Chapter 053 – Promotion to first-class

Du Xiao looked at Tong Shihong and nodded with a smile, “Good.”

Tong Shihong breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted his fighting state.

Du Ge drew the long sword behind him, held it with both hands, and bowed to Tong Shihong, saying solemnly, “Master Tong, this sword is three feet and seven inches long, one inch and three minutes wide, made of fine steel, and has slain the ferocious beast Glutton. It is named Gluttonous Sword.”

Gluttonous Sword?

Tong Shihong’s pupils contracted, and some unpleasant images involuntarily flashed through his mind, causing his momentum to suddenly deflate.

But seeing Du Ge’s serious expression, he took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions again. Following Du Ge’s lead, he showed his fist and said, “I don’t use weapons. My iron fists can conquer the world. My fist is called ‘Overlord Fist’. Gang Leader Feng, please enlighten me.”

Du Ge looked at Tong Shihong again, reached out and pulled Wang San over, saying, “Wang San, Heavenly Demon possesses his body and is skilled in sound wave techniques. His sound waves can confuse people’s minds…”


Like a lightning bolt exploding in Tong Shihong’s mind.

His mind went blank. We’re here for a martial arts contest, introducing the sword is one thing, but why introduce him?

Tong Shihong glared at Du Ge in annoyance and said impatiently, “Gang Leader Feng, it’s a fair fight between the two of us. Even if I lose, I won’t accept it if a third person interferes.”

He had always been cautious and composed, but unexpectedly, he encountered Feng Qi and his defenses were broken several times in a short period of time. It was truly unbelievable!

“Oh, I saw Master Tong looking at him all the time, so I wanted to introduce Wang San to you. He won’t interfere in the fight. It was just a misunderstanding on the part of the Master.” Du Ge smiled faintly, pointed his sword forward, and said, “Master, please.”

Tong Shihong was a top expert in the world, and his martial arts represented the top level in this world.

After calming down, Du Ge’s foolish dream of becoming a martial arts hero resurfaced.

But with his extremely high attributes, defeating Gao Yong and the others was like cutting vegetables. It was not easy to encounter Tong Shihong, so he naturally wanted to have a match with him, experience the thrill of fighting against a master, and verify his own abilities. He couldn’t go everywhere with a Wang San.

However, facing the unknown, Du Ge didn’t dare to be arrogant. Naturally, he tried to dampen Tong Shihong’s fighting spirit.

This was not a trick, but a psychological warfare before a martial arts contest between masters.

Wang San’s fear of Jiao was also a form of psychological warfare.

The influence of Jiao’s fear was too great. Once it was used on a master like Tong Shihong, he would be disabled. Previously, those who were affected by Jiao’s fear, like Feng Yunjie and Han Zuo, were now demoted to Incense Masters. They were advised to stay away from Wang San and play their maximum role.

Now, the Peacekeeping Gang was short of people, so they tried not to use them if possible. Masters still had to be convinced by faith and ideals.

If he really couldn’t defeat Tong Shihong, it wouldn’t be too late to let Wang San speak.

Du Ge believed that Wang San wouldn’t be so stubborn.

Looking at the Gluttonous Sword in Du Ge’s hand, and then at Wang San standing on the side with a mysterious smile on his face, Tong Shihong became restless. No matter what, he couldn’t calm down. He took a deep breath and reluctantly stabilized his emotions, saying, “Please.”

As soon as his voice fell, Du Ge had already disappeared in front of him.

The sound of breaking wind came from his left side.

He slightly leaned to the side, avoiding the sword edge that was aimed at his heart, and then struck Du Ge’s head with a punch.

He threw a punch, but it hit nothing. Tong Shihong, who had rich combat experience, instinctively retracted his fist. As expected, the sharp sword light had already slashed down along his arm. If he had been a moment slower, he would have lost half of his arm.

So fast!

After just two moves, Tong Shihong took a sharp breath. From Feng Qi’s position and the way he held the sword, he could tell that Feng Qi didn’t have much martial skill. But his astonishing speed and reaction ability were enough to crush most of the top experts in the martial world.

Too fast!

Little did he know, Du Ge was equally shocked. His keen senses allowed him to clearly see every move Tong Shihong made, but the opponent seemed to be able to predict in advance and always managed to avoid his killer moves.

Moreover, the seemingly slow punch was actually very fast, as if it could break through space and instantly appear in front of him.

It was said that the boxing champion on Earth could throw more than ten punches in one second. Tong Shihong’s punching speed clearly exceeded this frequency, and it also had power.

The most crucial point was that he could maintain this punching speed and even change his moves midway, which was terrifying.

Indeed, he was a top expert in the martial world with the support of internal energy.

Before he unified Luyang City, Du Ge was definitely not Tong Shihong’s opponent. Even when he launched a sudden attack from behind, Tong Shihong might have a chance to turn around and punch him in the face.

And this terrifying combat intuition.

No wonder Qiu Muqian invited him to deal with himself. If he hadn’t grown so fast, he would have most likely lost to this old man.

Sure enough, maintaining a small Luyang City was not enough to suppress the world.

The future is long, and life still requires effort.

“Damn, this old man is too powerful!” Feng Zhong exclaimed, “His speed can actually keep up with Brother Qi.”

“Powerful?” Wang San shrugged indifferently and said with a sinister smile, “The Three Gates, Five Sects, two gangs, and one aristocratic family, plus the hidden masters who are not in these sects, when you add them all up, there are at most twenty of these guys…”

“Twenty is not enough?” Feng Zhong said, “I’ve noticed that your confidence is getting bigger and bigger.”

Wang San glanced at him and asked, “How many days have we been in this world?”

“… ” Feng Zhong was stunned for a moment, and when he looked at Tong Shihong, he had already calmed down a lot. “In that case, he’s just average.”

“Compared to Brother Qi.” Wang San looked at Du Ge, his eyes full of infatuation, muttering, “In the simulated fields we’ve been in before, there has never been anyone as amazing as Brother Qi. He’s probably going to the Alien Star Battlefield in the future.””Yes indeed!” Feng Zhong nodded in agreement, “I wonder which family has nurtured such a stunning talent like Brother Seven. After this Simulation Field, he’s bound to become famous…”

Qiu Muqian watched the two men fighting, her face full of sorrow. Feng Qi was so shameless, even resorting to sneak attacks when fighting her father. He had no respect for martial arts at all!

How despicable!

At this moment, Qiu Muqian felt a wave of despair. She suddenly realized that she might never be able to rescue her father and reclaim the Iron Palm Gang in this lifetime.

“Wang San, what are you doing?”

Du Ge suddenly shouted out of the blue.

Tong Shihong subconsciously shivered, revealing a flaw.

Du Ge swept his sword towards his shoulder. With a swift dodge, he had already circled to Tong Shihong’s back.

A sudden stab from behind.

At such a close distance, Tong Shihong couldn’t react in time. A cold steel long sword was already at his throat.

The cold sword edge was against Tong Shihong’s throat. Du Ge smiled slightly, “Master Tong, you’ve lost.”

Caught off guard!

Indeed, his attack speed from behind was much faster than from the front.

Tong Shihong sighed quietly, feeling the cold sword edge against his neck. He suddenly froze, as if he smelled a faint stench. His expression changed, “Gang Leader Feng, please remove your sword. I admit defeat!”

It’s over!

Qiu Muqian closed her eyes in pain.

“Master Tong, thank you for letting me win.”

Du Ge smoothly withdrew his long sword, smiling as he took a step back. He was quite satisfied with the result of the duel. Without Wang San’s assistance, he had defeated a top-notch expert. Now, he was more confident in upholding justice in the martial arts world.

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