Chapter 042 – Fishing with a hook

With just one sentence from Du Ge, Feng Zhong knew that he had been accepted.


He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief: "Brother Seven, what are your plans next? I will fully cooperate. Should we first use Qiu Yuanlang to lure back the Iron Palm Gang's hall masters? I can write a notice in Luyang City, saying that Qiu Yuanlang is dying and wants to see the hall masters before he dies. As long as this news reaches their ears, no matter how far away they are, they will come to verify it on their own initiative."


This guy's advanced skills are too BUG!


He is truly a catalyst. Without his help, it would be easy for this guy to grow. No wonder he said he wanted to add some fire in Luyang City…


However, his weaknesses should be in attack and defense. Once his identity is exposed and he becomes a target, the possibility of him being killed is too high. The faster he grows, the easier it is for others to use him as a scapegoat.


It's quite challenging to grasp the keywords in the simulation field…


Du Ge glanced at him and said, "Okay."


Wang San said, "Brother Seven, you can't fully trust what he says. He can attract monsters, but he can't control their size! He can attract the hall masters of the Iron Palm Gang, but we don't know how many people they will bring, how they will come, and when they will come. The uncertainty is too high. We can't be on guard day and night!"


"I can add a date to the notice." Feng Zhong stared at Wang San and said discontentedly, "Wang San, we are a team. Can't you stop targeting me all the time? I just prepared some Black Dog Blood for you. I didn't really pour it on you. If it were someone else, they would have killed you as soon as they found out your identity. Qiu Yuanlang is here, and Han Zuo and the others may not be reliable, but Qiu Muqian and the others are Qiu Yuanlang's children. They will definitely not be far away. It will take some time to bring reinforcements. If you have any better suggestions, just say it. No one is stopping you…"


Wang San opened his mouth but didn't say anything. He turned around silently to bandage his severed hand. His skills mainly focused on intimidation and explosive power, and they didn't have much effect on the overall situation.


"We can also write a notice saying that Qiu Yuanlang has discovered who the Heavenly Demon is within the Iron Palm Gang." Du Ge ignored the bickering between the two and planned to make full use of Feng Zhong's skills. "A small Feng Family has infiltrated four candidates into a huge Iron Palm Gang. I don't believe that none of them are the Heavenly Demon."


"Good idea." Feng Zhong said, "Yes, if the keywords are useful, keep them. If not, get rid of them. We can't let these guys lurk around us. I think we can expand the scope to the entire Luyang City and say that we have a list of suspected Heavenly Demons lurking in Luyang City."


"We don't need that for now." Du Ge looked at Feng Zhong and shook his head. "If we release a list of suspected Heavenly Demons, it won't necessarily attract candidates, but rather personnel from various major factions who are investigating. The real candidates don't need to come by themselves. They can find someone else to investigate and verify the truth. If they have some clever means, they won't expose themselves at all. We need to take it step by step and be cautious."


"Brother Seven is right." Feng Zhong chuckled, "I was too impatient."



That night.


After Du Ge and the others discussed the follow-up matters, they frightened Qiu Yuanlang with Wang San's help and easily obtained the martial arts secrets of the Iron Palm Gang. The remaining time was spent on practicing martial arts.


The increase in attributes did improve their combat power, but the participants in the simulation field also had the ability to increase their own attributes. At this time, martial arts could play a decisive role.


With the same attributes, the one who practices martial arts will always win when they meet someone who doesn't.


Moreover, attributes can be weakened when targeted, but martial arts cannot. In critical moments, martial arts can turn the tide.


Furthermore, with the improved body after the attributes were enhanced, as long as they understood the meridians and acupoints, practicing martial arts would be twice as effective. Therefore, in the simulation field, any competitive participant would use every means to enhance their strength.



The Iron Palm Gang's two most famous martial arts are "Iron Sand Palm" and the lightness skill "Eight Steps to Catch the Cicada" obtained from the Qiao Family's holy land.


Similar to the Feng Family's "Broken Gold and Shattered Jade Hand," Iron Sand Palm is also an external skill that cultivates internal energy from the outside. It also requires auxiliary methods such as sand insertion to temper the palms and the use of medicinal power to maintain the palms. The cultivation process is quite long and complicated, so Du Ge naturally abandoned it.


He focused more on the lightness skill "Eight Steps to Catch the Cicada."


