupied oasis. There were a pile of yellow-brown long worm corpses around her, with only the upper half of these worms exposed in the desert, looking like giant fingers poking out from the ground.

Isabella’s head displayed [In Battle].

Lu Yao continuously clicked on Apostle, immediately bringing up a detailed battle scene. The originally relaxed electronic music turned into a fast-paced and exciting style.

Black-clothed Isabella faced a group of brown worm monsters, but only two of the enemies were still alive. Both sides had their own health bars displayed above their heads.

[Isabella LV15] VS [Sandworm LV10] [Sandworm LV11].

The battle presented a real-time auto chess mode.

Isabella wielded a green lightsaber, constantly stabbing and slashing the two sandworms. Green light balls flew out from the lightsaber, bombarding the sandworms in a tracking-style attack.

Lu Yao thought of the description of the Sword of the Forest’s ability.

Sword of the Forest Lv1: [Isabella’s Exclusive Ability] Isabella summons the holy sword, enhancing all combat attributes. The duration and enhancement depend on the ability level and mana.

This green lightsaber should be the holy sword.

It was the first time Lu Yao had seen Isabella enter a serious battle mode. When dealing with the barbarian hero before, Isabella could easily kill with just a steel pipe, without even using her abilities.

It could be seen that the sandworms were much stronger than the barbarian hero.

The sandworms were somewhat like groundhogs, able to burrow into the sand and emerge from unexpected directions. Their attack method was to spit out a black venom that could be sprayed from a distance.

However, Isabella’s movement and attack speed were too fast. In front of her, the sandworms’ attacks landed on her and displayed a long string of “Miss.” Meanwhile, Isabella’s stabs and green light bombardment from the holy sword made it impossible for the sandworms to dodge.

The health bar above the sandworms’ heads quickly dropped, and the lower-level one had already emptied its health bar, displaying the [Death] symbol above its head.

Lu Yao moved the mouse to the remaining sandworm.

[Sandworm LV11]

Health: 101/220

Mana: 16/44

Damage: 8

Defense: 8

Speed: 5

[Evasion Lv5]

Can evade some damage from attacks. Compared to its weak health, this probability is higher.

[Poison Lv5]

Attacks can poison the enemy, causing continuous damage.

So there were detailed battle data.

Lu Yao moved the mouse back to Isabella’s head.

[Apostle Lv15] Sword of the Forest · Isabella

Health: 220/224

Mana: 271/385

Damage: 27

Defense: 25

Speed: 15

[Wisdom Lv15]

Wisdom is the key for the Apostle to listen to the will of the gods. The higher the level of wisdom, the easier it is to improve and comprehend various abilities.

[Last Prayer Lv5] (15 mana)

Pray to the Sea of Lasting, temporarily awaken the sleeping dead, and obtain the help of the dead. The type of dead depends on the ability level and mana.

[Sword of the Forest Lv1] (100 mana)【Isabella’s Exclusive Ability】Isabella summons the holy sword, enhancing all combat attributes. The duration and enhancement depend on the ability level and mana. After the battle, Isabella will create some forest elemental creatures, the quantity and species of which depend on the ability level and the strength of the opponent.


Lu Yao observed for a while and roughly understood the combat mechanism of the simulator.

The simulator simplified the combat, turning it into a visualized form of values and abilities.

Isabella’s speed was three times that of the sandworm, which resulted in the sandworm’s attacks always missing. However, under Isabella’s attack, the number -19 kept popping up on the sandworm.

Lu Yao calculated that Isabella’s damage was 27, the sandworm’s defense was 8, and the difference between the two was exactly 19 points. If there were no special abilities or equipment, as long as the attack hit, the direct damage would be the difference between damage and defense.

In actual combat, if the basic value gap between the two sides was too large and there was no counteracting ability, the battle would be one-sided.

Just like the sandworm facing Isabella.

Even if the sandworm’s attack hit, it couldn’t break through the defense, and the outcome was already predetermined.

With the last sandworm’s health bar emptied, a prompt of 【Battle Over】 appeared on the screen.

At this time, Isabella inserted the holy sword into the ground.

Green lights emerged from the bodies of many sandworms, all of which drilled into the holy sword, gradually distorting and forming two fluffy red-brown creatures, their levels and species were exactly the same.


【Spotted Lynx LV10】【Created by Isabella】

Health: 182/182

Mana: 55/55

Damage: 9

Defense: 4

Speed: 9

【Quick Strike】

Can attack more frequently.


If not discovered under stealth, the first attack on a creature will definitely cause a 【Bleeding】 effect, which will continuously reduce the opponent’s health.

【Forest Elemental LV1】

Forest elemental creature, beneficial for the rapid growth of the forest, all attributes are enhanced in the forest. The effect depends on the ability level and health.


Lu Yao was excited.

The Sword of the Forest had finally been successfully activated once!

Judging from the abilities and attributes, the Spotted Lynx was clearly an assassin, good at ambush and sneak attacks, with sufficient damage and fast speed. Its level was also quite good.

“My lord, I have a request.”

Isabella said, “They are too weak to be of any use to me, but they can protect the humans of the Garlic Tribe in the forest.”

“Can we first send the weak elemental creatures that have been created back to the forest to continue growing? When there are more of them and they have grown up, they can be useful.”

Lu Yao thought it was feasible.

Accumulating troops in one go was also a classic tactic.

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