Chapter 15 – Fabricate transactions

“Guest, if the information is correct, I will now stamp it with my professional seal.”

In the shop, Wu Wan handed the hard paper certification form filled with information about the owner of the magical instrument to Chen Mobai for confirmation. He then solemnly opened a safe and took out a red seal. There was no need for ink, he just stamped it directly onto the certification form, and a large red oval-shaped seal with the words “First-level Appraiser” appeared on it.

Inside the seal was Wu Wan’s name in regular script, with a series of numerical symbols arranged in a half-circle above and below it.

“This series of numerical symbols is a random anti-counterfeiting code generated each time the seal is stamped. After I take a photo of this certification form and register it on the Immortal Gate website, anyone who enters this series of numerical symbols can see this certification form.”

After receiving the needle case and certification form, Chen Mobai first checked it on his own phone, but found that the page that popped up was blank, which made him puzzled.

“I haven’t uploaded it yet?”

Wu Wan smiled bitterly, but then logged into the electronic archive of the appraisers on the Immortal Gate website with his own account and uploaded the certification form of the needle case.

Chen Mobai tried again and finally saw the relevant page.

“Master Wu, thank you.”

After paying 200 points of Good Deed, Chen Mobai received the needle case.

“Xiao Chen, if you want to sell this magical instrument, you can hang it in my store, which can help me accumulate some points. If you agree, I can not only refund your Good Deed, but also help you complete the ritual of using this magical instrument for free.”

When filling out the information of the owner of the magical instrument just now, Wu Wan already knew Chen Mobai’s name. Knowing that he was still a student and only eighteen years old with little social experience, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

In the Immortal Gate, due to the shortage of resources, almost everyone who embarked on the path of cultivation would be troubled by spiritual energy and materials. Many of them would rely on the Immortal Gate website to open their own online stores to make money.

Although Wu Wan had obtained a certificate as a first-level appraiser, he was still struggling for resources to establish a foundation among Qi Refining cultivators.

In addition to this ancestral shop, he also made magical instruments himself.

After all, appraisers could not make a fortune, and every cultivator who learned about appraising knowledge at the beginning must have wanted to become a magical instrument maker.

The personal stores on the Immortal Gate website rely on the exchange of Good Deed points to accumulate points. The more points they accumulate, the more they can exchange for official profound martial arts, spiritual pills, and magical instruments.

The Immortal Gate, which is in charge of the Yuan Star and upholds the order of the previous civilization, has still experienced economic crises several times, despite the deification of the ancestor who suppressed the heavens and the earth.

The main reason is that there are not enough spiritual stones. During the war, when cultivators have Good Deed points in their accounts, they immediately go to the bank to exchange them for spiritual stones, even if they cannot use them all, they will still keep them for future generations.

As a result, no matter how many spiritual stones the national bank has in reserve, it cannot withstand the rush of billions of cultivators.

Thus, an economic crisis arises.

Although the Immortal Gate has issued laws prohibiting the exchange of spiritual stones, raised the exchange rate, and even came up with a secret technique to re-infuse spiritual energy into depleted spiritual stones, the laws of market economy still cannot be eliminated, even if the ancestor who deified has the power to control the world.

However, the Immortal Gate has gathered countless geniuses and wise men under its three halls and four departments for thousands of years. There are countless people with wisdom and insight beyond measure.A thousand years ago, someone proposed that the 84,000 Daoist books in the national library of the Immortal Gate should be made available for all cultivators to exchange for points. These points must be obtained by spending Good Deeds in the market of the Immortal Gate.

For example, Chen Mobai purchased three Green Arrow Talismans online, spending 105 points of Good Deeds, which increased his personal account by 105 points.

This policy caused the previously stagnant market economy of the Immortal Gate to become instantly popular. In just ten years, 90% of the spiritual stones stored by the people had flowed back into the national bank, replaced by the Good Deed points in everyone’s accounts.

Offline transactions can also earn points, but both buyers and sellers must pay taxes to the Immortal Gate’s tax bureau.

For example, if Chen Mobai paid Wu Wan 200 Good Deeds for an appraisal fee, and wanted to exchange it for points, he would have to pay a 20% consumption tax to the Immortal Gate. Actually, this 20% tax is 10% for both the buyer and the seller, but the person receiving the money would definitely not want to do this unless Chen Mobai paid an additional 20 Good Deeds to Wu Wan.

After all, only consumption generates points, not receiving money.

Therefore, before any transaction on the market of the Immortal Gate, it will be confirmed whether the consumer needs points. If so, the tax will be added to the total price in advance.

The Immortal Gate does not force anyone to pay taxes, it is all voluntary.

But Chen Mobai is obviously not that kind of person.

He doesn’t need points yet.

“Wu Master, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

Chen Mobai was a little confused. Only consumers can earn points. Even if this magic weapon is sold in Wu Wan’s store, it has nothing to do with him, right?

“I am an appraiser, it is normal to make money with my own abilities. If you sell this magic weapon to me, and then I use my professional knowledge to complete the needle’s sacrificial training method, the selling price will naturally double. Am I right?”

After Wu Wan finished speaking with a smile, Chen Mobai shivered and felt a chill on his back.

“Wu Master, this is a fictitious transaction and it is illegal.”

For points, fictitious transactions are common. Although taxes must be paid to the Immortal Gate, it can make a magic weapon generate points twice.

In the official flagship store of the Immortal Gate website, there are often spirit medicines that increase the success rate of Foundation Establishment released for auction and purchase with points.

Wu Wan has already been planning for this and has accumulated a lot of points.

But this behavior is similar to tax evasion in the mechanical civilization before the Elemental Star. If caught, the Immortal Gate will punish cultivators to the point of bankruptcy.

“Many people do this, and the Immortal Gate turns a blind eye to this for the sake of economic circulation. If the tax revenue is low at the end of the year and the higher-ups are not satisfied, they will only go after the rich who have more money. You can rest assured.”

“If you agree, I guarantee that this needle can be sold for more than 80,000 Good Deeds.”

Seeing that Chen Mobai was a little hesitant, Wu Wan added more weight. Although he looked young, he was already 45 years old. If he didn’t try to establish his Foundation soon, his chances of success would become smaller and smaller.

Next month, the flagship store of the Immortal Gate will release a batch of pulse-protecting pills, spirit medicines for ascending, and Qi-gathering liquids, all of which can increase the success rate of Foundation Establishment.Wu Wan was still 300,000 points short to bid for one of the items.

On ordinary days, he wouldn’t dare to fabricate transactions and deceive others for points. But now, with the great Dao right in front of him and his hands somewhat tight, he wanted to try any opportunity to get more points.

What if he was lucky and succeeded in Foundation Establishment?

“This magical tool is a family heirloom. If I were to sell it, I would need to consult with my family’s elders first.”

Chen Mobai was a good student and tactfully refused.

Wu Wan didn’t say much, only showing a face of regret. Anyway, he was just trying to take advantage of Chen Mobai’s youth and see if he could deceive him.

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