Chapter 008 – Extreme theory

"Wrong?" Feng Jiu was stunned and instinctively asked.


"Yes, wrong. The restorative power of the keyword is so strong that it can repair even a ruptured dantian. You ate so much, yet you still feel stomach pain. Do you think that's normal?" Du Ge asked.


"It's a bit abnormal," Feng Jiu frowned.


"So, Brother Jiu, you misunderstood what it means to be gluttonous," Du Ge looked at Feng Jiu, "I ask you, what does gluttonous mean?"


"A fierce beast, greedy, and loves to eat," Feng Jiu thought for a moment and replied.


"Yes, gluttonous is first and foremost a fierce beast, followed by being greedy and loves to eat," Du Ge said, "but what about you? When you think of gluttonous, you only think of eating. What about being fierce, having animalistic traits? It's not reflected at all. And what about being greedy and loves to eat? What does being greedy mean? Having a big appetite and never being satisfied. What does loves to eat mean? Eating without restraint. I ask you, which of the characteristics of gluttonous have you achieved?"


"I…" Feng Jiu was speechless and couldn't say anything for a long time. Sweat beads appeared on his forehead. He realized that he had misunderstood the keyword so much. Looking at Feng Qi's confident face, he felt even more bitter. Was this the gap between him and the other party?


"Brother Jiu, the ultimate. Only by doing everything to the extreme can you grow. If you don't go crazy, you won't survive," Du Ge looked at Feng Jiu with a serious expression.


"The ultimate?" Feng Jiu blinked and furrowed his brows, lost in thought.


After a moment, a flash of inspiration seemed to pass through his mind. He widened his eyes and understood the ultimate mystery of the simulation field.


He excitedly swallowed his saliva, and even his gaze at Feng Qi changed slightly. Although Feng Qi had tortured him severely, he was really teaching him valuable knowledge!


"Yes, the ultimate," Du Ge clenched his fists, his eyes full of fanaticism, "just like me. Although we are in a competitive relationship, I am still willing to tell you the secrets of growth to protect your interests, without considering that you may turn on me in the future. For your own good, I can sacrifice everything, even my own life. This is the ultimate protection. Do you understand?"


"I understand," Feng Jiu took a deep breath, looking at Du Ge with a complicated expression. After a moment, he seemed to have made a decision and said, "Brother Qi, rest assured, I will not betray you. What you have taught me is enough for me to benefit for a lifetime. I can distinguish between right and wrong. I am convinced. You can rest assured that I will do everything I can to help you move forward."


"Brother Jiu, we are in a cooperative relationship. There is no one who must assist the other. We must support each other and grow together to go further. As I said before, when we fight side by side in the future, I hope you can trust me with your back," Du Ge looked at Feng Jiu with a smile, "Now, are you going to take the medicine?"


"I won't take it," Feng Jiu smiled, and his eyes gradually became fanatical. "I want to eat more, even if I can't eat anymore, I will still eat. Even if my stomach bursts, it won't stop my desire to eat…"


"That's right, that's the spirit," Du Ge admired Feng Jiu, "but you still have to take the medicine."


"Take it again?" Feng Jiu was confused.


"Yes, take it. Take digestive aids and laxatives while eating. You must always maintain a state of emptying your intestines to maintain a strong appetite," Du Ge said, "laxatives?" Feng Jiu swallowed his saliva and imagined himself squatting in a pit and eating. His face turned pale in an instant. He didn't think that's how gluttonous was supposed to be used.But at this moment, he was led by Du Ge's rhythm, his mind was full of extreme madness, and he couldn't pick out any mistakes from his words!


Thinking about the gap between him and Du Ge, he gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, I'll eat."



Next to them.


Feng Qi's words made Feng Yunming and his brother's scalp numb and their hair stood on end.


Feng Yunming swallowed hard, his dry throat moistened, and he secretly thought that this was probably what they called demonic charm!


Too ruthless!


No wonder Feng Qi came up with such a plan for the Feng Family. It turned out that he had taken maintenance to the extreme.


No wonder they always felt that Feng Qi was too eager and his words and actions were too awkward. It was not his fault, but they had always measured Heavenly Demons with human standards!


They were wrong!


This must be notified to the Family Master as soon as possible to prevent him from making the wrong decision…



After reminding Feng Jiu, Du Ge turned to Feng Yunming and his brother again: "Eldest Young Master, Fourth Young Master, don't just listen to me about Feng Jiu. In fact, the mistake made by the Feng Family is the same as his!"


"What?" Feng Yunming was stunned.


"People who practice martial arts want to achieve something, they must first cultivate three points of evil in their hearts." Du Ge said, "The Feng Family's many young talents lack this three-point evil. Not only do they lack evil, but they also lack the courage to go out and fight, and the blood of fighting with others.


The Martial Arts Tournament is about to be held. The way the Third Young Master practices is to compare with the attendants at home.


The attendants' martial arts contracts are all in the Feng Family. They eat Feng Family's food and practice Feng Family's martial arts. Not to mention that their skills are not as good as the Third Young Master's, even if they are stronger than the Third Young Master, would they dare to hurt the Third Young Master? What's the difference between this kind of demonstration of martial arts and hitting a wooden stake? Without the experience of life and death struggle, and without the knowledge of the various martial arts, it's strange if they can win on the stage."


Feng Yunming fell into silence. He opened his mouth to argue, but couldn't find a place to refute. In the end, he could only sigh: "Mr. Qi is right."


