Chapter 83 – The Secret Mission of Lanting

Lu Yang commented on the side, “How can this invisible force be everywhere and be called universal gravitation?”

Lan Ting felt familiar with the voice and looked up to see Lu Yang. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Come in and talk.” Lu Yang worried that Lan Ting would reveal his true identity.

Lan Ting was extremely beautiful and stood at the door, attracting attention. It was easy for someone with ill intentions to eavesdrop on their conversation.

As soon as Lan Ting came in, she saw the ghosts that were working hard to string meat skewers and realized they were the ghosts left behind by the tiger demon.

The two ghosts silently picked up the bowl of meat and the skewers and sat at the table in the corner to continue stringing.

Watching their skilled movements, Lan Ting thought that they must have done this before they died.

Man Gu in the backyard heard the commotion and stopped his cultivation, coming to the main hall.

Meng Jingzhou finished a day of wandering around and shouted as soon as he entered, “Have you heard? Yanjiang County has its own festival called the Spring Harvest Festival, which is in half a month. People come from nearby counties to enjoy the scenery, write poetry, and have a poetry party at night. It’s quite lively. The locals have a three-day holiday.”

“I also found out that the brothels raise their prices on those days and make a lot of money. Should we take advantage of this and have a big promotion to celebrate our shop’s two-month anniversary?”

Meng Jingzhou proved that he was not just out for fun, but also gathering information. However, this information was not helpful to the three of them.

Man Gu’s eyes lit up, but he saw Lu Yang’s emotionless gaze and kept quiet.

Meng Jingzhou noticed Lan Ting and was also surprised. “I remember you. You’re Lan Ting from the Laurel Immortal Palace?”

They had been staying here for over a month to open a barbecue restaurant, no, to infiltrate the demonic sect. What was Lan Ting here for?

“That’s me.” Lan Ting said softly.

Lan Ting also found the three of them interesting. She had heard of the name of this barbecue restaurant before in Yanjiang County, but she was naturally introverted and didn’t like noisy places, so she had never been here.

Today, she happened to pass by and realized that this barbecue restaurant was opened by people she knew, and they were also disciples of immortal sects.

It seemed that these three people were really doing something big in Yanjiang County.

Could it be that the task of the Seek Tao Sect was not only to subdue demons and monsters, but also to make money by opening shops?

Considering the reputation of the Seek Tao Sect, it was not impossible.

Lan Ting had heard from her senior sisters that the Seek Tao Sect’s contribution points could be exchanged for rewards, including a “one-day tour with the sect leader,” which the other four immortal sects did not have.

“If you’ve been in Yanjiang County for so long, doing tasks, feel free to ask for help. We have well-connected constables here and people in the prison.” Lu Yang said warmly.

As members of the five major immortal sects, they should help each other.

Now Lu Yang and his companions claimed that they could do anything in Yanjiang County, on the surface, they were enthusiastic residents who helped the constable catch criminals. The constables often came here for dinner. In secret, they were the demonic seeds valued by the leader of the Yanjiang gang and the core disciples of the Seek Tao Sect.

Who could match their background?

Lan Ting fell silent. She had a secret mission here and should not have contact with outsiders. Otherwise, after helping Lu Yang defeat the tiger, she would not have just symbolically taken two tiger skins and left.Now over a month had passed, and there had been no progress. She was getting anxious.

These three people in front of her might be an opportunity. Maybe they could help her!

After a moment of silence, Lan Ting took two deep breaths and steadied her breathing before solemnly saying to the three of them, “I’m on a secret mission, and what I’m about to tell you today must not be spread around. It concerns my safety! Don’t be surprised when you hear it!”

The three straightened their backs upon seeing how serious Lan Ting was.

“I’m going undercover in the Immortal Cult!”

The three of them blinked in disbelief, thinking they were hallucinating.

Lan Ting continued, “We received reliable information from a special channel at our Moon Laurel Immortal Palace. Recently, all four major demonic cults are planning to recruit followers. The Yao Yang Cult has already finished their recruitment, while the other three demonic cults are still recruiting.”

“There’s an Immortal Cult branch in Yanjiang County called the Yanjiang Branch. The sect leader is mysterious, and his identity is unknown, not even his surname is known.”

“Among all the branches of the Immortal Cult, the Yanjiang Branch is ranked relatively low, and its members’ overall cultivation level is lower, which is just right for a Foundation Establishment disciple like me to infiltrate. With a proper plan, it’s possible to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Yanjiang Branch.”

“Senior sisters’ cultivation levels are too high and too conspicuous, and they have a big reputation outside, which is not conducive to infiltration. After some discussion, this task fell on me.”

Lan Ting sighed. When she said senior sisters had a big reputation, she meant that they were too beautiful and had appeared in some banned books, satisfying some men’s fantasies.

“But I’ve been in Yanjiang County for over a month and still haven’t found the Yanjiang Branch’s location. I don’t even know if the test is over now. I hope it’s not too late!”

Lan Ting looked at the three of them hopefully, especially at Lu Yang, who was very reliable, hoping they could provide some help.

The three of them silently took out the waist tags given to them by the sect leader, with the words “Disciple” and “Attendant” prominently displayed.

“Sorry, we’re already members of the Immortal Cult.”

Lan Ting: “!!!”

“Oh, don’t be nervous. What we mean is that we’ve successfully infiltrated the Immortal Cult,” Lu Yang added.

Lan Ting relaxed, thinking they had betrayed her, but it turned out they were undercover…wait, that’s not right.

“How did you get into the Immortal Cult?”

Lu Yang was a bit hesitant. How should he put it? They just participated in the selection and passed smoothly.

Meng Jingzhou proudly said, “We performed well in the selection of disciples and the Immortal Cult thought we were very suitable to enter the demonic cult, so they selected us.”

Man Gu didn’t understand why Brother Meng was so proud.

Lu Yang explained in simple terms how they found Qin Yuanhao’s letter in the tiger monster’s lair, found Qin Yuanhao based on the letter, and learned about the recruitment of followers and the location of the Yanjiang Branch.

Lan Ting regretted not following Lu Yang from the beginning. Now she had wasted over a month and hadn’t even found the entrance to the Yanjiang Branch, while others had already infiltrated the upper echelons of the Yanjiang Branch.

“You should be able to recruit ordinary followers like Qin Yuanhao, can you recruit me?”

Lu Yang shook his head, “Ordinary followers can’t access the Immortal Cult’s secrets. You must undergo the Immortal Cult headquarters’ test. To be honest, I don’t think you can pass the test, and the probability of exposing your identity is quite high.”Lanting lowered her eyes with some disappointment. Lu Yang said again, “But we can give you a fake identity, saying that you are my distant relative who came to seek refuge with me. You can work at the barbecue restaurant with us, and when we take action, you can assist us on the side. This way, we can consider it as completing part of the mission.”

“Really?” Lanting didn’t expect such a good thing.

Man Gu also didn’t expect to finally recruit a new member for the barbecue restaurant.

Lu Yang nodded, “Of course, as a Foundation Establishment cultivator, you are a strong combat force and very helpful to us. However, you stand out too much and need to disguise yourself. By the way, do you know transformation technique? If not, I can teach you.”

(End of this chapter)

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