Chapter 14 – Wu Wan

After fumbling with the needle case for a while, Chen Mobai finally finished his two-hour detention.

Without the soul-suppressing spell ringing, he directly opened the door and walked out.

Only the last group of unlucky students were left outside.

Chen Mobai didn’t see any familiar classmates, which saved him the trouble of greeting them. He just picked up his backpack and left the school.

He didn’t go home right away, but instead took public transportation with his student card to a large comprehensive raw material trading market in the east of the city.

Chen Mobai’s mother worked at a talisman factory, and he had been taken there to play for a few years when he was young, so he was very familiar with the process of this small factory.

The boss was a second-level talisman master who ran a talisman shop in the city and opened a talisman accessory factory to save costs. The large talisman paper that Chen Mobai cut was bought by his mother at an internal discount.

Although the scale of the talisman factory was not large, it had everything, including brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones, but materials like gold dust, which were rarely used for drawing talismans, were purchased from outside.

If Chen Mobai remembered correctly, the store that supplied gold dust to the talisman accessory factory was here.

The memory of cultivators was basically good, and after asking three people, Chen Mobai accurately found Wu Ji Gold Shop in the corner of the trading market.

“Hello, customer, do you have any needs?”

As soon as he walked in, a young cultivator holding a book behind the counter immediately stood up and greeted him with a smile.

“Do you buy gold?”

Chen Mobai went straight to the point. He had already checked the latest price of gold published on the Immortal Gate website before coming here to sell it. Even if he lost a little, he was prepared to accept it.

But the young cultivator did not bargain. After taking the gold, he put it on a professional device to measure the parameters and then gave Chen Mobai the purchase price of 843 points of Good Deed according to the market price.

“Your gold quality is good. It seems to have been refined with spiritual power by a cultivator. Let’s make it an even 850.”

Chen Mobai felt that the boss was easy to deal with and immediately nodded.

After the transaction, when Chen Mobai saw the extra 850 Good Deed in his account, he suppressed his excitement and was about to leave when he suddenly saw the book the young cultivator had put on the counter.

“Is the boss also an appraiser?”

Chen Mobai curiously asked. It was well known that the qualification certificate exams of the Immortal Gate were arranged in increasing order of the first level, second level, and so on. If he was reading the content of the second-level appraiser, he must have passed the first level.

“The exam questions were relatively simple two years ago, and I barely passed.”

The young cultivator modestly said, and then handed him a business card.

[Wu Wan]

[Manager of Wu Ji Gold Shop]

[Certified first-level appraiser of Immortal Gate]

After reading it, Chen Mobai felt a deep respect.

Most of the professional certificates of the Immortal Gate were strictly selected and assessed before being issued by the authorities.

A first-level appraiser represented the mastery of knowledge of appraising most artifacts and tools below the second level, and only then could they be registered and certified.

The young boss in front of him, who looked young, could issue a certificate for all first-level artifacts, and the results of the certification would be recognized by all trading markets.

“Master Wu, I happen to have an artifact that my ancestors obtained during the war, which I discovered while cleaning up the old house during winter vacation. Due to its age, no one in the family remembers much about it. Can you help me appraise it?”Chen Mobai took out a needle case from his backpack. Wu Wan’s smiling face turned serious as he put on a pair of disposable gloves from his cabinet and then took the case from Chen Mobai.

“Guest, do you want a preliminary appraisal or a thorough one for this artifact?”

Wu Wan’s words left Chen Mobai confused. Shouldn’t the appraisal be a one-step process?

Realizing that he was a complete amateur, Wu Wan explained to him that the appraisal of this artifact was divided into three levels.

The first level was observation, where the appraiser determines the artifact’s grade, material, and refining technique.

The second level requires specialized instruments to determine the remaining lifespan of the artifact and whether there are hidden defects.

As for the third level, it tests the appraiser’s ability to infer the artifact’s refining technique and create a perfect spell that can fully unleash the artifact’s power.

The fees for appraisal increased with each level.

“However, for most artifacts, especially first-grade ones, only the first level of appraisal is needed.”

After Wu Wan’s explanation, Chen Mobai finally understood the intricacies of the appraisal process.

The price for a first-grade artifact was limited, but the market was vast, and profits were meager. Apart from genuine high-quality artifacts, most appraisals only required the first level. Moreover, many shops only needed a certification from an appraiser to sell, and they wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a thorough appraisal.

Chen Mobai asked about the price, and since Wu Wan was a new appraiser with few achievements and not enough points, his fees were lower.

“Your artifact is a mid-grade first-grade one, so I’ll charge you 200 Good Deeds.”

After touching it, Wu Wan had a rough idea of the needle case’s grade and gave a price that made Chen Mobai wince.

That was enough to buy six Blue Arrow Talismans.

But when he thought of his stiff movements while controlling the flying needle and the danger of the Eastern Wilderness where the Water Mansion was located, Chen Mobai gritted his teeth and agreed.

After agreeing on the price, Wu Wan put the needle case on a workbench in the corner of the shop and began the appraisal with his professional knowledge.

First, he measured the spiritual power intensity to confirm the grade.

“The refining technique is a bit obscure, but judging from the overall spiritual power fluctuations and materials, it’s a mid-grade first-grade artifact.”

Wu Wan then took out an A4-sized Immortal Gate certification paper and filled in his judgment of the grade and materials in the blank spaces.

“The needle case is carved from a single magnetic stone. If you want to know the specific type and place of production, you need the second level of appraisal.”

Chen Mobai immediately shook his head. It wasn’t necessary.

“The flying needle is made of a mixture of several metals with intense magnetic reactions. Even if you want to conduct a second-level appraisal, I can’t do it here because it requires specialized instruments.”

“This artifact is also clever, requiring little spiritual power.”

“The key to controlling it lies in this needle case. As long as you can control the magnetism skillfully, you can easily control the flying needle.”

Wu Wan was indeed a professional appraiser. Without injecting any spiritual power, he explained the refining technique and usage tips of this needle case based on his knowledge reserve.

Thinking of how he had ignored this needle case in the school’s cultivation room and had been pouring spiritual power into the flying needle, Chen Mobai couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.No wonder he only managed to control it for three minutes before his spiritual power was exhausted, thinking it was due to his insufficient cultivation.

It turned out that the method was wrong, no wonder the effort was in vain.

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