Chapter 5 – Third level of Foundation Establishment!

After that, Wang Yuan didn't speak to Chu Yi again.


Chu Yi was also happy to be free. He wanted to continue napping, but his stomach was too hungry to fall asleep.


Ah, always picking meal times for meetings. This Director Wang Yuan is really annoying!


Bored and hungry, what should he do?


Chu Yi had an idea and used his Insight Eye on the teachers in the meeting room.


First was the beautiful girl next to him, the only female physical education teacher at North Hill High School.


【Name: Fan Qingling】


【Age: 23】


【Cultivation: None】


【Cultivation Talent Value: 97 (Excellent)】


【Moral Value: 95 (Excellent)】


【Current Mood: I envy Little Yi for only having to manage one class. I have to manage five classes. I want to be lazy too…】


Poor thing.


Chu Yi looked at her with pity.


He was familiar with Fan Qingling. They shared an office and spent the past year being lazy together.


Although there were few physical education teachers at North Hill High School, there were many physical education offices. So, two physical education teachers shared one office.


Chu Yi and Fan Qingling practically lived together for a year, except they didn't sleep together at night.


Fan Qingling, who was currently taking notes, noticed Chu Yi's gaze and looked up at him with a resentful look in her eyes.


What are you looking at?


You're happy that Sister can't be lazy anymore, aren't you?


Chu Yi rolled his eyes and shifted his gaze to Wang Yuan.


【Name: Wang Yuan】


【Age: 26】


【Cultivation: None】


【Cultivation Talent Value: 55 (Average)】


【Moral Value: 70 (Good)】


【Current Mood: Ah, I really want to fire Chu Yi. This school is ridiculous. How can they hire someone like Chu Yi as a physical education teacher? Isn't this misleading the students? But unfortunately, he has interpersonal relationship, so I can't mess with him…】


Chu Yi's eye twitched slightly.


Wow, does he hold such a grudge against me?


But it's normal. In the eyes of professionals like Wang Yuan, his situation is undoubtedly a burden.


Chu Yi didn't bother thinking too much and continued to look at the others.


【Name: Yang Fengzhu】


【Age: 27】


【Cultivation: None】


【Cultivation Talent Value: 66】


【Moral Value: 85】


【Current Mood: So hungry… How long is this damn Wang Yuan going to talk?!】



【Name: Zhang Tai】


【Age: 24】


【Cultivation: None】


【Cultivation Talent Value: 2】


【Moral Value: 52】


【Current Mood: Well, although the class I'm teaching is not great, at least there's Chu Yi's Class 20 at the bottom. The students in this class are all useless…】



After looking around, Chu Yi noticed that only two people had a cultivation talent value above 90, and only one person had a moral value above 90.


Fan Qingling had excellent scores in both categories, similar to Chen Hao.


According to the system, the higher the cultivation talent value of the person being helped, the higher the chance of receiving advanced rewards.


Naturally, Chu Yi would choose someone with high talent to help.


Of course, he didn't want to help someone with a low moral value. It would be a pain if he helped someone who turned out to be ungrateful.


People like Chen Hao and Fan Qingling, who had scores above 90 in both categories, were the best candidates for help.


But it didn't mean that others couldn't be helped at all.


He could treat them as NPCs for rewards!


For example, the students in Class 20 with lower moral values.


Their current difficulty is improving their physical education grades, right?


Chu Yi only needed to help them improve their physical fitness a bit and get some rewards. He wouldn't continue to help them afterwards.


Students like Chen Hao could be helped continuously.


It's like the difference between outer disciples and core disciples?


Chu Yi roughly determined what he would do with the system in the future.


Then he focused on the rewards he received from helping Chen Hao.


【Tempering Body Spirit Liquid x10, "Orient Loong Body Refining Technique", Qinglong Tempering Body Pill x1, Ten Years of Cultivation.】


【Do you want to claim the rewards?】


Chu Yi first checked the information of each item.


【Tempering Body Spirit Liquid: Made from dozens of low-grade spirit medicines, it can temper the physical body and cleanse the essence. It is only effective for mortals and low-level cultivators.】


Orient Loong Body Refining Technique: High-grade cultivation technique at the Iron level. It is the first part of the Heaven Level top-grade technique "Orient Loong Heart Technique" and has nine layers corresponding to the Foundation Establishment stage.】


【Each layer doubles the physical strength, and after reaching the ninth layer, one can comprehend a trace of the power of the divine beast Orient Loong and condense the innate body of the wood attribute—the Orient Loong Eucharist.】


【Ten Years of Cultivation: Only for the host's use, instantly gaining ten years of absolute perfection and purity in cultivation.】


【Note: The levels of pills, techniques, and spiritual tools are Heaven, Earth, Iron, and Yellow.】


Chu Yi asked in his mind, "If I choose to claim ten years of cultivation now, will it cause any major disturbances?"


【No, I guarantee that the host will receive it perfectly and adapt absolutely!】


Chu Yi glanced at Wang Yuan, who was still talking non-stop on the stage, feeling that it would take a while for him to finish.


Unable to resist the itch in his heart, he directly claimed ten years of cultivation.


【Please choose the technique you want to pair with!】


"Do I have a choice?"


【Okay, "Orient Loong Body Refining Technique" has been automatically selected! Ten years of cultivation has been granted!】


【Congratulations to the host for reaching the third level of Foundation Establishment! "Orient Loong Body Refining Technique" has reached the third level of perfection!】


"Only the third level of Foundation Establishment in ten years?"


Chu Yi felt a bit dissatisfied. Was his cultivation talent really that bad?


【No spiritual roots, no spiritual body, no special physique, and the recovery of spiritual energy on Blue Star has not been long, so it has a low concentration of spiritual energy. It's already great to reach the third level of Foundation Establishment in ten years!】




Although Chu Yi was a bit speechless, he didn't care much. As long as he had the cheat, what else did he need?


Then he began to feel his body at the third level of Foundation Establishment.


There was nothing special about it.


Chu Yi looked up in confusion. When he saw Wang Yuan, he suddenly felt that with a mere thought, he could unleash a burst of energy to blow him away.


Turning his head to look out the window, he immediately felt that he could jump down from the tenth floor without a scratch.


Ten years of cultivation had become Chu Yi's instinct, as if he had truly spent ten years in arduous cultivation. He had perfect control.




The corners of Chu Yi's mouth lifted, revealing a smile like a dragon king's.


This cheat was too useful!


Helping others continuously would make him stronger continuously!


Chu Yi instantly felt as if he had produced a relic, and the Buddha's light was shining on all beings.


From now on, I will be a good Samaritan who loves to help others!


I just simply enjoy helping others!


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