Eight Steps to Catch the Cicada is not only a lightness skill but also includes techniques. For example, in the first move, the leg is raised more than one zhang high to attack the opponent's head with a kick. If it misses, another kick is used. It contains both real and false moves, with complex variations, which can indeed increase Du Ge's combat power.


However, for the current Du Ge, the increase is limited. First, his internal energy is not enough to support him in jumping more than one zhang high. Second, he has the ability to jump up and rush over to pierce the opponent with his fists.


But having something is better than having nothing.Du Ge was practicing the technique of "Eight Steps to Catch Cicadas", but his mind was pondering on finding a suitable internal energy method for himself. Compared to external martial arts and lightness skills, internal energy was evidently more beneficial to him. Most lightness skills also required the support of internal energy.




The next day, at dawn.


Just as the sky was beginning to brighten, Du Ge and his two companions were still practicing their martial arts. Liu Cheng, the newly appointed Hall Master of the Hall of Justice, had already taken the initiative to pay a visit.


Seeing Liu Cheng, Du Ge stopped his technique and smiled, "Master Liu, you're up quite early."


Liu Cheng saluted with a fist and respectfully said, "Gang Leader, the Peacekeeping Gang is newly established, and there are many affairs to handle. I dare not oversleep."


"Sleeping a bit more won't hurt." Du Ge chuckled, "You guys are different from us. Only with enough rest can you be more efficient in your work."


Looking at the energetic Du Ge and his companions, Liu Cheng sighed at the abundant energy of the Heavenly Demon and laughed, "The Gang Leader is a Heavenly Demon, I naturally dare not compare with you. But matters cannot be delayed. It won't kill me to sleep a little less."


He paused for a moment, then continued, "Gang Leader, yesterday, Qiu Muqian and Han Zuo did not return. They must have learned about the situation here and either fled for safety or went to get reinforcements. The old Gang Leader and the Sect Leader of the Divine Fist Sect, Tong Shihong, are old friends. Tong Shihong is a top-notch master of this era. His Overlord Fist technique is superb, and his martial arts skills are far superior to the old Gang Leader. Please make preparations early, Gang Leader. The properties outside of the Iron Palm Gang should also be reclaimed as soon as possible. If too much time passes, there may be unexpected changes."


Yesterday, Liu Cheng publicly acknowledged Feng Qi as the Gang Leader, cutting off his own retreat. For his own safety, he had to plan wholeheartedly for Du Ge. The thought of the consequences of Du Ge's failure made him unable to sleep even if he wanted to.


"Um, I already have a plan." Du Ge glanced at him and nodded. He pointed to the announcement that Feng Zhong had written earlier, "Later, you post this announcement. To ward off external threats, we must first secure our internal affairs. We have to find the Heavenly Demon within the Peacekeeping Gang first, then make other plans. Today, there should still be many people coming to seek redress for their grievances. I plan to establish a Hall of Grievances within the gang. From now on, Wang San will be responsible for handling wrongful cases and various injustices. You find a few Incense Masters to assist him…"


"Yes." Liu Cheng nodded, went over to pick up the announcement that Feng Zhong had written. After seeing the content, he couldn't help but be stunned, "Gang Leader, since you already know who the Heavenly Demon is, why not directly capture him? Why write such an announcement?"


"It's the old Gang Leader who knows, not me." Du Ge said, "After the old Gang Leader told me yesterday, he fell into a coma again. The reason I wrote this announcement is to intimidate the Heavenly Demon within the gang and see if I can trick him out."


"Why not wait for the old Gang Leader to wake up and ask him directly?" Liu Cheng said, "Why go through all this trouble and risk startling the snake in the grass?"


"Look at the second announcement." Du Ge pointed to the paper below.


Liu Cheng looked at the second announcement, his face changed, and he said in a trembling voice, "Is the old Gang Leader on his deathbed?"


"Um." Du Ge sighed, "The old Gang Leader's injuries are too severe, I'm afraid he doesn't have much time left. We are the Peacekeeping Gang, we must maintain the dignity of a dying man. It's not good to pressure him too much. Post that announcement in Luyang City. The old Gang Leader's last wish is to see his children. We will try our best to fulfill his request…"


Your fishing tactic is too obvious!


Only a fool would fall for it!


Liu Cheng was silent for a moment, feeling that he couldn't always slap the new Gang Leader's face. He braced himself and said, "The Gang Leader is indeed unparalleled in benevolence and righteousness."

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