Chapter 044 – Frame

Inside Luyang City.

The incident that happened last night spread like wildfire.

Most people don’t believe that Feng Qi would do such a thing. If he didn’t want to give out money, he could have just not given it from the beginning. Why go through the trouble of giving it and then snatching it back?

Even if he wanted to snatch it, why did he do it while wearing the clothes of the Peacekeeping organization? And after snatching it, he didn’t even kill anyone?

It’s too obvious that he’s trying to frame someone.

Even a three-year-old child can see the loopholes in this.

But this obvious and crude plan, which everyone can see through, severely undermined the public’s confidence in the Peacekeeping organization. If he can’t even protect himself, how can he protect others?

What’s the point of receiving money from the Peacekeeping organization? Sooner or later, it will be snatched away by others, and he will have to suffer a beating for no reason. Why bother?

The Beggars’ Sect, Taishan, and other sects investigated all night but didn’t find anyone suspected of being possessed by the Heavenly Demon within their organizations. After learning about the situation of the Peacekeeping organization, they were all waiting to see Feng Qi’s joke.

Upholding justice?

Do they really think it’s just a game?

But they didn’t wait for Feng Qi to investigate the culprit. Instead, they received an invitation letter inviting them to join the Peacekeeping organization.

Ding Wanjie, an elder of the Beggars’ Sect, looked at the invitation letter in his hand, feeling puzzled. “What does Feng Qi mean by this? It’s obvious that the Iron Palm Gang did it last night. Could it be that he wants to use our strength to deal with the Iron Palm Gang?”

“Maybe that’s what he means.” A dirty old beggar next to him also saw the contents of the invitation letter and sneered. “Feng Qi doesn’t have many people he can use. Even if he’s powerful, so what? If others deliberately make trouble for him, his Peacekeeping organization won’t be able to continue. The Heavenly Demon is nothing special in our world; it must follow our rules.”

“If Feng Qi only has these tricks, then I’ve underestimated him.” Elder Ding said, “I always feel that he’s not that simple.”

“Elder Ding, you’re overthinking. Look at what he did yesterday. If it’s not violence, it’s throwing money around. His methods are really that simple, like a child who doesn’t care about the consequences. According to him, the Heavenly Demon must act according to its own attributes, which is impossible in the human world. It’s too easy to see through.” The old beggar said, “Human hearts are complicated, and a straightforward approach won’t get you far…”

“Old Lu, do you think I should go?” Elder Ding asked.

“I think you should. He also invited people from the Three Gates and Five Sects. He shouldn’t have the guts to go after everyone.” Old Lu said, “It’s not interesting to just watch the show in Luyang City. We can also observe up close whether he has been weakened. We know too little about the Heavenly Demon.”

“Okay, Old Lu, let’s go together.” Elder Ding also agreed with Old Lu’s point of view and smiled as he put away the invitation letter. “Let’s go and see what tricks that Heavenly Demon brat is up to.”

The same scene also happened in the headquarters of several other sects.

The representatives of several sects in Luyang City contacted each other and confirmed that they had all received the invitation letter. They agreed to go to the Peacekeeping organization together.

The Three Gates and Five Sects are not on the same level as the Iron Palm Gang. Several remnants of the Iron Palm Gang have already made Feng Qi’s life difficult. These people firmly believe that no matter how powerful Feng Qi is, he wouldn’t provoke so many sects at the same time.

After all, they all have the support of a powerful figure.

The Azure Dragon Gang, Blood Blade Sect, Xueshan Sect, and Kunlun Sect are too far away from Luyang City, and their influence does not extend here. To be precise, Luyang City only has six sects: the Beggars’ Sect, Taishan, Huashan, Emei, Divine Fist Sect, and Tianshan Sect.

A total of ten people from the six sects sat in the conference hall of the Peacekeeping organization, chatting and exchanging their opinions on the Heavenly Demon. They didn’t pay much attention to Feng Qi’s invitation.

Before long, Du Ge and the others walked in from outside, followed by Liu Cheng.

Du Ge and the others had normal expressions, but Liu Cheng’s face didn’t look too good. It was obvious that he was nervous, but the attention of the representatives of the sects was focused on Du Ge and the others, and no one paid much attention to the insignificant Liu Cheng.

Even if they noticed, it didn’t matter. A small hall master who had just betrayed his master suddenly realized that his new master couldn’t be relied upon, so it was normal for him to be worried.

“Master Feng Qi, the Gang Leader of the Peacekeeping organization, greets the esteemed seniors.” Du Ge smiled and bowed to the people, “The esteemed seniors represent the Three Gates and Five Sects. The Peacekeeping organization is just starting out, and it should have paid a visit. But as you all know, something happened recently. As the newly appointed leader of a sect, with a shortage of manpower, it has been quite a headache to deal with these matters. Therefore, I had to invite you all here. Please forgive any rudeness.”

“It’s no problem.” Gao Yong, the Daoist Priest of Taishan, waved his hand and said lightly, “The Peacekeeping organization has taken over the power of the Iron Palm Gang, and Master Feng has become the master of Luyang City. It is only right for us to come and pay our respects.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Daoist Priest.” Du Ge returned the bow with his fists and looked at everyone, “May I ask for the names of the esteemed seniors?”

“I am Gao Yong from Taishan.” The Daoist Priest of Taishan said.

“I am Ding Wanjie from the Beggars’ Sect.” The elder of the Beggars’ Sect said.

“I am Nie Nong from Huashan.” The principal official of Huashan, a middle-aged man, glanced at Du Ge and casually returned the bow.

