Chapter 52 – Snake demon

The corridor was illuminated as bright as day by the crimson flames.

Hong Ying held a long spear, crouching slightly, her eyes fixed on the four monsters in front of her. A circle of fiery waves spread slowly from her as the center.

Suddenly, her figure turned into a blazing fire and shot out!

The crimson remnants rapidly dissipated in the air, leaving behind a red silhouette. Her speed was so fast that it was impossible to capture with the naked eye!

In an instant, she appeared in front of the monsters!

The long spear trembled lightly, and countless flames burst out like blooming buds, piercing the four monsters that hadn’t reacted yet!

The crimson flames ignited, engulfing the roaring monsters.

Sparks fell from the sky like withering cherry blossoms, covering the entire corridor.

Hong Ying slung the long spear behind her back, lightly snapped her fingers, and the flames in the corridor instantly extinguished, plunging it into darkness once again.

“Xiao Nan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine… I even killed one.” Si Xiaonan looked at the disfigured monster on the ground and giggled.

“Xiao Nan, you’re amazing.” Hong Ying walked up and patted her head, smiling.

“You can’t compare to Sister Hong Ying. With your Crimson Flame Feather Robe, even dozens of monsters wouldn’t be enough to kill.”

“You flatter me.”

At that moment, hurried footsteps echoed from the hallway.

Hong Ying frowned and held the long spear behind her, vigilantly looking towards the sound.

“What’s going on? Why are there still students inside?” The panicked dormitory manager climbed up the stairs and saw the two standing in the charred corridor, exclaiming in surprise.

Seeing the newcomer, Hong Ying relaxed a bit and moved her hand away from the long spear.

“We’re students here to put out the fire. The fire has already been extinguished.” Hong Ying replied.

Because the corridor was dark, the dormitory manager seemed to have not noticed the long spear on her body and hurriedly waved at them.

“Which class are you students from? Why aren’t you afraid of death? Hurry up and follow me out. The fire truck will be here soon!”

Hong Ying and Si Xiaonan exchanged glances, put away their weapons in a black box, and quickly ran towards the hallway.

The two approached the dormitory manager, who seemed to be about to say something…


A buzzing gunshot suddenly rang out, and a bullet passed through the gap in the handrail, hitting the dormitory manager’s waist!

Hong Ying and Si Xiaonan’s pupils contracted, instinctively distancing themselves from the dormitory manager.

The powerful recoil slammed the dormitory manager against the edge of the wall. She widened her eyes, staring in astonishment at the teenager slowly walking up the stairs.

In the next moment, her head burst open, transforming into a grotesque flesh monster!

It roared!

“I clearly aimed for the head… How did it hit the waist?”

At the corner of the hallway, Lin Qiye held a gun, muttered to himself, and aimed the muzzle at the bloodthirsty mouth, pulling the trigger expressionlessly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

Three consecutive bullets pierced through the monster’s mouth, causing its body to convulse violently. It lost its vitality and stiffly rolled down the stairs.

“Qi Ye?” Hong Ying exclaimed in surprise.

“I heard that you were in a fierce battle, so I rushed over.” Lin Qiye put away the gun, stepped on the bloody flesh on the ground, and looked around.

“Hmm? Where are the monsters?”

“I’ve already killed them all.” Hong Ying crossed her arms and smiled, with an expression that said, “I’m strong, praise me quickly.”

“Have you found its true form?”

Hong Ying’s face immediately fell, shaking her head in frustration. “No.”

Lin Qiye carefully searched this floor, pondering to himself, “According to reason, this should be the place where the first infected person appeared. Could it be that after infecting others, it left?”

“Is it that smart?”

“This mythical creature must possess considerable intelligence.” Lin Qiye said confidently, “It can perfectly replicate a person’s personality and behavior, making it impossible to distinguish between true and false. This is not something a beast can do.

Moreover, its infection strategy so far has shown strong logic.”

“Logic? Does it have that?” Si Xiaonan asked in confusion.

“Yes, it chose to start infecting from the girls’ dormitory not only because girls have weaker physical strength and are easier to control, but also because it cleverly used the unique charm of girls to make others let down their guard.

It used these girls to communicate with other boys, gaining their favor, and then lured them to secluded places to infect them, completely unnoticed. Even the teachers fell for it.

Its actions seem random, but they are actually highly concealed and well-planned.

If it weren’t for Li Yifei happening to catch Liu Xiaoyan infecting the headmaster, perhaps we wouldn’t have realized its existence for another half a year. And by then… the number of infected would have reached a terrifying level.”

After listening to Lin Qiye’s analysis, Hong Ying and Si Xiaonan felt their scalps go numb.

“I’ve never seen a mythical creature with such high intelligence before.” Hong Ying furrowed her brows, “According to what you’re saying, it probably knew we were coming and naturally wouldn’t stay here.”

“That’s very likely.” Lin Qiye nodded helplessly.”What…what is that over there?” Si Xiaonan tilted her head, pointing towards the end of the corridor.

Lin Qiye and Hong Ying were taken aback, turning their heads simultaneously, their pupils suddenly constricting!

On the small balcony at the end of the corridor, a monster with a human body and a snake tail was coiled up, its pitch-black scales emitting a chilling aura under the faint sunlight. A pair of gloomy green eyes were quietly staring at the three of them.

Hiss hiss hiss——!

A crimson snake tongue flicked out, the corners of its mouth curling up in what seemed like a sneer.

Lin Qiye and Hong Ying stared for a moment, exchanged a glance, and without a word, they dashed towards the balcony!!

“Chase it!!!”

The snake-tailed monster raised its head high, opened its huge mouth, and let out a sudden hiss towards the sky!

Hiss hiss——!!!

Immediately after, it slid down the edge of the balcony at a rapid speed, incredibly fast.

Almost the moment this hiss sounded, screams came from the distant classrooms!

Lin Qiye abruptly stopped, looking up towards the distance, “The infected are going berserk!”

Hong Ying lightly jumped, flipping to the edge of the balcony, her back carrying a long spear, she turned her head and shouted to Lin Qiye:

“You go protect the students, I’ll chase it!”

As soon as her words fell, she leaped down, disappearing from the balcony.

Lin Qiye made a sharp turn and ran back towards the corridor.

With Hong Ying’s agility and Boundary, jumping down from the fifth floor was no problem, but if he were to jump down at his current level, it would be a disaster.

Lin Qiye, carrying a black box, ran wildly on the road. Along the way, countless students were screaming and running around like headless flies. In the distance, the roars of monsters could be faintly heard.

“Stop running! Follow me! We can’t leave the school now!” Lin Qiye shouted.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the chaos, no one listened to him. Everyone was frantically running towards the school gate, but they were blocked inside by an invisible barrier.

This was the No-Restrictions Zone, set up to prevent the monster’s body and the infected from escaping.

“Quiet! Quiet!”

“Listen to me…”

Lin Qiye shouted several times, but no one paid him any attention. At this moment, Leng Xuan’s words resurfaced in his ears.


Lin Qiye pulled out a pistol from his pocket.

He pulled the trigger towards the sky!

When the gunshot echoed throughout the entire campus, the frenzied students were all stunned.

Lin Qiye held the gun, aiming at the statue-like students, his face expressionless as he lifted his chin.

“I said, everyone be quiet!”

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