Chapter 23 – Spoiler

Isabella returned, allowing Lu Yao to finally have someone to communicate with and give complex instructions to directly.

【Drifting Letter】now only has one page of paper available, and it becomes invalid once it is used up. Lu Yao needs it to produce +1 faith per hour, so it can basically only be treated as a mascot.

In the past, when Lu Yao wanted to issue instructions, he needed to interpret them through the prophet and then convey them to the tribe. However, through this series of information, after being interpreted and relayed by the prophet, it became even more obscure and elusive to the people of the tribe.

The whole process was like picking one’s nose with gloves on.

Both the hand and the nose felt something was wrong.

Through Isabella’s narration, Lu Yao, who was in a fixed overhead perspective, could finally know what had happened in this pixelated game world.

“According to the description from the Bedouin tribe, the desert bandits only started appearing in recent years. And before the monster attacked the oasis, something happened.”

Isabella’s narration appeared above her head.

“The Salt Pool tribe once found the Bedouin tribe and wanted them to transport goods for the Salt Pool tribe in the desert and establish a base in the oasis.”

“This was opposed and rejected by the Bedouin tribe.”

“Not long after that, the desert monsters, which were originally far away from the oasis, suddenly went into a frenzy and attacked in large numbers. The Bedouin tribe couldn’t resist and could only abandon the oasis and temporarily flee.”

“During the escape, the desert bandits took the opportunity to kill many people from the Bedouin tribe and plunder their camels and flocks.”

“The Salt Pool tribe is very dangerous,” Isabella commented.

Lu Yao thought to himself that what was meant to happen would always happen.

If the Garlic tribe had refused to trade with them at the beginning, they might have encountered various unexpected troubles as well.

The Salt Pool tribe’s influence spread throughout the area, and the Garlic tribe also had to be prepared to deal with them.

Lu Yao glanced at the 11 Salt Pool tribe captives and suddenly had an idea.

He quickly typed on the keyboard.

——Send all these 11 captives to the East River tribe as assistance.

“Yes, sir.”

——Also, ask the East River tribe about their cooperation with the Salt Pool tribe.

After receiving the order, Isabella met with the 【Grandmother】.

“It’s actually Apostle-sama!”

【Grandmother】was extremely surprised, and a question mark appeared above her head.

In her mind, she thought, “Fortunately, the tribe has always been praying and worshiping. Ordinary gods cannot have apostles. It seems that God Yao is a terrifying god on the same level as Pray to the Gods.”

This also made Lu Yao vigilant.

That Pray to the Gods also had apostles, so he had to be extra careful if he encountered them.

【The attitude of the East River tribe has become friendly.】

After sending this batch of captives, Lu Yao indeed received the gratitude and goodwill of the East River tribe.

So Lu Yao shifted his attention to the other side.

The joining of the remnants of the Bedouin tribe brought about a series of major changes to the Garlic tribe.

【The Garlic tribe learned how to raise and use camels.】

【The Garlic tribe learned how to raise and use sheep.】

【The Garlic tribe now has livestock.】

【The Garlic tribe discovered wool.】

Both domesticated animals had their uses.

After the Garlic tribe started raising camels, camels replaced manpower and were used to transport heavy objects such as wood, stone, and fish, greatly increasing transportation and collection efficiency.

The pixelated people began to explore on camels. With this means of transportation, the range of movement for the tribe’s people greatly expanded. They could enter and exit forests and mountains in a short period of time. The Garlic tribe also set foot in the desert for the first time, searching for usable resources.

The appearance of sheep brought two important resources.

Meat and wool.

In the past, the Garlic tribe relied on hunters to hunt for meat. Hunting was not only seasonal but also dangerous. Even though they now had bows and arrows, hunters still frequently got injured.

After domesticating sheep, there was a stable supply of meat.

Wool was also an important material for warmth.

The Bedouin tribe members were skilled in raising camels and sheep, and they also mastered the techniques of spinning and weaving wool. As they integrated into the crowd, their skills became the knowledge of the Garlic tribe and spread and popularized.

Lu Yao’s main focus was on the leader of the remnants of the Bedouin tribe, Shahen. He was an old man with gray hair and held the title of 【Astrologer】.

【Astrologer Lv4】Shahen

Attack 0 Defense 0 Knowledge 4 Mana 2 Luck 0 Morale 1


Astrology Lv3: Divining the changes in celestial phenomena and good or bad luck through star signs.

Someone similar to Shahen was Shaman Liecang.

【Shaman Lv3】Liecang

Attack 0 Defense 0 Knowledge 2 Mana 2 Luck 0 Morale 1


Healing Lv2: Able to heal various diseases and injuries. The healing ability is related to ability level, knowledge, and mana.

Both the astrologer and the shaman had strong operational and practical abilities.

After arriving at the Garlic tribe, the astrologer sat by the temple, setting up a sheepskin tent. He offered sacrifices to the gods while observing and divining the celestial phenomena.

Most of the time, he acted as the tribe’s weather forecaster.”The rain is plentiful, this spring is suitable for sowing.”

“A storm is brewing on the horizon, everyone pack up and seek shelter early.”

“Fury will erupt in the mountains, do not venture into them.”

Lu Yao specifically verified and found that the predictions of large-scale disasters, such as heavy rain, earthquakes, and hurricanes, were highly accurate.

The Garlic Tribe merged with the Beidu Tribe, further expanding their borders and industries. Coupled with the further abundance of food, the pixelated figures were often seen with smiles on their faces.

On the other hand, the situation of the East River Tribe continued to deteriorate.

Originally, the sea monsters were suffering from incurable diseases, constantly weakening and dying. Now, only two sea monsters remained alive.

Isabella returned to the temple and reported, “Sir, I used the prayer of the dying to awaken the spirits of the sea monsters in the East River Tribe. After questioning and verification, it was confirmed that they were poisoned.”

“Sea monsters usually feed in the water, eating fish, shrimp, and shellfish. However, in the past year, some peculiar meat suddenly appeared at the bottom of the water.”

“This meat is very fresh, and the sea monsters love it. Although they are huge, their brains are not smart, similar to babies.”

“After eating this meat, the sea monsters began to show varying degrees of illness, their scales ulcerated, their bodies weak, and they were always drowsy. If the symptoms worsened, the sea monsters would die.”

The poisoning of the sea monsters was targeted at the East River Tribe.

This troublemaker style immediately reminded Lu Yao of a certain group.

He typed on the keyboard.

– Salt Pool Tribe.

“Sir, you have indeed seen through everything.”

Isabella continued to share her findings.

“I used the prayer of the dying to question the spirits in the East River. The spirits said that a group of mysterious people came to the river by boat after nightfall, specifically near the boat island of the East River Tribe. They threw the meat into the water. It was confirmed to be the doing of the Salt Pool Tribe.”

“According to the East River Tribe, they have conflicts with the Salt Pool Tribe. The Salt Pool Tribe has always wanted to exchange slaves and salt for sea monsters, but they were rejected by the East River Tribe.”

“The Salt Pool Tribe was very upset about this, considering it a betrayal and distrust. The relationship between the two tribes became increasingly cold, and the volume of trade was also constantly decreasing.”

Lu Yao understood.

The prayer of the dying was not only used to summon spirits for battle, but also a divine skill for collecting information.

He thought for a moment and made a decision.

– Tell the East River Tribe the truth.

– Then tell them that the Garlic Tribe is willing to provide a piece of land by the river for them to settle on land. This way, they don’t have to worry about the waves and climate issues on the water. It’s closer to the Garlic Tribe, trade is convenient, and both sides can support each other.

“Yes, sir.”

Isabella took the order.

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