“I am He Yuan’an from the Divine Fist Sect.” The principal official of the Divine Fist Sect was also in his forties. His gaze was cold, and he didn’t give Du Ge a good expression.

Their sect leader had a good relationship with Qiu Yuanlang, and among the sects, they had the closest ties with the Iron Palm Gang. Feng Qi had swallowed the Iron Palm Gang at lightning speed, which meant he had provoked the Divine Fist Sect.

By directly affecting the interests of the Divine Fist Sect, it was strange if he could get a good expression from them. If it weren’t for their fear of not being able to defeat Feng Qi, they would have already made a move to save Qiu Yuanlang.

“I am Yu Yang from Emei.” The representative of Emei was a woman, but she was not a nun. She should be a lay disciple.

“I am Xia Mingliang from the Tianshan Sect.” The representative of the Tianshan Sect was about the same age as the elder of the Beggars’ Sect. He looked to be in his fifties, but his complexion was ruddy, and he had a big belly. He looked more like a businessman than a martial artist.

…”Feng Qi pays his respects to the elders.” Du Ge once again bowed, making a full circle salute, his posture very humble. Then, he sat in the main seat and laughed, “Elders, I’m sure you all saw what happened yesterday. There are too many villains in the martial world, relying on their martial prowess to oppress the common people, tarnishing the reputation of us martial artists.

Although I am a victim of the Heavenly Demon’s body possession, since I came to this world, I am a part of it. Seeing the hardships of the people, I can’t help but feel compassion. I have the intention to uphold the righteousness of the martial world, but it’s difficult to make progress. As you all saw, just as I made some achievements yesterday, there were petty people who sabotaged it.”

He looked around at everyone and sighed, “The martial world is so vast, it’s as difficult as ascending to heaven to uphold justice with one’s own power. But seeing the rampant evil forces, I can’t swallow this anger. Moreover, there are hundreds of people like me who have been possessed by the Heavenly Demon, lurking in the dark, ready to cause chaos in the martial world. I can’t sleep thinking about it, so I thought of this plan.

The martial world belongs to everyone, and the Three Gates and Five Sects are the leaders of the martial world. If we let the evil forces continue to do evil, it will inevitably affect the reputation of us martial practitioners. If we unite and fight against evil, nip the Heavenly Demon in the bud, we can surely restore peace to the martial world in the shortest time, and let the people praise us when they mention us, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

If the Qiao Family said these words, we would consider it.

Who do you think you are?

Just after taking over a small gang, you dare to take the lead in such a thing, who gave you the courage?

Several people laughed when they heard these righteous words from Feng Qi.

Gao Yong of the Taishan Sect was relatively mild, he glanced at Du Ge and said, “Gang Leader Feng, this matter is of great importance. I am just a small principal official of Luyang City, I can’t make the decision. If you are sincere, you can directly go to the Sect Leader of Taishan. If the Sect Leader agrees, I will naturally obey.”

“Daoist Priest Gao is right.” Nie Nong of the Huashan Sect laughed, “Gang Leader Feng, you’ve found the wrong person.”

“If you say the Heavenly Demon is causing chaos, isn’t your position illegitimate, Gang Leader Feng? I didn’t see any other Heavenly Demons, I only saw you doing evil.” He Yuan’an of the Divine Fist Sect was not so polite, he sneered, “Who here doesn’t know that your Peacekeeping Gang was snatched from Gang Leader Qiu, and the gold and silver you distributed yesterday were the property of the Iron Palm Gang. You’ve killed people and taken their property, which of your deeds is related to justice? It’s really funny to hear you talk about upholding the righteousness of the martial world. In my opinion, if we really want to eliminate the Heavenly Demon, we should start with Gang Leader Feng…”

“Elder He.” Du Ge looked at He Yuan’an and sighed, “The reason why I invited you all here to discuss this matter is to save some face for the elders, hoping that you can repent. But you are still stubborn. In that case, I won’t save face for Elder He.”

“What do you mean by stubborn?” He Yuan’an frowned, subconsciously thinking that Feng Qi knew about his sheltering Qiu Feipeng, and argued.

“Elder, what do you think this is?” Du Ge pulled out a bundle from under the table, untied the knot, pointed to the things inside, and asked.

In the council hall.

Everyone looked over, inside the bundle were several wrinkled Peacekeeping Gang uniforms. Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what Feng Qi was going to do.

“It’s just a few Peacekeeping Gang uniforms.” He Yuan’an said.

“Indeed, they are Peacekeeping Gang uniforms.” Du Ge looked at him and said slowly, “But these uniforms were found by the Peacekeeping Gang, the Beggar’s Sect, and the Taishan Sect from your Divine Fist Sect’s base…”

As soon as he said this, the council hall fell into a strange silence.

It’s over!

Liu Cheng closed his eyes in pain. Feng Qi is determined to stir up trouble!

“Nonsense.” Several voices sounded at the same time.

“When did my Taishan Sect ally with you?” Gao Yong of the Taishan Sect said.

“When did the Beggar’s Sect ally with you?” Elder Ding of the Beggar’s Sect was stunned.

He Yuan’an was amused and shook his head, “I knew Feng Qi you were shameless, but I didn’t expect you to be this shameless. Do you really think we’re stupid? Even if you investigated what happened last night, it wouldn’t be this fast. No one would believe it…”

“If I say there is, then there is.” Du Ge stood up and looked at He Yuan’an, “Today, I have to stand up for the wronged people of Luyang City!”

With a bang.

Feng Zhong closed the door of the council hall.

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