Chapter 072 – Raid camp

“We’re so unlucky to encounter someone like Feng Qi. He’s causing trouble for everyone, and it’s really frustrating.”

“I have nothing to do with Feng Qi. As a man, being assigned the keyword ‘virtuous’ in the simulation field is just as unlucky for anyone. Right now, I just hope that the Qiao Family can kill Feng Qi and let me enjoy a few more days in the simulation field…”

“We’re in the same boat. My keyword is ‘tender’.”

“You two could make a pair, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea…”

“Get lost! What’s there to be proud of, you clown?”

Outside the Qiao Family’s Heavenly Demon Camp.

Du Ge listened to the strange conversation inside and was speechless.

At this moment.

He finally had a full understanding of the unreliability of the keywords.

Compared to the tender and virtuous keywords, Wang San’s sickly adorable keyword could indeed be considered a high-quality one.

This game really relied on luck.

He pondered for a long time, not knowing how a man could fully utilize the tender and virtuous keywords!

No wonder Feng Zhong said they should eliminate some useless keywords.

Before, he thought that even the most useless keywords could still have a slight effect.

Now it seemed that he was thinking too much. Some keywords were truly useless no matter how hard one tried.

Eliminating a group through body possession, eliminating another group due to various reasons after body possession, these people with garbage keywords didn’t have the qualifications to compete for rankings…

Calculating, it was estimated that out of the 3,000 people in the simulation field, the number of people who truly qualified for the final competition would not exceed 100.

Designing such an unfair simulation field, could it really select talents?

“Brother Qi, what are they doing inside?”

Feng Zhong asked in a low voice.

After successfully recruiting the Huashan and Taishan sects, expanding the territory of the Peacekeeping Sect, Du Ge’s attributes had improved a lot.

However, there were no significant improvements in his senses.

It should be the limitations of human organs that restricted the improvement of senses.

They had conducted experiments.

Du Ge’s hearing could cover a radius of one kilometer, capturing every detail, and even achieve sound positioning.

But Wang San, who ranked second in the simulation field, could only cover a range of 200 meters with his hearing.

Feng Zhong was similar to Wang San, probably because their attributes were close.

The difference between them was five times, and they couldn’t achieve precise sound positioning like Du Ge. The reason was unknown.

Du Ge didn’t ask further. Some secrets were better kept hidden.


At this moment, Du Ge was like a human listening device. He could hear sounds that the other two couldn’t.

They couldn’t hear, let alone those who ranked lower.

“There’s nothing much. The Heavenly Demon Camp is indeed filled with people with garbage keywords. This place should be kept as bait, and the useful people should be in another place,” Du Ge whispered.

“How garbage are they? Tell us and let us have a good laugh.” Feng Zhong laughed, “In every simulation field, there are always many unfortunate ones. Even if they have good grades in school, it’s useless if they are assigned a garbage keyword. Fate is really cruel!”

“They are keywords like virtuous, tender, suffering, fragile, and so on,” Du Ge said.

“That’s really garbage.” Feng Zhong paused for a moment and said, “Garbage exists every year, but it’s different every year. Being assigned a garbage keyword in the simulation field is not a big deal, but randomly getting such a garbage keyword in the alien star battlefield can really be fatal. I pray that luck will always be with me!”

“…” Wang San, who had been silent, said, “Brother Qi, let them be! They can’t cause much trouble anyway. Let them enjoy their time in the simulation field.”

“Everyone inside wants us dead,” Du Ge said.

“…” Wang San hesitated, his mouth twitched, and he lowered his eyelids, “Then let’s kill them!”

The three of them were about to take action when Du Ge suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Zhong asked.

“We don’t need to do anything,” Du Ge said.

The two of them were puzzled.

“Look at the rankings,” Du Ge said.

Feng Zhong and Wang San quickly opened their personal interfaces.


Both of them were stunned. The number of people in the simulation field was rapidly decreasing. In just a moment, it had dropped from 127 to 115, 108, 103…

Almost one change per second.

“What are they doing?” Feng Zhong was bewildered.

“Blaming others and increasing their attributes,” Du Ge could clearly hear the commotion inside and immediately gave the answer, “There are two people in total. When one of them takes action, the other doesn’t. One is controlling the situation, while the other is imitating me and attacking from behind. Tomorrow, news of Feng Qi’s night attack on the Heavenly Demon Camp will probably spread in the Qiao Family.”