"You said it easily. The Feng Family doesn't have top martial arts. Why do they have the right to fight outside?" Feng Yunlu said dissatisfied.


"If I dare to steal secret manuals for the Feng Family, will the Fourth Young Master dare to practice them?" Du Ge provoked.


"If you dare to steal, I dare to practice." Feng Yunlu straightened his chest, unwilling to show weakness.


"Good. The Feng Family still has the blood of men. This is the hope of the Feng Family. I have not worked hard to maintain the Feng Family in vain." Du Ge's eyes lit up, and he clapped his hands, "For the Fourth Young Master's blood, even if the Family Master does not allow it, even if it turns the world upside down, even if it costs my life, I will grab back some top secret manuals for you…"


Feng Yunlu nodded heavily, and he clenched his fists excitedly: "Good, I'm waiting for that day."


Watching his brother who was stirred up by a few words and lost his bearings, Feng Yunming shook his head, bowed his fists and said: "Mr. Qi, you rest here. I'll go find Doctor Hu to prepare some digestive and laxative medicine for Ninth Young Master, and prepare some food for him…"


Seeing Feng Yunming finding an excuse to leave, Du Ge naturally knew that his patch had worked, and he smiled and waved his hand, "Go and come back quickly."


"Brother Si, greet the two gentlemen and don't run around." Feng Yunming reminded Feng Yunlu before hurriedly leaving.


Du Ge turned back to his chair and looked at the childish Feng Yunlu, "Fourth Young Master, tell us about the surrounding sects! I believe that the Family Master will make the most correct decision. Let's prepare in advance and see which one is suitable to start with…"Feng Yunlu didn't understand why Du Ge said the matter was settled. He thought for a moment and sighed, "Mr. Qi, you can't blame Feng Family for being spineless. Feng Family is really too weak. The Iron Palm Gang is the closest to us. They control the water transportation of two provinces, and have countless gang members. They have money and people. In recent years, Iron Palm Gang has suppressed Feng Family too severely. The gang leader of Iron Palm Gang, Qiu Yuanlang, is a famous master who uses iron sand palm to intimidate the world. Every time Qiao Family's holy land opens, Iron Palm Gang will have at least three people enter."


Six years ago, Qiu Muqian from Iron Palm Gang brought out a light body martial art called "Eight Steps to Catch Cicadas" from Qiao Family's holy land, which made up for the shortcomings of their footwork and greatly improved their martial arts. We dare not provoke them anymore. This time, Qiu Yuanlang's fifth son, Qiu Feibao, who is a master of iron palm, will participate in the Martial Arts Tournament. He is so skilled that one hit can break bones, and even his third brother is afraid of him. If we can disable him in advance, it would be best…"



In the conference hall, Feng Shiren looked around and asked, "Second brother, how much of the Heavenly Demon incident do you think is true and how much is fake?"


Feng Shiyi shook his head, "Big brother, this matter is too bizarre. I can't tell. It's up to you to decide."


Feng Yunjie was restless in his chair. He looked at his father, who was calm and composed, and suddenly stood up, "Dad, I think we should give it a try. What if it works?"


"Hmm?" Feng Shiren frowned and looked at Feng Yunjie.


Feng Yunjie gritted his teeth, "Twenty-eight years ago, the Heavenly Fox Scripture appeared. The major martial arts sects fought for it, and in the end, it fell into the hands of Yang Luo. He used the martial arts in the scripture to wipe out the Three Gates and Five Sects and establish the Heavenly Fox Sect. At that time, he was just a small beggar in the Beggar's Sect. We didn't fight for it then. Fifteen years ago, the Fist King's arsenal was dug open, and the major martial arts sects fought for the millennium stone milk. We didn't fight for it again. As a result, the stone milk was swallowed by Tong Le of the Five Tiger Gate, a twenty-year-old kid who added a century of internal energy out of thin air. With this century of internal energy, he brought out a book called "Mandarin Duck Knife Manual" from Qiao Family's holy land, and the previously insignificant Five Tiger Gate became a first-class sect in a few years. This time, with two Heavenly Demons born in Feng Family, we can't afford not to fight. When will Feng Family ever have a chance to rise? Dad, I have a premonition that this Heavenly Demon incident will cause a bloody storm in the martial world. We didn't fight for the first two times, but if we don't fight this time, I'm afraid what Feng Qi said will come true, and Feng Family will face a disaster for no reason."


Feng Shiren frowned, "Third son, do you believe what Feng Qi said?"


Feng Yunjie said, "Dad, whether it's true or not, we can send someone out to find out. Once we find the third Heavenly Demon, we'll know if it's true or not."


"I'm not as indecisive as you think. I was going to do that anyway," Feng Shiren nodded, "First verify the truth, and then take action. Feng Qi is too impulsive, which makes me a little uneasy. If what he said is true, we also need to find a way to control those Heavenly Demons in advance…"


"Dad, there's no need to verify the truth. We have to make a decision now. If we drag our feet, we may not even have a chance to drink the soup," a voice came from outside the door. Feng Yunming stepped into the conference hall, "Dad, second uncle, I learned the real secret about the Heavenly Demons from Feng Qi. We're heading in the wrong direction.""What direction is wrong?" Feng Shiren asked.


Feng Yunming took a deep breath and briefly presented Du Ge's extreme theory. Looking at the stunned people in the room, he bitterly smiled and said, "Father, they are Heavenly Demons, not ordinary people of this world. We shouldn't use the mindset of ordinary people to measure them. Heavenly Demons are a group of madmen who will do anything for growth…"

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