Chapter 16 – Always been here

“Lucifer…” Lin Qiye hadn’t fully processed the massive amount of information transmitted by Zhao Kongcheng and stood there in a daze.

“So, you’re saying… after the appearance of the mist, the deities from myths started appearing inexplicably?”

“That’s right. The higher-ups have been investigating the reasons behind this and have come up with two possibilities.” Zhao Kongcheng held up two fingers.

“The first possibility is that these deities themselves didn’t exist, but some mysterious changes occurred after the appearance of the mist, materializing them from myths.”

“The second possibility is that myths were not just fantasies of ancient people, but actually exist. After humans became more active, they hid somewhere on Earth for some reason, and the sudden appearance of the mist awakened them.”

Lin Qiye nodded. “So, what do you mean by not all deities exist now?”

“There aren’t many deities currently existing on Earth. Only a small part of the vast mythological system has appeared. We don’t know why it’s them, and it’s not related to their strength, popularity, morality, or national boundaries. Their appearance seems to be completely random.”

Not only the Bible, but also Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Cthulhu Mythos… all the known deities in human history are included in the current deities.”

“Since it includes all mythological systems, what about the deities of The Great Xia?” Lin Qiye curiously asked, “Like the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, the Third Prince, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Jade Emperor… where are they? If they exist, they should be able to defeat the Western deities, right?”

After a brief silence, Zhao Kongcheng shook his head. “We have thought about what you’re thinking. For the past hundred years, we have explored countless times within The Great Xia’s borders, trying to find their whereabouts…

But for a whole century, we haven’t found anything, not even a local deity.”

“Some say it’s because the mist hasn’t engulfed The Great Xia yet, so the mythological deities won’t appear.

And some say…”

Lin Qiye couldn’t help but ask, “What do some people say?”

“Some say… they have always been here.”

“Always been here?”

“Why do you think the entire Earth was engulfed by the mist, but only The Great Xia survived? The mist has already reached the surroundings of The Great Xia, but it’s blocked at the national border, unable to enter.”

Lin Qiye’s mouth hung open. “Are you saying…”

“It’s just a speculation, or rather… a beautiful fantasy,” Zhao Kongcheng shook his head. “Regardless, we haven’t found any trace of The Great Xia’s deities.”


Just hearing this amount of information, Lin Qiye felt like his worldview was collapsing. If he hadn’t witnessed the existence of the Seraph, he might have called the mental hospital and had Zhao Kongcheng taken away.

This illness was even worse than his own back then!

“What was the golden pillar of light that came out of me last night?” Lin Qiye asked the next question.

“Forbidden Ruin,” Zhao Kongcheng answered. “After the mist enveloped the Earth, the changes that occurred were not limited to the appearance of deities. It seems that these mists have a mysterious effect on our bodies.

Although these mists haven’t entered The Great Xia’s territory, they seem to contain some kind of energy similar to radiation, which catalyzes the bodies of some people. There is a chance that children born after the mist arrived will develop a unique power within their bodies.

Under certain environmental influences, these powers will be triggered, forming a special power that can affect the real environment, like a domain. The characteristics of these powers vary from person to person.”

Lin Qiye pondered.

In simple terms, “Forbidden Ruin” was the manifestation of the lucky ones’ superpower domains.

In that case, his ability to perceive everything within a radius of 20 meters using a similar psychic sense, along with his strong dynamic vision and the ability to use the Seraph’s divine might, was also a manifestation of the Forbidden Ruin.

“Can this Forbidden Ruin grow?”

“Yes, the abilities, range, and uniqueness of the Forbidden Ruin will increase as the host’s psychic power increases. Psychic power is an important criterion for determining the strength of the Forbidden Ruin.

Through psychic power, we divide the Forbidden Ruin into six realms.

When psychic power is like water in a cup, still and scarce, it is called the First Realm, the ‘Cup’ Realm.

When psychic power is like water in a pond, abundant but still, it is called the Second Realm, the ‘Pond’ Realm.

When psychic power is like flowing water in a river, abundant and flowing, it is called the Third Realm, the ‘River’ Realm.

When psychic power is like water in an ocean, vast and boundless, it is called the Fourth Realm, the ‘Sea’ Realm.

When psychic power is almost infinite, immense and majestic, it is called the Fifth Realm, the ‘Immeasurable’ Realm.

When psychic power is inexhaustible, infinite, breaking through spatial dimensions, resembling a Klein bottle, it is called the Sixth Realm, the ‘Klein’ Realm.””What about me? What’s my current boundary?” Lin Qiye asked.

“You? You’re currently at the ‘Lamp’ boundary, just a newbie who can barely use the Forbidden Ruin.” Zhao Kongcheng seemed to enjoy belittling Lin Qiye, “You can only be considered as… um… a slightly more powerful ordinary person.”

Lin Qiye was left speechless.

It seemed that the reason he was able to open the door to the Mental Hospital in his mind last night was because he had broken through to the ‘Lamp’ boundary. The same reason applied to why he could open the door to Nyx’s ward.

Did this mean that every time he broke through to a new boundary, he could release another patient?

“What about you? You’re so powerful, what’s your boundary?” Lin Qiye asked Zhao Kongcheng.

Zhao Kongcheng’s face turned red, and he awkwardly turned to look out the window, “I, I myself… don’t have a Forbidden Ruin, so naturally, I don’t have psychic power.”

“You don’t have a Forbidden Ruin?” Lin Qiye widened his eyes, “Then how did you kill that monster?”

Lin Qiye was genuinely shocked. Even with his abnormal dynamic vision, he could barely handle such a monster. At that time, Zhao Kongcheng was completely suppressing the opponent. How could such a fierce person not have a Forbidden Ruin?

“That thing is called a Ghost Face.” Zhao Kongcheng corrected, “I killed it just by relying on years of training and rich combat experience. Before joining the Night Watchman, I was a special forces soldier, proficient in close combat.”

Zhao Kongcheng continued, “There are three ways to obtain a Forbidden Ruin. One is what I just mentioned, only a small portion of lucky ones are born with the talent to use Forbidden Ruin;

The second is to use items that possess Forbidden Ruin. Not only humans can be affected by the mist and possess Forbidden Ruin, some items can also possess Forbidden Ruin under certain circumstances. These Forbidden Ruins are usually extremely special and rare. If humans can control them, they can also use the power of Forbidden Ruin.

I belong to the second category. However, the Forbidden Artifact I possess is not for attack, but a standard auxiliary Forbidden Artifact unique to the Night Watchman, the ‘Signboard’. It only has one function…

That is to open the No-Restrictions Zone!”

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