Chapter 53 – Campus Apocalypse

The function of a gun is not only to kill, but also to intimidate.

When suddenly appearing monsters bring people crazy fear, only another kind of fear can make them temporarily calm down.

“What are you? Why do you have a gun?”

“Police! Are you a police officer?”

“Save us! There are monsters in the school!”



After a brief moment of confusion, the students became noisy again, crowding towards Lin Qiye. The voices echoed through the entire school gate.

Lin Qiye frowned slightly and moved forward instead of retreating!

He lightly pressed his finger on the handle of the black box, and the side of the black box quickly opened, shooting out a sheathed straight knife!

Lin Qiye lightning-fast grabbed the handle of the knife,


The knife was unsheathed!

The blade, emitting a faint blue light, cut through the air, causing a slight buzzing sound. It lightning-fast slashed towards the leading male student!

The student’s pupils contracted, and his entire head swelled, as if something was about to burst out the next moment!

However, Lin Qiye’s knife chopped off his head first!

A terrifying monster head, full of flesh and fangs, flew up high, and the sticky blood splattered the surrounding students. They stared blankly at this scene, as if frozen in place like sculptures.

From their irrational rush towards Lin Qiye, to Lin Qiye drawing his sword, swinging his sword, and beheading, it took just a blink of an eye. These students were still unable to recover from the visually shocking reality.

A piercing scream erupted a few seconds later.

Monsters… had been hiding among them all along?

“Quiet!” Lin Qiye shouted loudly, a fleeting golden light flashing in his eyes!

The chaotic crowd instantly fell silent!

At the moment Lin Qiye spoke, an unprecedented pressure crashed into their hearts like waves, directly stunning them.

“Now, there are no more hidden monsters among you. You can directly leave the school gate, and someone will open the door for you!” Lin Qiye sheathed his knife and calmly said,

“But, all of you must leave in order, don’t push. If I see anyone breaking the rules…”

Lin Qiye slowly raised the muzzle of the gun and waved it in front of everyone.

Upon hearing these words, the students immediately turned and ran towards the school gate. Although they seemed a bit impatient, there was still some order. Several girls were too weak to walk, and some boys supported them towards the school gate.

At this time, a corner of the No-Restrictions Zone at the school gate was lifted, revealing a path leading to the outside world.

Outside the No-Restrictions Zone, there would be people specifically responsible for erasing their memories, so Lin Qiye didn’t need to worry about that.

Just this wave of students alone, there were about four hundred people, and a large number of students were continuously running from the teaching building to here. They were all first-year and third-year students.

There weren’t many infected individuals among the first-year and third-year students, and the teaching building was also close to the school gate, so it wasn’t difficult for them to escape the teaching building after the monsters appeared. However, the trouble was that there were still infected individuals who hadn’t been exposed and were hiding among the chaotic students.

They were like unstable bombs, and no one knew when they would explode. But undoubtedly, the moment they exploded would undoubtedly become the last straw that broke the students’ psychological limits.

It was like a group of students who had finally escaped from the monsters, finally found a safe place, and just let down their guard, when the heads of their classmates cracked open again…

Although the killing power of the monsters was limited, the absurd things that humans did due to panic had no limits.

Fortunately, with Lin Qiye as a human identifier, he could easily find the monsters mixed in the crowd and directly kill them. The students who were identified as harmless could leave this place through the No-Restrictions Zone.

With so many students, if they insisted on staying in the school, it would only increase the variables. Lin Qiye couldn’t send away all the students, but he could send away some.

Fortunately, the current high school students had good physical fitness. In just a few minutes, about one thousand three to four hundred people had run to the school gate and left the school after being identified by Lin Qiye. The first-year and third-year buildings were basically empty.

“You can close the passage now. I’m going in to save people,” Lin Qiye said to Leng Xuan on the other end of the earpiece.

Leng Xuan responded with an “mmh,” and the passage of the No-Restrictions Zone slowly closed, isolating the entire school from the outside world once again.

Just as Lin Qiye was about to set off, the sky suddenly flickered, like a malfunctioning old TV, and dimmed.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m not very familiar with the No-Restrictions Zone. It seems like I encountered something strange… Will it affect you? Let me study it…”

Lin Qiye looked up at the blood-red sky and sighed.

“I feel like emerald green is more approachable. After all, the current scene… doesn’t it look like the end of the world?”Under the blood-red dome of the sky, the entire campus atmosphere was eerie and mysterious. The screams mixed with the roars of monsters echoed from the distant second-year teaching building, reverberating in the sky.

A faint scent of blood permeated the air, causing Lin Qiye’s brows to furrow slightly.

He shook his head, casting aside the chaotic thoughts in his mind, and began to search the first and third-year teaching buildings with his knife in hand.


“Alan… I, I’m so scared!”

“Shh!” Alan peeked out from the toilet stall, took a glance outside, and then slowly retracted, “Keep your voice down, don’t attract those monsters.”

“But why didn’t we run out with them? Why are we hiding here?” another girl asked.

In this narrow and dark toilet stall, three girls were squeezed together, their faces filled with fear, their lips pale.

Alan lowered her voice, her eyes surprisingly gleaming with excitement, “Haven’t you seen those disaster movies? When the end of the world comes, those who mindlessly rush out basically die!

Based on my years of movie-watching experience, it’s wisest to separate from the main group and hide in a safe place to wait for rescue at this time!”

“But… this isn’t a movie!” The girl next to her whimpered, “And, are you sure the toilet is a safe place?”

“I’d like to find another place too, but in this huge teaching building, other than classrooms, there are only toilets. Where else can we go?” Alan sighed helplessly, “But don’t worry, we’ll be safe hiding here.”


Before Alan could finish her sentence, the door of the toilet stall was suddenly pulled open.

The three girls hiding in the stall screamed in unison!

When they saw that the one opening the door was not a monster, but a young man with a knife, they all quieted down and covered their mouths.

“Safe? Hardly.” Lin Qiye spoke indifferently.

The straight knife in his hand was drawn out in an instant, and under the horrified gaze of the three girls, he swiftly decapitated one of them.

A large, grotesque head of flesh and blood fell to the ground.

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