Chapter 31 – Awaken the bloodline of the Great Grey Mouse

“Spirit Beast?”

Chu Yi was surprised, and then asked a question he had been wanting to ask for a long time, “System Brother, what is the difference between Alien Beasts and Spirit Beasts?”

【Alien Beasts are monsters that come out of space cracks, non-carbon-based creatures, and are basically immune to heat weapons.】

【Spirit Beasts are animals on Blue Star. After being baptized by spiritual energy, they activate the bloodline of an ancient divine beast in their bodies, thus evolving into Spirit Beasts and gaining a certain level of intelligence.】


Chu Yi nodded. He had actually guessed the difference between the two, but he just wanted to confirm with the system.

Then he pointed at the big gray mouse and asked excitedly, “So what bloodline did my mouse awaken? Is it awesome?”

【The bloodline of the Swallowing Heaven Mouse, one of the twelve ancient demons.】

【The Swallowing Heaven Mouse is an innate demon, containing infinite space within its body. It can devour everything in the world, even the laws of the Great Dao, and convert them into its own cultivation or nourish the internal space, developing it into a grand world, or even giving rise to an independent heavenly path!】

“Fuck! That’s awesome!”

Chu Yi was truly shocked.

He never expected that the mouse he kept as a pet would have such an awesome bloodline hidden inside!

Why wasn’t it awakened before?

Maybe the concentration of spiritual energy wasn’t enough?

And today, a space crack happened to appear nearby, releasing a large amount of spiritual energy, so it awakened?

That makes sense!

Chu Yi was extremely excited. He reached out and grabbed the big gray mouse, which was still happily nibbling on mouse food, and rubbed it vigorously in his hands.

“Mouse, you’re really amazing! I’ve decided! From now on, I’ll call you Swallowing Heaven Mouse!”

The big gray mouse’s paws were still tightly holding a piece of mouse food. Its gaze was vacant, and its little brain was buzzing. Its head was almost deformed by Chu Yi’s rubbing.

Help! I’m going to be played to death, Mouse!

But nothing could stop the mouse from eating!

The big gray mouse endured the dizziness and continued to devour the mouse food in its mouth.

Chu Yi was taken aback and realized that he had just grabbed a handful of mouse food. In just a short while, the mouse had almost finished eating it all!

Normally, this much mouse food would last it a whole day.

“Awakening the bloodline increased its appetite, right?”

Chu Yi smirked and went to get a large bag of mouse food, pouring it all into the cage with a clatter, filling half of the cage, a whole five kilograms!

“Eat! Eat a lot! Become stronger for me! From now on, Uncle will ride on you and fight. That’ll be awesome!”

The big gray mouse looked at the suddenly piled up mountain of mouse food in front of it, and its mouth, which was still chewing on mouse food, gradually stopped. It froze on the spot, its furry face filled with horror.

Mouse… Am I going to have a last meal?

Seeing the stunned big gray mouse, Chu Yi frowned and said discontentedly, “What are you looking at? Eat, eat! Damn it! Why aren’t you eating?!”

“Squeak squeak!!”

The big gray mouse was startled and almost jumped up.

After hesitating for a moment, as if it had made up its mind, it directly rushed into the mountain of mouse food and began to eat heartily.

Even if it’s a last meal, it has to be eaten to the fullest!

“That’s about right.”

Chu Yi nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly, the voice of the system sounded: [Congratulations to the host for successfully helping the descendant of the Swallowing Heaven Mouse! Feedback rewards have been issued: “Hold Breath Skill,” several Brass Level pills… Expand]

[Hold Breath Skill: As a mouse that everyone wants to beat up, poor little mouse, you can only survive by hiding yourself and not being crushed…]

[This is a secret technique. After the host receives it, they can automatically cultivate it to the perfect realm, perfectly hiding their own aura and strength, undetectable by anyone or any technology!]


Chu Yi was stunned. “Helping the mouse also counts as helping?”

[Helping any creature with intelligence counts!]

“Oh, this relationship is good!”

Chu Yi grinned and was really surprised by this unexpected gain!

And the feedback of this secret technique is quite good!

He was actually a little worried about how to hide his strength.

After all, his strength had grown too fast. The last time Mu Lengyu used an instrument to test him, he was only at the Foundation Establishment Third Layer, which is the level of a D-rank Biotics Man.

And now, just a week later, if Chu Yi were to be tested again, he would directly soar to the level of a B-rank Biotics Man!

How could he explain that?

Chu Yi estimated that there probably isn’t any Biotics Man on Blue Star who can level up as fast as him.

If he were to be discovered, he would definitely be recruited for research!

That’s absolutely not acceptable!

He hasn’t enjoyed this carefree and lazy life enough yet!

If he doesn’t become invincible while being lazy, he absolutely cannot expose himself!

Chu Yi immediately received the “Hold Breath Skill,” and a large amount of information appeared in his mind, instantly comprehending it and mastering it perfectly!

“Wow! It’s great to have cheats!”

Chu Yi was satisfied and excitedly looked at the big gray mouse. “You’re not poking me anymore. I’ve gained another tool for earning rewards!”

The big gray mouse was already immersed in the ocean of mouse food, unable to extricate itself from happiness.

It had already eaten two and a half kilograms of mouse food, but its size hadn’t changed at all, and its appetite hadn’t diminished in the slightest. It continued to eat ravenously.

Chu Yi thought for a moment and tentatively used his Insightful Eyes on it, unexpectedly succeeding.

[Name: Big Gray Mouse/Swallowing Heaven Mouse.]

[Bloodline: Swallowing Heaven Mouse (Awakened)]

[Ability: Infinite Devouring]

[Realm: Foundation Establishment First Layer]

[Loyalty: 91]

[Current State of Mind: Hehehe… I’m… enjoying the food…]

Chu Yi thought for a moment and tentatively asked it, “Big Gray Mouse, do you want to eat some snacks? Just eating mouse food is quite dry, right?”

“Squeak? Squeak squeak!!”

The big gray mouse’s action of devouring the mouse food suddenly stopped. It looked up at Chu Yi, and its small black eyes were filled with joy. Then it nodded its head vigorously a few times.

“Oh? You can actually understand human words?”

Chu Yi smiled with interest and took out a box from the wardrobe. It was filled with mealworms.

This is one of the favorite snacks of the Flower Branch Mouse.

However, eating too much can cause internal heat. Chu Yi usually only gives it two sticks a day.But now, having awakened his bloodline, it didn’t matter anymore.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!!!”

The eyes of the big grey mouse instantly lit up. It scurried up to the top of the cage, staring intently at the box in Chu Yi’s hand that was filled with mealworms.

Chu Yi was not stingy at all, he directly poured a whole basin of mealworms into the cage.

The big grey mouse immediately rushed over with glowing eyes, starting a crazy massacre!

Oh, I, the mouse! I’m going to faint from happiness today!

【Congratulations to the host for successfully helping the descendant of the Devouring Sky Mouse. Reward distribution: “Spirit Pet Raising Manual”, two Iron Level Body Tempering Techniques, and several Brass Level elixirs… Expand】

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