Chapter 96 – Then let you see with your own eyes how the Guo family is destroyed

In an instant, an invisible and formidable pressure filled the entire conference room.

Wang Yunlong and his companions felt a weight on their shoulders and looked towards Chu Yi in shock.

That vast and cloud-like divine consciousness, even without targeting them directly, just a whiff of it caused their hearts to tremble and the pressure to surge.

As for Guo Yuanming, who was locked by the divine consciousness, the pressure he endured was unimaginable, especially the mental strain, as if his soul was about to be crushed!

His heart was nearly trembling.

Is this the mental power of an Earth Immortal?!

It was terrifying to such an extent that he couldn’t muster a single thought of resistance!

Guo Yuanming had seen many sorcerers who specialized in mental power, but even a National level sorcerer’s mental power was far from being as dreadful and fearsome as Chu Yi’s!

For martial artists who cultivated internal energy, they often had no ability to fight back against the unpredictable sorcerers, who could launch mental attacks from afar. What use was strong internal energy then?

Therefore, to guard against mental attacks, internal energy martial artists and those who practiced external techniques would always carry some talismans that could resist mental power.

Guo Yuanming did the same, and he had a pitch-black bead in his bosom, called the Soul Calming Bead.

It was a protective talisman crafted for him by a master refiner fifty years ago.

For decades, it had blocked countless fatal mental attacks for him.

And now! This Soul Calming Bead, capable of withstanding a full-force strike from a National level sorcerer, cracked instantly in the face of Chu Yi’s profound and oceanic divine consciousness!

The fear in Guo Yuanming’s heart was indescribable.

Could the mental power of an Earth Immortal truly be so strong?!

Could it be that with just a thought, his soul could be erased?

Of course, he didn’t know that Chu Yi’s divine consciousness was a level above mental power.

It was like comparing a bicycle to an aircraft carrier, with no comparability at all.

“I’ve thought about it and decided it’s better to kill you,” Chu Yi revealed a dangerously amiable smirk.

Guo Yuanming’s face turned pale with fright: “How dare you?! Don’t you care about the lives of ordinary people and Biotics Men?!”

He had no doubt about the sincerity of Chu Yi’s words, as he could already feel the clear intent to kill within the divine consciousness.

Guo Yuanming was truly panicked now, and he yelled, “Old Hua! Please reconsider! A pyrrhic victory benefits no one!”

But what he couldn’t see was this.

Old Hua appeared contemplative, ignoring his words, and said to Chu Yi, “Mr. Ji, if what you say is true, please go ahead and kill him. I… China owes you a favor.”

Guo Yuanming was dumbfounded, shouting in disbelief:

“Why?! Old Hua! Do you really want to watch tens of thousands of civilians in Jiangyan City and those three branches of Biotics Men die with me?!”

Even Wang Yunlong, Chen Xiaobai, and the others were stunned.

Wasn’t Old Hua just being cautious, reluctantly letting Guo Yuanming leave?

Why did he suddenly agree to let the Evergreen Sword Saint kill him?

And what did he mean by “if what you say is true”? He didn’t say anything!

Could it be telepathy through mental power?

They guessed right; Chu Yi had indeed used divine consciousness to convey some words to Old Hua.

“It’s impossible! I don’t believe you really dare to kill me!”

Guo Yuanming couldn’t believe that Old Hua, a person of high status who cared greatly about the bigger picture and the people, would allow thousands of civilians to die with him!

Chu Yi smiled: “Don’t believe it? Then I’ll let you die with understanding, and show you how the Guo family was destroyed.”

The Guo family… how was it destroyed?

This statement confused everyone except Old Hua.

Wasn’t he going to kill Guo Yuanming? Why did it suddenly involve destroying the Guo family?

With a thought, Chu Yi controlled Guo Yuanming to walk back into the conference room, sit in a chair, and face the projector screen at the front of the room.

“Old Hua, may I borrow a satellite? I want him to see with his own eyes how the Guo family is destroyed,” Chu Yi inquired.

Old Hua was taken aback and frowned, “Is that necessary?”

Chu Yi smiled, “I like to kill both body and spirit.”

Old Hua sighed helplessly but still nodded in agreement, then made a phone call.