“Damn it,” Feng Zhong cursed.

Du Ge shook his head, “By doing this, they can stimulate the other participants’ hostility and force the wandering participants outside to join them. It can also make the Beggar’s Sect and other martial arts sects feel threatened, increase their patrol efforts, and achieve multiple goals. It’s just that some useless participants have died.”

“Brother Qi, that person inside must have a keyword related to ferocity and killing,” Feng Zhong said.

Before he finished speaking.

Du Ge had already rushed out, disappearing into the night, and the two quickly followed.

Praying mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

At this moment, the person sent to increase attributes by killing must be an important figure in the opponent’s team. They couldn’t let him escape.

When Du Ge approached the Heavenly Demon Camp within 80 meters, the person guarding the camp gate reacted and panicked, immediately sounding the alarm, “Feng… Qi… is… here… come… save… me…”

His speech was extremely slow, and when he spoke, he turned and ran towards the camp.

His turning motion was similar to that of a sloth.

The moment he opened his mouth, Du Ge’s figure sank, and his lightning-fast speed suddenly decreased by ten times, to the point where one could see his running body with the naked eye.

Feng Zhong and Wang San, who were following behind him, suffered. Their originally agile movements became slow after decreasing by ten times, almost like jogging for normal people.”Slow-witted!” Feng Zhong’s face suddenly changed, “Brother Seven, quickly kill him. His keyword is slow-witted, a pure combat support keyword…”

“I like you, baby, don’t run away!” Wang San also started to use the Fear of Charm.

But both of them only managed to say half of their sentences before returning to normal.

Because that guy had completed his turn, exposing his back to Du Ge. Du Ge swiftly pounced on him, piercing his heart with a sword, and reaping his life.

Before the man took his last breath, he turned his head with difficulty, his eyes full of disbelief: “How could you be so fast?”

“Because you don’t know how high my attributes are!” Du Ge gave him an explanation, pulled out his long sword, and looked at the guy who was killing people with a sword in the camp.

That man stood among a pile of corpses, his eyes blood-red, looking at Du Ge with a shocked expression: “You weren’t suppressed by the slow…”

Before he could finish his sentence.

Du Ge had already flashed in front of him, thrusting his sword.

The slowness at the entrance taught Du Ge a lesson.

The keywords were strange and bizarre, killing one less was always good. If the opponent gathered more people, who knew what outrageous derivative skills might be born among this group!

A violent aura emanated from the opponent.

A sense of fear inexplicably rose in Du Ge’s heart, as if he was facing a demon who had killed countless people.

At this moment.

He seemed to understand the feelings of those who were affected by the Fear of Charm.

The fear brought by the opponent should be different from Wang San’s, at least he didn’t want to flee.

The opponent was exuding a peculiar aura of looking down on everything, daring you to make a move, and capable of tearing you to pieces.

With this aura, he dodged Du Ge’s sword aimed at his heart, and swung his sword towards Du Ge’s head. The narrow blade was used by him with the heaviness of a cleaver.



Like a storm rushing towards Du Ge.

“Good brother, how could you kill people here?” Wang San’s gloomy voice sounded timely, the man was inexplicably panicked, his violent aura was instantly interrupted, and Du Ge deflected his long sword with a single stroke.

The next second.

A flash of gold light had already cut through his throat.

“Can it be done from the front?” The man looked at Du Ge, struggling to spit out a few words, and fell to the ground unwillingly, being eliminated.

“Brother Seven, we made the right choice. They even have a combat combination. If we give them more time to grow, they might really be able to turn the tables.” Feng Zhong stood next to Du Ge, looking at the bodies on the ground, his expression somewhat serious.

Only one female contestant was left in the Heavenly Demon camp.

She looked at the bodies on the ground, then at Feng Qi, sighed sadly, raised her hand, and squeezed out a smile: “Feng Qi, my keyword is awkward, can I live? I can sleep with you, and also provide you with information!”

Putting sleeping together before providing information, is this your way of using keywords?

Indeed, it’s quite awkward!

Du Ge glanced at her and asked, “How many people are left on the Qiao Family’s side?”

(End of the chapter)

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