Chapter 21 – Spiritual Root Theory

The Taiyi Medical Palace has conducted extensive research on the relationship between spiritual roots and cultivation speed, and finally compiled a medical treasure book called “Spiritual Root Theory.”

Research shows that there is a proportional relationship between spiritual root attribute points and cultivation speed.

Each normal-born cultivator has 100 points of spiritual root attributes under the condition of sufficient innate vitality, and then the qi distribution is allocated into the five elemental attributes, which is the “spiritual root” that every cultivator has.

The amount of elemental spiritual root attributes determines the efficiency of cultivating techniques.

For example, if a genius with amazing qi distribution allocates all 100 points to the wood elemental spiritual root, which is the legendary perfect wood elemental Tianling root, then his cultivation of wood attribute techniques is twice as fast as an ordinary person.

What originally took 100 years to cultivate, he only needs 50 years.

Chen Mobai’s current spiritual roots are: gold 23, wood 27, water 30, fire 17, and earth 10.

Taking his highest water attribute spiritual root as an example, if he cultivates the Black Water technique and applies it to the formula of the Spiritual Root Theory, the efficiency of refining spiritual energy is only 1.3 times that of an ordinary person.

Of course, the specific efficiency of cultivation also depends on the concentration of spiritual energy, the mindset of the cultivator, and whether there are auxiliary spiritual objects, etc., and cannot be generalized.

Calculating in the most ideal state, according to Chen Mobai’s talent, if he wants to break through to the sixth layer of Qi Refining with the Five Elements technique, it will take at least half a year.

But the Water Palace is a second-grade medium-grade spiritual land, and the concentration of spiritual energy is five to six times that of a first-grade superior-grade spiritual land. The efficiency of cultivation here is like riding a rocket compared to studying at school or at home.

However, even so, due to the limitations of his spiritual roots, according to Chen Mobai’s previous calculations, he still needs about a hundred days, almost before the college entrance examination, to barely reach the sixth layer of Qi Refining.

This was before watching the video of Qingping Shangren’s lecture.

As expected of an Elemental Infant, even though he only explained the most basic Five Elements technique and rambled on a lot of irrelevant things at the beginning, once he entered the actual content of the technique, Chen Mobai had a sudden enlightenment.

It turned out that when the spiritual power circulates to this meridian, it needs to rotate seven times counterclockwise in the orifice, which can easily break through the obstruction.

When absorbing spiritual energy through the three orifices of the mouth and nose, it is necessary to repeatedly move back and forth at the twelve floors of the throat, which can intercept impurities in the external spiritual energy through the twelve sections and prevent them from entering the meridians until the end of the technique when the waste gas in the throat is expelled.

For example, when the refined spiritual energy is gathered into the dantian sea of qi, it can enter in a clockwise manner.

Because clockwise is forward, it can help condense spiritual power, and laying the foundation for future foundation establishment, which can increase the success rate by ten percent.

Similarly, counterclockwise is backward and scattered, and when the spiritual power runs through some narrow and blocked meridians, it cannot be forced through and needs to be dispersed into thin and soft qi, slowly moving forward.

After finishing the cultivation, Chen Mobai watched the videos of the Five Elements technique and the first and second layers of Qi Refining again, and realized how rudimentary his understanding of this basic technique was.

Seeing that it was almost morning, he reluctantly closed his phone.However, during his cultivation that night, Chen Mobai had already used the offline download function to download all 28 videos of Qingping Shangren’s explanation of the Five Elements Technique onto his phone.

This offline download function was only available to users above the third level of auxiliary cultivation. Chen Mobai was now a fifth-level user, so it was natural for him to have this function.

But just in case, when he went to class today, he turned off his phone’s mobile network to avoid being found by the operator who provided auxiliary cultivation.

“Do you know that Yan Bingxuan dropped out of school?”

Before the teacher came in the morning, Chen Mobai’s desk mate Lu Hongsheng leaned mysteriously towards him and couldn’t hide the news, blurting it out.

“Why? The college entrance examination is coming up, did she drop out because she couldn’t handle losing to Song Zheng?”

“Very likely. She’s usually aloof, and this time she can’t bear to lose face after losing, so she just dropped out.”

“That shouldn’t be the case. She’s lost before.”

“Maybe dropping out is just an excuse, and she’s secretly working hard at home.”

The two beautiful desk mates in front also came over, and the ones at the back didn’t want to be left out. Instantly, a gossip circle formed around Chen Mobai and Lu Hongsheng.

Chen Mobai could only roll his eyes. If it were in the past, he would have participated too, but now he was in his third year of high school and needed to work hard. He didn’t want to waste time on gossip.

He wanted to make a name for himself and soar to the sky…

Just then, Yan Bingxuan walked in, and the gossip circle immediately quieted down.

With her cold gaze, Yan Bingxuan looked over, and Chen Mobai indicated his innocence. He didn’t participate in the discussion at all. But the beautiful Yan just looked at him for two seconds before returning to her seat, silently packing up her things, picking up her blue backpack, and leaving the classroom.

The classroom was quiet for about ten seconds, and then everyone began to speak in high-pitched voices and whisper to each other.

Even the classmates who were half-skeptical about Lu Hongsheng’s news couldn’t help but look surprised at them, causing Chen Mobai’s desk mate to puff up his chest with pride.


Chen Mobai stood up, dragging his chair and making a sound as he did.

“Where are you going? Class is starting soon.”

Lu Hongsheng asked strangely.

“I forgot my textbook. I’m going to borrow one from the library.”

After saying this, Chen Mobai avoided the more ridiculous gossip speculations that followed and left.

The Xianxia genre web novel tells the story of Chen Mobai, who has the ability to cultivate and become a powerful immortal. The story is set in Danxia City, where Chen Mobai attends high school. He meets various characters, including the mysterious Qingping Shangren who teaches him the Five Elements Technique, and Yan Bingxuan, a talented classmate who drops out of school. The story revolves around Chen Mobai’s cultivation journey and his interactions with the people around him.Although the highest grade was only first-class, the basic content in various aspects was complete. If there were diligent and hardworking people who read and understood all the books in this library, it would not be difficult for them to obtain a first-grade Formation Master, Alchemy Master, or Appraiser professional certificate.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone came to this library.

What era was it? Who still read physical books?

Only those who forgot to bring their textbooks would come here to borrow them with their student cards for half a day and return them after school.

Chen Mobai wouldn’t have come to this library if he didn’t want to spend 10 points of his credit to download the electronic version of the Five Elements Cultivation Technique from the Immortal Gate National Electronic Library.

Yesterday, he had benefited a lot from listening to Qingping Shangren’s lecture, but when he reviewed the previous content, he found that it had become somewhat blurry. He felt it necessary to get the original textbook of the Five Elements Cultivation Technique and review the video content again.

“One copy of the Five Elements Cultivation Technique, borrowed with a student card, free for a month.”

The librarian was a teacher wearing round-framed glasses. She skillfully took Chen Mobai’s student card and swiped it.

Just as Chen Mobai was about to leave with his thanks, someone suddenly walked into the library entrance.

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