A few minutes later.

The projector screen displayed a high-definition satellite image.

Guo Yuanming immediately exclaimed, “What on earth are you doing?!”

The image showed a large complex of ancient buildings, the ancestral home of the Guo family on Qingcheng Mountain.

What did this mean?!

He wasn’t going to personally go to Qingcheng Mountain and destroy the Guo family, was he?

Guo Yuanming was horrified and roared, “If you dare touch a hair on the Guo family, I guarantee Jiangyan City will run red with blood!”

“Is that so?” Chu Yi was noncommittal, patting his shoulder, “Then you better watch closely.”

After speaking, Chu Yi casually pulled over a chair to sit down, interested in Guo Yuanming’s reaction.

Guo Yuanming was confused for a moment. What did this mean?

Wasn’t he going to personally destroy the Guo family? Why did he sit down?

Wang Yunlong and the others were also puzzled.

Chu Yi saw their confusion and said lightly, “To destroy a Guo family, why would I need to act personally? I’ll just send my disciple.”


Everyone’s gaze turned to Chen Xiaobai.

Chen Xiaobai was startled and panicked, “Master, how could I possibly destroy the Guo family?! I can’t do it!”

“Who the fuck called you? You’re not my only disciple,” Chu Yi said.

“Fuck! You scared me to death!” Chen Xiaobai patted his chest as if he had survived a great disaster.

Wang Yunlong and the others were also startled, thinking Chen Xiaobai had advanced to National level without their knowledge!

They had also come to understand the strength of the Guo family during this time.

To put it bluntly, it was a force several times stronger than the Biotics Management Bureau.

Aside from the family head Guo Yuanming, who was at the mid-stage of National level, the Guo family also had two Town level elders and more than a dozen SSS-class core disciples!

How could a martial family with hundreds of years of heritage be compared to the Biotics Management Bureau established just three years ago?

When Wang Yunlong and his companions learned of the Guo family’s strength, they were shocked and also felt ashamed.

The Biotics circle had been touting them as the guardians of China, the country’s three nuclear weapons?

If martial artists never emerged, this claim would be fine.

But if one day the Biotics circle learned of the existence of martial artists…

Wouldn’t they become a joke?

How embarrassing!

And now, Chu Yi’s words made Wang Yunlong, Chen Xiaobai, and the others incredulous.

Although they didn’t quite understand what Guo Yuanming and Old Hua meant by “an Earth Immortal from hundreds of years ago,” they weren’t fools and realized that perhaps Chu Yi was indeed some ancient grandmaster from the martial world, possibly much stronger than National level.

But with the strength of the Evergreen Sword Saint himself, perhaps he could destroy the Guo family.

But his disciple… did they also possess such strength?

“It’s impossible, this can’t be…” Guo Yuanming also couldn’t believe it.

Because this Earth Immortal would have to deal with Jiangyan City and the SSS-class martial artists of the three branches at the same time before destroying the Guo family!

Otherwise, the Guo family would surely bring about mutual destruction with the nation!

That is to say, he had cultivated more than one disciple above SSS-class?

How could that be?

Could it be that he had awakened three years ago and then hid himself, focusing on cultivating disciples?

This made no sense at all!

An Earth Immortal who had survived for hundreds of years on the energy-depleted Blue Star, upon awakening, wouldn’t absorb spiritual energy to recover his strength but instead spend a lot of time cultivating disciples?

Guo Yuanming thought this was utterly impossible!

Chu Yi, seeing his thoughts, just wanted to laugh.


You know nothing about the wall of separation.

And what’s an Earth Immortal anyway? Just a crippled Golden Elixir.

Let’s give this poor martial artist a little shock of immortality.

At this point, Chu Yi wasn’t too worried about revealing his identity anymore.

Knowing that the strength of martial artists was so weak, and the strongest among them didn’t even reach Golden Elixir.

Chu Yi suddenly became much more confident in his own strength.

Cultivators are hexagon fighters, what are martial artists to them?

Like now.

Chu Yi’s true cultivation was only at the early stage of Innate, the early stage of Town level.

But Guo Yuanming, a mid-stage National level martial artist without divine consciousness, was powerless before him.

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