Chapter 11 – Open the door

Lin Qiye was really tired.

Both mentally and physically.

He really didn’t expect that such things would happen on his first day of transferring to a new school. Encountering monsters, being betrayed by classmates, fighting for his life, inexplicably waking up, and then a superhuman uncle appearing out of nowhere and sneaking away…

Lin Qiye wasn’t stupid. He knew that his experiences tonight definitely involved the hidden side of this world. The monster that eats people’s faces, the golden light emanating from his body, and the man who single-handedly defeated the monster.

That man was not an ordinary person, and from what he reported on the walkie-talkie, there must be a huge organization behind him. This organization might be hidden in the world, specifically dealing with these strange events.

He saw the light on his body, and maybe even saw the scene of himself killing the monster, so he wanted to recruit him…

It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t curious about the hidden side. He wanted to know what he encountered tonight and what happened to him. But he didn’t want to get involved in this vortex because of his curiosity.

Some secrets, once known, can never be escaped.

He didn’t want to be a hero protecting humanity. He only wanted to protect…

His own home.

Soon, he fell into a deep sleep.

The familiar mist descended once again.

Lin Qiye looked around in his dream and sighed helplessly, “Can’t you leave me alone? Fighting monsters while awake, and now they come knocking on the door while I’m asleep. Life is tough…”

Lin Qiye took a few steps forward, and soon the outline of a mental hospital appeared before his eyes.

On the ancient plaque to the right, there were engraved words.

– The Deities’ Mental Hospital.

Lin Qiye stood in front of the gate and reached for the round handle behind him. As soon as his fingertips touched the handle, the ground trembled slightly!

The surrounding mist suddenly churned.

Lin Qiye held onto the handle, looking confused.

What the hell? I haven’t knocked yet, why is it shaking?

It wasn’t like this before, right?

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind like lightning.

Could it be because… he opened his eyes today?

Lin Qiye lowered his head and looked at the body in his dream. His eyes gradually brightened.

In the past, Lin Qiye’s body in his dreams was translucent, like fragile mist.

But today, his body had become more solid, although still intangible, it was no longer transparent.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at the gate that had blocked him for five years. His gaze became more determined.

Maybe… it will work today!

He took a deep breath, tightly grasped the round handle in his hand, and forcefully slammed it against the gate!


An ancient bell rang from inside the mental hospital, much louder than before. Fortunately, Lin Qiye didn’t have a physical body now, otherwise his eardrums would have been in pain from the tremor.

At the moment the bell rang, the entire mental hospital shook violently again!

There’s a show! Lin Qiye’s eyes lit up.




Lin Qiye didn’t stop and continued to strike three more times. The mental hospital shook as if there was an earthquake!

Finally, after the last strike, the mental hospital made a loud noise, and then everything fell silent again…

Just as Lin Qiye was about to strike again, the gate in front of him made a dull creaking sound and slowly moved.

The gate opened.


After the gate was completely open, a dark and ancient corridor appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

The floor of the corridor was made of an unknown material, emitting a faint glow. Burning orbs hung on the walls, giving off a mysterious and eerie atmosphere.

Lin Qiye walked along the corridor, and soon came to a fork, with modern-looking signs hanging above the fork.

“The left side is the ward, the right side is the activity area…” Lin Qiye muttered to himself as he looked at the signs. “This layout is exactly the same as the mental hospital I lived in years ago.”

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Qiye walked into the activity area first.

There weren’t many rooms in the activity area, but they had everything they needed. There was a multimedia room for watching TV and movies, a lounge for playing chess and entertainment, a study room for reading and studying… There was even a circular outdoor lawn inside the building, with various sports equipment placed on it.

“It’s exactly the same. This dream is really strange.” Lin Qiye frowned, shaking his head in confusion.

After exploring the activity area, he turned around and walked towards the ward area on the other side.

When he reached the entrance of the ward area, Lin Qiye suddenly stopped.

“This place… is different.” Lin Qiye looked at the dark and monotonous corridor in front of him, murmuring to himself.

He clearly remembered that there used to be several floors in the ward area of Sunshine Mental Hospital, and although the facilities were not too advanced, they were at least clean and tidy.

But the ward area in front of Lin Qiye now only had one floor, and there were only six rooms.

The doors of these six rooms were covered with strange symbols and patterns, densely packed like some kind of seal. Just a glance made Lin Qiye dizzy.

Lin Qiye forcibly shifted his gaze away from the doors, stabilized his mind, and looked elsewhere.

Above the ward area, there hung an ancient signboard, and each room had a different symbol on its signboard.

For example, the signboard of the room Lin Qiye was standing in front of now, Room No. 1, had a black circle drawn on it.

And the signboard of Room No. 2 had a staff-like object drawn on it.

Lin Qiye walked along the corridor until he reached the sixth room at the end, still without any clue from these signboards.

He looked at the strange door in front of him and fell into contemplation.

In this mental hospital in his dream, only the ward area was different from Sunshine Mental Hospital in his memory.

So, are there really patients living in these wards?

Or as the name of this mental hospital suggests, are there… gods living inside?Lin Qiye hesitated for a moment, slowly reaching out to the doorknob of the sixth room.

It wasn’t that Lin Qiye was reckless. On one hand, this was his dream, and even if there were any problems, they wouldn’t cause him much harm. On the other hand, he had knocked on the door day after day for five years to enter this mental hospital, and he didn’t want to leave in such confusion.

And in his subconscious, he felt that perhaps there was some secret related to him in this mental hospital?

Otherwise, why would the layout here be exactly the same as the Sunshine Mental Hospital where he had lived?

Lin Qiye’s hand gradually approached, his fingertips lightly touching the doorknob, a faintly cool sensation transmitted.

There was no repulsion or sting as he imagined, his hand naturally gripped the doorknob.

Lin Qiye pulled hard!

The door didn’t budge.

He steadied his body, exerted all his strength, and pulled again!

Still, it didn’t move.

Lin Qiye gave up on this door and walked to the fifth room, pulling hard on the door.

Still, it wouldn’t open.

The fourth, the third, the second…

Lin Qiye tried one by one, none of the doors could be opened, until finally, he came to the first room.

With a mindset of certain failure, Lin Qiye pulled hard on the door of the first room.


A soft sound came from the doorknob, the complex patterns and designs engraved on the door suddenly broke and gradually dissipated into the air.

Lin Qiye was startled, stepping back several steps, staring intently at the front!

The door, was open.

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