Chapter 92 – He not only understands martial arts, but understands it better than anyone else! He is definitely not a biotics man!

Chu Yi quickly lost interest in Guo Yuanming, who was about to die.

His gaze shifted to Old Hua, and he was stunned, his heart pounding.

“Old Hua.”

Chu Yi nodded to him.

“Mr. Ji, hello.” Old Hua showed a kind smile. “Nice to meet you.”

Guo Yuanming had been staring at Chu Yi all along, feeling very puzzled.

He could sense that this person’s realm seemed to be a long way from the national level, but his breath was far beyond the ordinary town level.

What’s going on? Such a strange natural immortal body.

“So, what’s the matter with calling me here?” Chu Yi looked at Chen Xiaobai in confusion.

The latter was taken aback, then quickly took out a file from his arms and handed it to Chu Yi.

“Master, take a look at this! This is the martial arts technique that the warrior sold to the country. I feel there’s a problem! A big problem!”

Seeing this, Old Hua said to Chu Yi, “Mr. Ji, if you don’t understand, it’s okay. That’s a martial arts technique, not something that biotics can touch. We can actually sit down and talk about…”

Old Hua wanted to smooth things over.

But before he could finish, Chu Yi blurted out as he looked at “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique,” “What a piece of junk?”

Instantly, the meeting room fell silent.

Wang Yunlong and the others looked at him in shock.

Wow, you’re really… so straightforward, aren’t you?

Did you really understand it? Why did you start cursing as soon as you opened your mouth?

Old Hua frowned slightly. Could it be that he really saw something?

Guo Yuanming’s face turned black at the time, and he said in a deep voice, “Young man, please mind your words! This is the ancestral martial arts of my Qingcheng Guo family. How can you insult it?”

He was really a little angry.

Although he had made some adjustments to the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” sold to the country, it was basically no different from the original.

But the Evergreen Sword Saint directly called it junk?

How is this different from directly slapping the face of the Qingcheng Guo family?

“Insult?” Chu Yi asked in confusion. “I’m just telling the truth. How is that an insult?”

Guo Yuanming laughed angrily, “The truth? Can a biotics man understand martial arts techniques? I think you’re doing it on purpose!”

Wang Yunlong and the others were a little confused.

Whose words are true?

Does the Evergreen Sword Saint really understand martial arts and sincerely think this technique is junk?

Or… is he just showing off in front of his disciples, deliberately saying it, when in fact he didn’t understand it at all?

“Mr. Ji, can you explain why this technique is not good?” Old Hua asked.

Guo Yuanming also looked at Chu Yi coldly, wanting to see what explanation this biotics man could come up with.

Chu Yi was stunned for a moment.

Why is this thing junk?

It can’t even touch the threshold of the Brass Level technique. If it’s not junk, what is it?

Although the cultivation speed is much faster than the “Turtle Breathing Formula,” the quality of the true element cultivated is too different.

And, the “Turtle Breathing Formula” is just a longevity technique. Just by cultivating it, the lifespan is ten times that of a cultivator of the same level, which is not comparable to this junk martial arts technique.

But if Chu Yi really had to say why this technique is junk, he really didn’t know how to say it.

It’s like suddenly asking a math professor why they didn’t solve a simple addition and subtraction problem correctly.

It’s wrong if it’s wrong! What else is there to say?

Seeing Chu Yi silent for a long time, Guo Yuanming sneered, “What’s wrong? Young man? Can’t say it?”

This young man is really too arrogant, thinking he’s the first national-level biotics man in the world, so everyone will give him face?

Being ignorant and pretending to be knowledgeable here, wanting to save face, and speaking without restraint.

If Old Hua wasn’t present, Guo Yuanming would have taught this ignorant junior a lesson long ago!

Seeing this, Wang Yunlong and the others felt a little embarrassed for Chu Yi.

What are you doing? If you don’t understand, just admit it, why pretend to know?

It’s so embarrassing to not be able to say anything!

Old Hua looked helpless and was about to say something to smooth things over.

Suddenly, Chu Yi spoke up, “The meridian route is really chaotic, the hundred-plus-word mental method is all junk, it’s all nonsense…”

Guo Yuanming’s face turned black, and he was about to reprimand him.

But Chu Yi used his finger as a pen and true element as ink, quickly making changes on the paper in his hand.

In less than ten seconds, he put away his finger.

Chu Yi threw the modified document on the table, right in front of Guo Yuanming, and said lightly, “I made some improvements, it looks better now.”

Guo Yuanming was furious and laughed back, thinking that Chu Yi was just saving face and pretending.

You, a biotics man, can still improve the ancestral martial arts of my Guo family?

I’ve been practicing for over a hundred years and haven’t been able to make the slightest improvement, and you…

However, when Guo Yuanming subconsciously glanced at the paper on the table, his expression changed immediately.

Then he quickly picked it up and looked at it carefully.

“How is this possible?”

The more Guo Yuanming looked, the more shocked he became, and his eyes were full of incredulity.After Chu Yi’s casual improvements, this “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” had become a Brass Level lower-tier technique, with the cultivation speed increased by more than threefold, and most of its flaws had been rectified.

Although it was still very basic, it had transformed from a martial arts technique into a cultivation method, which was an essential enhancement.

Guo Yuanming was dumbfounded. Before he had seen Chu Yi’s revised edition, he didn’t even realize that the technique he had been practicing for over a hundred years had so many imperfections!

And yet, it only took Chu Yi ten seconds! He had completely rejuvenated the technique!

Guo Yuanming couldn’t believe it!

Threefold! The cultivation speed had increased by threefold!

What did that mean?!

One must know that the “Qingcheng Qi Refining Technique” was already one of the top techniques in the martial arts world!

A threefold increase in cultivation speed could easily dominate all techniques in the martial arts world!

“You! You can’t be a Biotics Man! Who exactly are you?!”

Guo Yuanming suddenly looked up, staring at Chu Yi with utter astonishment.

Even if he was naive, he could guess that the person before him was definitely not a Biotics Man!

To casually improve a martial arts technique to the pinnacle of the world!

This undoubtedly showed that he was not only versed in martial arts but knew more than anyone else in the martial arts world!

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