Chapter 10 – Under the moonlight, a straight knife

The sharp broken pole pierced through the monster's brain, wiping out all its vitality, but even so, its jumping inertia still existed.


Its huge body fell like a cannonball, knocking Lin Qiye, who was holding the broken pole in front, to the ground.


After all, Lin Qiye was able to kill this monster purely relying on his abnormal dynamic vision and the divine might of the Seraph. His own strength did not increase. This monster weighed at least two hundred kilograms, and he couldn't get rid of it with his strength in a short time.


Moreover, right after Lin Qiye forcefully used the divine might of the Seraph, he felt as if he had been drained of energy. He had no strength left in his body, and he even felt a bit dizzy.


But at this moment, the second monster that had been hiding on the other side finally made a move.


This hunter, who had been secretly hiding in the distance, finally revealed its ferocious fangs!


Its limbs ran swiftly, shuttling under the flickering dim streetlights. The shadows it cast were like swaying ghosts, enchanting and bewitching. Its crimson tongue twisted strangely.


Lin Qiye could see its movements, but he couldn't dodge at all now. He could only watch as the dense fangs rapidly enlarged in front of his eyes!


At the moment when the monster was only two meters away from Lin Qiye, his pupils suddenly contracted!


In his perception range, there was an object faster than the monster approaching rapidly!


That seems… to be a person?


A real person.




Lin Qiye felt his vision blur, and a figure fell from the night sky. His feet landed steadily on the ground, and the wind caused by his body lifted up the dark red cloak, revealing the side face of a middle-aged man.


Not handsome, not ugly, just like an uncle that could be seen anywhere on the street, making people subconsciously ignore his existence.


But the killing intent blooming in his eyes was as dazzling as a sharp sword!


He crouched down, staring fixedly at the monster less than a meter away from him, and firmly gripped the handle of the knife behind his back with his right hand.




A crisp sound rang out from the scabbard, and the pale blue blade reflected the dim moonlight. It broke through the heavy air and silently slashed forward!


It was a plain straight knife!


The blade of the straight knife clashed with the monster's claws, creating a series of sparks.


Zhao Kongcheng let out a low roar, his muscles tensed, and he took a half step forward forcefully!


The monster, which was as big as a brown bear, was actually forced back several steps by him!


Lin Qiye's eyes were filled with disbelief. He had fought against this monster and knew best how terrifying its strength was. Yet, this man in front of him could actually force it back?


Who exactly was he?


After forcing the monster back several steps, Zhao Kongcheng's footsteps moved in a unique way, sticking to the front of the monster like a maggot attached to bones. The straight knife in his hand continuously slashed, leaving a series of ferocious knife marks on the monster's body!


The monster screamed in pain, glaring at Zhao Kongcheng with resentment. Its long and spear-like forelimbs lifted up, trying to kill this hateful human in front of it.


However, two blade auras flickered, and its forelimbs were directly cut off!


Before the monster could even scream, a cold light burst out from Zhao Kongcheng's eyes. The straight knife in his hand swiftly swung towards the monster's neck like lightning!


The pale blue blade easily cut through the monster's flesh and blood. In the next moment, the monster's head flew high into the air…


And rolled to the ground with a thud.




The straight knife returned to its sheath, and the dark red cloak was stained with the monster's blood. However, because the color of the cloak was too similar to the blood, it couldn't be seen if one didn't look carefully.


Zhao Kongcheng didn't even spare a glance at the monster's corpse on the ground. He casually took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and took a deep drag before taking out a walkie-talkie.


"The two ghost-faced men who were trying to escape have been eliminated. Let the logistics team clean up the battlefield."


After speaking, he put away the walkie-talkie and walked straight to Lin Qiye, who had just broken free.


Lin Qiye silently watched him, and he silently watched Lin Qiye.


In the night, beside the pool of blood, the two men silently stared at each other…


After a long time, Zhao Kongcheng couldn't help it anymore and spoke first:


"Was I cool just now?"


