Chapter 13 – Be Two-Faced

After finishing their meal, the two of them walked towards the playground together.

Fan Qingling was still lost in thought, reminiscing about the tenderness just now, her pretty face blushing.

Chu Yi couldn’t help but sigh, “Ah, my damn charm.”

After a while, Fan Qingling came back to her senses and suddenly thought of something, asking curiously, “Xiao Yi, did something happen last night? The atmosphere felt a bit strange, and we didn’t have our physical education class.”

“I don’t know, I went back to sleep after dinner yesterday,” Chu Yi casually replied.

“You lazy bum! You sleep after eating? I even clocked you out after work!” Fan Qingling was furious.

Ah, this family can’t function without me!

“Alright, alright, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.”

Chu Yi lazily waved his hand and turned to walk in the other direction. “I’m going to find the weaklings in my class. Ah, so tired, I have to go to work again.”

“Hmph, you lazy brat!”

Fan Qingling muttered under her breath.

Only one class to teach, and not much training for the students. They just laze around together every day. And he still complains about being tired?

I have to teach five classes!

She had a reasonable suspicion that Chu Yi was just lazy!

Fan Qingling pretended to look fierce and glared at Chu Yi’s back, feeling angry.

The gathering place for Class 20 students was under the shade of a tree on the playground, relatively cool.

There was no other choice. These weaklings would faint if they stayed in the sun for too long.

Almost all sixty students looked like wilted eggplants, standing in a somewhat disorganized line with their heads hanging low.

Only Chen Hao had a spirited appearance, full of energy. But when he thought of the first rule, he quickly put on a tired look.

“Alright, let’s start the class!”

Chu Yi walked over slowly and instructed them to warm up.

“Attention, stand at ease, raise your arms…”

“Good, head movements, one, two, three, four…”

Chu Yi lazily and unskilfully shouted from above.

The students below were doing the warm-up exercises in a sloppy and weak manner.

The scene was quite comical.

It was a stark contrast to the other classes on the playground, who were doing their warm-up exercises in a disciplined and powerful manner.

Although they had seen it many times before, many students couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the ridiculous scene of Class 20.

The athletes from Class 1, in particular, secretly mocked them as usual.

Class 20 was indeed a joke!

A group of weaklings who would faint from just running a few steps, paired with Chu Yi, a physical education teacher who had almost zero professionalism and didn’t seem very smart.

It was ridiculous!

“I damn you all! Stop laughing! Do you want to die?” Suddenly, someone from Class 1 shouted angrily, his voice filled with fear and anger.

The athletes were taken aback and looked at the person unhappily, only to find that he was one of the best in terms of physical performance in their class. They couldn’t help but feel confused.

Huh? What’s going on? Why is he scolding his own people all of a sudden?

“Anyone who dares to insult Class 20 again, I’ll beat them up!” The person directly issued a threat.

Several others even echoed his words.

“That’s right! The people from Class 20 are our brothers!”

“Anyone who dares to insult Class 20, I’ll kill them!”

“Well said! What’s so great about mocking the weak?”

“Chu Yi is my teacher!”

They spoke righteously!

They were loyal to each other!

This completely stunned the other athletes.

Wait, what’s wrong with you guys?

Weren’t you mocking Class 20 with us yesterday? Why did you suddenly change your tune today?!

These people who spoke up for Class 20 were the ones who witnessed Chen Hao pinning Li Zicheng to the ground and doing 200 pull-ups in two minutes.

They also saw Chu Yi lifting Chen Hao, who had gone completely crazy, with just one hand.

This Class 20 was too extraordinary!

Damn, there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers among them!

How could they still look down on Class 20?

Most importantly!

Li Zicheng was knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital yesterday. They still didn’t know how he was doing.

And Chen Hao, the one who attacked him?

He was still teaching at the school as if nothing had happened!

No one questioned him! No one cared!

And the confidentiality agreement they signed yesterday…

Damn! This world is too crazy! The mouse pressed the cat!

On the platform in front of the playground.

Wang Yuan stood alone, watching the students below, but his mind was still thinking about the strange things that happened last night.

What exactly happened?

Last night was so tense, like a military exercise.

But today, it seemed like nothing had happened.

Wang Yuan shook his head, unable to figure it out, and scanned the twelve classes on the playground, while the other eight classes were on the small playground on the other side of the school.

In the end, Wang Yuan’s gaze stopped on Class 20 and Chu Yi, and he couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.

This class could only be described as half-dead.

“Ah, this Chu Yi, it seems like he doesn’t put any effort into his work, so lazy… even if he just pretends, it would be fine!”

Wang Yuan sighed helplessly.

It was one thing for the students of Class 20 to give up on themselves, but how could Chu Yi, as a teacher, give up on himself?

Did he just give up?

Can’t he have some professional ethics?

Wang Yuan felt a bit tired at the thought that he would have to work with Chu Yi, a teacher with no ability and no professional ethics, in the future.

After a month, when this year’s senior high school students graduated and left, the school would definitely start physical education training for students in other grades.

By then, how should Chu Yi be arranged?

Taking advantage of the students doing warm-up exercises.Chu Yi used the Eye of Insight on each of them.

He found that only three students had dual data breaking through 90, including Chen Hao.

The other two students were:

【Name: Xu Guanghui】

【Age: 18】

【Cultivation: None】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 92 (Excellent)】

【Character Value: 93 (Excellent)】

【Current Mood: End it quickly… End it quickly… I’m going to die… I’m going to die…】


【Name: Su Ying】

【Age: 18】

【Cultivation: None】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 98 (Excellent)】

【Character Value: 94 (Excellent)】

【Current Mood: Hang in there a little longer… I must improve my physical fitness… I can’t give up on the college entrance exam…】

“Out of 60 students, only 3 have both good cultivation talent and character? This batch of students is not up to par!”

Chu Yi complained in his heart.

Well, he would reluctantly accept it.

After all, the condition of having both good character and excellent cultivation talent was indeed a bit harsh.

In the world of cultivation… how many geniuses have good character?

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