Chapter 22 – Mysterious Ice Method

Long hair draped over her shoulders, her jade-like face was cold and aloof. It was Yan Bingxuan.

She was carrying a backpack and holding a book. When she walked in, she ran into Chen Mobai. Her head tilted slightly, seeming quite surprised.

“I forgot to bring my textbook, so I came here to borrow one.”

Somehow, being looked at by her clear, spring-like eyes, Chen Mobai felt a bit guilty and spoke first.

Yan Bingxuan looked at the Five Elements Cultivation book in his hand, her clear pupils slightly narrowed, seeming puzzled.

Hadn’t this basic cultivation method been taught in the first year of high school?

However, Yan Bingxuan had no intention of probing Chen Mobai’s actions. She lifted her snow-white, round chin, nodded lightly in response, and then stepped past him to the female teacher who managed the book borrowing and returning records.

“Returning a book.”

After saying these two words, Chen Mobai turned his head just in time to see the book she was returning.

“Frost Condensation Method”!

It was the cultivation method that Old Man Ding had mentioned, which could transform one’s spiritual root into an ice spiritual root.

“You finally decided to return it. You’ve borrowed this book for almost a year, haven’t you?”

The female teacher with round glasses seemed to know Yan Bingxuan. After receiving the Frost Condensation Method, she joked a bit. The latter rarely showed a hint of a smile, like a spring rain, which made Chen Mobai, who had only seen Yan Bingxuan’s cold face in the past year, amazed.

“I heard you dropped out of school. Have you made up your mind?”

While processing the book return, the female teacher asked casually, which made Chen Mobai’s heart stir. He had a vague feeling that he knew the real reason why Yan Bingxuan dropped out of school.


Yan Bingxuan only answered with one word, but her firm belief was like a plum blossom blooming in the frost, dazzling and stunning.

For the first time, Chen Mobai felt the charm of this classmate.

It was not her aloof temperament like a snow lotus blooming on a mountain top, nor her tall figure beyond the average high school student hidden under her cold appearance, but her firm belief in her own path.

This kind of persistence, once determined, would go all out and never look back!

No wonder she could become a top student and reach the seventh level of Qi Refining at the age of eighteen.

With such a firm and unyielding spirit, even if her spiritual root aptitude was poor, even if she didn’t get into college and was sent to participate in the frontier war, she would surely succeed in the end, right?!

Just as Chen Mobai was thinking this, the female teacher had already processed the return of the “Frost Condensation Method” and handed Yan Bingxuan’s student ID back to her.

“I don’t need it anymore.”

But she just looked at it nostalgically, then shook her head and turned to leave.

Yan Bingxuan reached the door and saw Chen Mobai standing there. Their eyes met, she hesitated for a moment, then nodded, as if to say goodbye to their brief half-year of being classmates.

They were not in the same class in the first and second year of high school. They were only put together when they chose their subjects in the third year.

It was a not too big, not too small kind of fate.

“After reaching the seventh level of Qi Refining, you can give up practicing the Five Elements Cultivation and start practicing other cultivation methods that suit your spiritual root attributes. What did you choose?”

Chen Mobai suddenly asked.

After learning about the method of improving spiritual roots from Old Man Ding, he had specifically searched for this knowledge online. He knew that although the method of improving spiritual roots was a method, it was more like a spell.

Cultivators need a long time and persistent cultivation. Sometimes, they may not see any improvement in their spiritual root attributes in a month.

Many pioneers would advise cultivators to find a cultivation method that matches their spiritual roots to practice. This way, they can not only prevent their realm from falling too much, but also promote each other with the method of improving spiritual roots, achieving the best of both worlds.

“Mysterious Ice Method.”

Yan Bingxuan answered subconsciously, then realized, why did she answer?

“See you if fate allows.”

Hearing her answer, Chen Mobai’s original intention to give her the “Black Water Method” faded. Since she had made up her mind to choose this path, she must have arranged everything. Even if she hadn’t thought of it, her parents must have prepared for it.

The “Mysterious Ice Method” was obviously prepared for the ice spiritual root. It seemed that he was overthinking.

Watching Yan Bingxuan’s departing figure, Chen Mobai turned back.

“Can I borrow this book?”

The female teacher with round glasses was about to put the “Frost Condensation Method” on the shelf when she heard Chen Mobai’s voice. She pointed hesitantly at the book in her hand: “This one?”


“This is a book from the A section. If a student wants to borrow it, they need a note from the main subject teacher.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Mobai nodded lightly, recalling what Old Man Ding had said. Although there were many methods to improve spiritual roots, to prevent students with weak self-control from indulging and wasting precious time on building a foundation, they were generally only allowed to access this knowledge after they had entered college.

“I understand, thank you, teacher.”

The female teacher with round glasses had a good impression of the polite Chen Mobai. She thought he had feelings for Yan Bingxuan and wanted to find common ground through this. To prevent Chen Mobai from wasting his cultivation time, she specifically mentioned something.

“Bingxuan’s great-aunt is a Foundation Establishment cultivator from the Natural Learning Palace, and it’s said that she’s about to attempt forming her Golden Elixir. This is a matter of life and death, so she plans to train a successor before that. Bingxuan is one of the candidates. If she can successfully cultivate the Frost Technique and form an ice spiritual root, then she will most likely be the one.”

After hearing the teacher’s words, Chen Mobai was stunned for a moment, then realized that she had misunderstood. However, he knew that she meant well, reminding him that he was still young and should prioritize cultivation. If he could establish his foundation, he would have over a hundred years to pursue other things.

“A complete Foundation Establishment, I doubt there’s even one in the whole Danxia City.”

Although the Immortal Gate has an orderly inheritance and is a cultivation civilization, it still can’t avoid the clustering effect. Cultivators with better talents usually go to those big cities with high-level spiritual veins.

Danxia City has two academies and a very rare fourth-order fire vein, but apart from cultivators whose cultivation has reached the limit of Foundation Establishment, none would stay here for long.

Cultivators who have completed their Foundation Establishment and are hopeful of forming their Golden Elixir are even more so.

“Although our city doesn’t have a complete Foundation Establishment cultivator, we do have two Golden Elixir Taoist masters.”

Hearing Chen Mobai’s sigh, the teacher, who was born and raised in Danxia, couldn’t help but speak up.

Indeed, among the seventy-two blessed lands of the Immortal Gate, some don’t even have a Golden Elixir Taoist master.

But their Danxia City has two, each presiding over one of the two academies. One is the Red Robe Taoist master who returned to his roots, and the other is Taoist master Shi Qing, who uses the fire vein of Danxia City to refine magical tools.

“If only I could listen to a lecture by a Golden Elixir Taoist master. Just one lecture might give me the confidence to attempt Foundation Establishment.”

The teacher was also at the peak of Qi Refining, but she had always been afraid to attempt Foundation Establishment. If a Golden Elixir Taoist master told her she could succeed, she might be able to muster the courage to try.

But a Golden Elixir Taoist master is of such high status, they can be said to be the sky of Danxia City!

Not to mention her, a mere high school teacher, even the students of the two academies might not have the chance to meet them.

Just then, the bell for class rang.

Chen Mobai immediately excused himself, took his Five Elements Manual, and hurried back to the classroom.

He put on his wireless earphones and opened the Five Elements Manual lecture video he had downloaded offline the night before. To avoid being seen by his desk mate, he turned off the screen of his phone, which was disconnected from the internet, and hid it under his textbook.

The slightly verbose words of Qingping Shangren sounded in his ears, and Chen Mobai’s fingers accurately swiped across the screen without looking.

Fast forward!

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