Lin Qiye:…


Lin Qiye stared into his eyes for a moment and found that he was actually serious. He could only softly say, "cool."


"That's right." Zhao Kongcheng smirked, "Do you want to become as cool as me?"


"I don't want to."


"…Why?" Zhao Kongcheng's mouth twitched slightly, "Because it's easy to die?"


Lin Qiye's expression was serious.


Zhao Kongcheng was momentarily speechless. "But you just saw it. You have supernatural powers that ordinary people dream of. Don't you want to be like a superhero in movies?"


"Don't want to?"


"…Because it's easy to die?"




Zhao Kongcheng rubbed his temples. This young man in front of him seemed difficult to deal with, but he had been dragged into this mess, and he had such powerful strength…


"Well, this is not the place to talk. Let's go somewhere else and have a good chat." After thinking for a while, Zhao Kongcheng said, "By the way, my name is Zhao Kongcheng, and I'm not a bad person."


"Lin Qiye." Lin Qiye blinked and obediently nodded, "I believe you. Wait for me here, I'll go get my backpack. My study materials are still inside."


"…Go ahead." Zhao Kongcheng helplessly waved his hand and sat down on the roadside curb. He felt a bit depressed.


If an ordinary person experienced this, they would have been scared out of their wits. But this kid was still thinking about getting his study materials…


The most important thing was… he actually directly rejected him?"Damn it, I've given it my all!" The previous slashes were simply too cool!


I've never fought this hard even when sparring with the captain!


Speaking of which, I wonder how the captain is doing. The Ghost Face King is not easy to deal with…


Zhao Kongcheng sat ungracefully by the roadside, lost in thought with a cigarette in his mouth.


Lost in thought…




Something seems off?


Zhao Kongcheng suddenly snapped back to reality, took half a second to react, then abruptly stood up, quickly scanning his surroundings…


Where did that kid go!?


Zhao Kongcheng stood in place, stunned for a good ten seconds, his mouth agape, unable to believe what he had just experienced.


"Damn it, did that kid actually run away?!"



"Bro, why are you home so late today?"


Yang Jin looked at the exhausted Lin Qiye and asked in confusion, "Where's your guide cane?"


Lin Qiye changed into his slippers, forcing a smile on his face, "I ran into some trouble on the road and accidentally lost it."


To prevent Yang Jin from seeing the scar near his temple, Lin Qiye re-wrapped the half of his face with black silk. However, his guide cane was indeed broken. Rather than bringing it back and causing his family to worry, he chose to discard it.


"It's okay,  just replace it… Did you resolve the issue?"


"Mm, it's resolved."


Little Black Pox scampered over from the balcony, rubbing its head against Lin Qiye's leg before flopping onto the ground, exposing its belly.


Lin Qiye squatted down helplessly, rubbing its belly as he asked, "Auntie hasn't come back yet?"


"Mom has the night shift tonight, she won't be back until tomorrow morning."


"Alright, have you finished your homework?"


"Just a little bit left."


"Assigning so much homework in middle school… That's just sick." Lin Qiye stood up, grumbled, then said to Yang Jin, "It's okay, if you're tired, don't write anymore. If the teacher scolds you, tell me. I'll argue with them."


Yang Jin's mouth curled up in a smile, "I'll be done soon."


Lin Qiye nodded, "I'm a bit tired, I'm going to bed. You should go to bed early too after you finish."




Lin Qiye, dragging his weary body, walked into his room. Just as he was about to close the door, Yang Jin's voice came again.


"Bro… Are you really okay?"


"I'm fine, go to bed early… Oh, and the milk is in the fridge. If you wake up early tomorrow, heat it up yourself."


"Got it, bro."






The door gently closed. Yang Jin, holding Little Black Pox, stood outside, silently staring at Lin Qiye's room.


Yang Jin gently stroked Little Black Pox's head, "Did you feel it too?"




He looked up at the dim moonlight outside the window, murmuring to himself:


"There's… a smell of blood on him."

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